Overwatch Being Nano-Boosted by Ana Guide

Overwatch Being Nano-Boosted by Ana Guide by Subtle_Beast

I play Ana and I play solo queue, and one thing I’ve noticed is that the average player doesn’t know how to react to being nano-boosted. I’ve also had people tell me that they feel ‘pressured’ to do something wonderful. I figured I’d slap together a guide to help anyone who plays with Anas.

1. If you are a tank, don’t die. If you’re an offensive character, take them down with you –

This also depends on the circumstances. If it’s attack and we’re right next to spawn, kamikaze Reinhardt is fine. If it’s only two of us defending a point, staying alive is important.

Too often though, I see tanks (Reinhardt) getting two kills, running off to get more, and then dying when the nanoboost expires. Remember that when nanoboosted, you are faster than your teammates, and Ana has even more issues with LoS than the other supports.

While this sometimes work out, a group without their tank is usually poorer for it. This is especially true on defense.

If you’re playing DPS, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it to chase down kills. I’d suggest playing more conservatively unless you’re a hero with good escape ability.

2. You will never ‘disappoint’ me –

I have had Roadhogs, Pharahs, Reapers, and Genjis all apologize for ‘wasting’ my ult because they ‘only’ got a kill or two. Or one time that poor Genji used Dragonblade and immediately dashed off a ledge and died.

Not every ult will get you PotG, and sometimes just killing one enemy can help the team. Even if you didn’t kill anyone, that’s fine. Sometimes you whiff with ults; it’s true of all of them.

3. Nano-boost can also be used defensively –

Sometimes people will ask me why I nanoboosted them when they were low on health. Usually it’s because I’m struggling to keep everyone up.

Let’s imagine we’re pushing a payload and three of my teammates are at critical health. Nanoboosting may cause the enemy team to back up a bit. That and the reduction to damage gives me a bit of breathing room to top everyone off.

4. Nano-boosting is LoS –

If I’m boosting you, and you’re a character who doesn’t usually get a boost, it’s often because you’re the one in my LoS. This is why I end up boosting a Mei near the payload vs a McCree standing behind a doorframe.

Contrawise, if you’re a hero who’s good for boosting, and you’re not getting any, it’s probably because you’re not in my LoS.

5. Sometimes I boost the wrong target (Lucio) –

It’s amazing how often some characters will jump right in front of you while you’re pressing Q.

6. Lastly, I’m always proud of you when you get kills while boosted –

It may sound silly, but it’s true. You’re making me happy. Tonight, a Pharah I boosted managed to get a team kill – two with regular rocket shots and four with barrage. I was like “That’s my girl!”

Wish that saved to my highlights, actually.

TL;DR: I may be nanoboosting for any number of reasons. Don’t assume that I expect you to get a pentakill. Do your best, but prioritize staying alive because it’s easy to overextend and put yourself in a situation where I can’t heal you.

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