Monster Hunter X Switch Axe Infinite Burst Combo Guide

Monster Hunter X Switch Axe Infinite Burst Combo Guide by Gonzak01

I have barely seen anyone mention this in the forums, this is something i picked up a few weeks after MHX came out in Japan and i have personally taught some SA users how to use it. First a few things:

  • This combo works mainly for striker SA (and the guide is strictly for Striker version), you can do this combo in Guild Style but it has a bit of a delay and a different button combination, still it is quite efficient.
  • Its a Sword Mode combo.
  • Quick Run in the Motion Values and individual name attacks: Side Slash (A/28), Thrust (X+A/28), Discharge Cancelling (X for a few seconds/13×6), repeat. Doing a quick test i did 3 combinations of this combo in 11.31 seconds so roughly it takes 3.77 seconds for a total of 134 total Motion Value per cycle.

Image guide of the Infinite Burst Combo:

Additional Hints to take into account:

  • The transition from Side Slash (A) to the Thrust (X+A) has to be immediate, as soon as the Side Slash animation starts you should press X+A. If you press X+A when the sword is too far behind you in animation, your character will make a 0.5-1 second additional animation.
  • Regarding Discharge Cancelling (which is just a midway Elemental Burst attack) a good way to know when to stop pressing X is when your sword starts to drop off a lot of white steam, As soon as the white steam appears in your switch axe, start spamming the A button to quickly transition to Side Slash (don’t worry, as long as you get to the white steam part of the attack, your guaranteed the 6 hits, going all the way will just end up with the normal Elemental Burst attack which has 80 additional motion value but a huge time drawback and requires re-positioning).
  • Energy Charge comes with its own Side Slash at the end of the animation so you can actually connect it to the Trust attack and continue the combo (credits to Mohl97)
  • Go for the Elemental Burst attack if the monster is about to change position or if you need the re-positioning due to recoil for whatever reason.


  • Highest Striker non Hunter Art SA Motion Value Combo in a fixed amount of time. Roughly 35-36 Motion Value per second, to put it in comparison Trance Slash III with Demon Riot III additional hits has 47-48 Motion Value per second.
  • Works excellently with SA that have elemental/status due to it being a quick multi-hit attack (I’m not saying you should start using them, just that they are gonna become more significant, specially weapons with poison, blast and para which will proc more often and trigger status quicker accordingly).
  • Obscene power with the addition of Demon Riot III and can be used infinitely (hence the name Infinite Burst Combo). Use Energy Charge III to recover and keep the phial bonus up.
  • Semi Stationary move, it slightly pushes you forward everytime but if you are already hitting a monster part you wont notice the movement at all as the monster body will obstruct you from going forward.
  • You can side step between attacks to dodge the enemy.


  • Heavy Sharpness drain.
  • Low range High Disruptive attack. People attacking from the side wont be affected, people attacking behind your back and in front of you will be sent straightforward. If there is no Hammer, HH, Great Sword then communicate with your teammates and call dibs on the face, otherwise take second best spot but warn teammates beforehand, don’t be THAT guy.
  • Requires a downed, paralyzed, trapped monster to maximize damage output.

Final Recommendations:

  • Use weapons with a lot of white sharpness like the Silverwind Axe or Hellblade Axe, Baraq Sedition for the recovery of sharpness by rolling, or Status SA with decent attack.
  • Use skills such as Razor Sharp or Heavy Polish to counter the loss in sharpness.

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