Evolve Gorgon Guide

Evolve Stage 2 Gorgon Guide by toastedraptor


  • When web-slinging, sling up first and then horizontally. Doing so will get you more distance.
  • If you suspect the hunters are on your trail, drop a spider. It will most likely trap one of them if you hide it well, indicating their position.
  • Your primary damage-dealing ability is acid. It has a surprisingly long range, so don’t be afraid to sling around while spitting.
  • As with all monsters, you can use CTRL to sneak and get past birds/not leave footprints (though the latter is less relevant with the introduction of the planet scanner)
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS stay moving. Sling around, stop to kill a few animals, eat them, and then immediately sling away. You are insanely mobile, so there’s no reason for the hunters to catch you unless you fuck up royally.


Just fucking run. Your abilities are too weak and situational to be massively effective at stage one, so you need to immediately sling away from the drop zone and use the eat-and-sling method to stay moving while still collecting evolution points. I recommend grabbing acid, your spider, and web trap for easier hunting and to leave traps for the hunters. If you get domed, immediately target the medic and do your absolute best to down him. AS SOON AS THE DOME FALLS, LEAVE THE AREA. I don’t care if there are only two hunters left. They drop in so rapidly that you will likely have to fight all four of them again within 20 seconds.

When you are ready to evolve, put as much distance between you and the point from which you gathered your final evolution point, park behind a rock or solid object, and do your business. As soon as you are done evolving, sling away and start hunting again to regain some armor.


In my opinion, this is where you are most likely to win the match. If you are at max armor, turn on the hunters and spam your abilities like there’s no tomorrow. Target order is Medic, Assault, Support, and Trapper, unless the Trapper is Abe.

If the hunters group up, hit them with acid and drop a spider – it will almost definitely trap at least one of them. NEVER HIT A HUNTER WHO IS TRAPPED INSIDE OF A SPIDER, AS THE DAMAGE WILL FREE THEM. Pesky hunters dealing a lot of damage or moving to revive somebody you’ve downed should be put in a web trap or focused, but never leave a downed player alone, especially if there’s a Lazarus afoot. In my opinion, the most sound strategy is to down the medic, camp him, and then finish off the rest of the team. Doing anything else leaves the risk of the hunters surviving long enough for dead teammates to drop back in or for Lazarus to revive people you’ve killed.


This is actually somewhat harder than stage two, as the hunters will most likely be camping the power relay. You are an ambush predator; straight up fights aren’t really your forte. Regardless, you still have a fairly high chance of success so long as you down the medic first and then finish off the rest of the team. Obviously, if the last hunter tries to evade you or plays for time so their teammates can drop in, immediately get to work on the relay itself. There’s no shame in winning that way.


  • Ambushes
  • AOE damage
  • Evasion/mobility
  • CC


  • Direct engagements
  • Kiting
  • Bug spray

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