Evolve Emet Guide

Evolve Stage 2 Emet Guide by poiyurt

Now, I’m in the middle of grinding out the Elite skins, but for now here’s my proof. Emet isn’t as bad a medic as people claim, so here’s my tips to playing Emet, Making everyone healthy and GRINDING THE MONSTER INTO MEATY BREAKFAST

Step One: Replay cannon.

The Replay cannon is a weapon designed to make sure you don’t need to focus on damage. Most medics do this, having a weapon that passively boosts damage done so they can focus on other things, like Val creating weak spots, Caira’s napalm afterburn and Slim’s damage-healing symbiosis. Emet has a fire-and-forget cannon made of HATE AND FUCK. Land one shot on the monster and you can go back to your healing buoys. 8 missiles will automatically fire at the monster, and once that’s over(you can check the ammo in the bottom right like with every character, just note that it shows missiles and not replay cannon shots) you can do it again. If your healing buoys are still up, hit the monster with your trigger finger again! It does slightly more damage than the missiles somehow(I remembered the damage numbers wrong. It’s still a hefty amount though, 30 to the missiles 40ish I believe, and triggers headshot bonuses) , so it’s still a viable option. Just don’t risk the shot if you’re not confident, it’s fine to let the missiles do their work CARVING A NEW ASSHOLE INTO THE MONSTER

Step Two: Healing buoys.

Missiles are firing off at the monster, now you swap to your healing buoys. You can put down a maximum of 3, and the buoys have a nice green circle to tell you their radius. Plop them down in a triangle for maximum coverage, but try to keep them away from the team, don’t throw them directly into their faces. If done correctly(and your team doesn’t stand on top of them), the buoys should be far enough away from the team to not be in the line of fire, but still be close enough for passive healing and healing burst. This forces the monster to try to attack 7 separate targets and choose which to focus. Heal your team and everyone will live!

Step Three: Healing bursts

Just keep firing those healing bursts. Emet has the lowest cooldown on the healing burst bar a good Slim, so don’t be afraid to pop it. Not to mention that the buoys can launch a healing burst mid-flight, so don’t be afraid to toss one past the melee and have it launch a burst while flying by. They have a 3 second cooldown and are eminently spammable. Note that jetpack thrusting during the throw extends the buoys flight by a lot, as with Caira. The buoy can reach surprising distances.

Step Four: Medic things

Understand that you do not need to be, nor should you be, anywhere near your team during this process, as with many medics. Stay on a ledge, and jetpack away to your assault whenever you get aggroed. Trust them to peel for you. Just don’t run away from them and get trapped in a corner. These are jetpack things not exclusive to Emet.

Step Five: Respawn Beacon.

In a good game, you will never have to use the Beacon. Not all games are go well. The difference between a good Emet and a great one is recognizing when a fight is turning bad and pre-emptively leaving the fight-without the monster knowing. Too many Emets run away from the team to prep the Beacon, only to get chased by the monster, who has much, much more movement speed than you do. This takes practice, and is recommended only after you’ve had much more experience with Emet. Three of the five deaths you’ll see on my profile are from running away at the wrong time, and getting chased and pounced to death. A good respawn beacon will win you the entire game. A bad one, or an unnecessary escape, will lose it.

Step 6: A friend got downed.

It’s almost never a good idea to hop down there and use the manual revive(holding E). As much as you want them toquickly get back into the fight and protect your friends it’ll just put two of you in the same spot for the monster to wreck face. And the monster greatly likes a medic to offer himself up. Toss a healing buoy onto them and heal burst to keep them alive while your assault or support or both continue to DESTROY THAT THINGS FACE IT CAN’T GET ANY UGLIER ANYWAYS. If the monster leaves the buoy alone, it can probably get them up on its own. The red skull, when filled to full, can revive the downed hunter immediately, and is the better option. If the monster destroys the buoy, throw in another one, just buy time in which the hunter won’t die.

Side Note: Team Comp

Emet isn’t as good with the current favourite pick, Bucket. Bucket can reduce the cooldown of healing burst, but Emet doesn’t need that. His effectiveness goes down drastically with Bucket on the team, which I suspect is part of the reason he seems worse at the current moment, as with Slim. Emet works better with most of the other supports though.

That’s pretty much all the advice I can give for now. Feel free to ask any questions about Emet that you have. In summary, he’s one of those guys who takes a little more strategy and team play to pull off, but can swing damn near every game to a win if played well. Good luck and happy hunting.

Edit 1:Replay Cannon stats

Edit 2: Okay guys, I’ll do a perks section if you really want. I run Rocket Lord, the defense perk, and command(reduce class cd).

As a medic, you want perks to help your survivability and healing. Emet doesn’t work well with Reload, since his buoys are spammable and replay cannon is fire and forget. Get class cd perks to boost your healing. Jetpack capacity/regeneration/thrust is always good, as a medic you will get focused a lot, so dance around the monster to keep the team alive. (As a medic, you keep them alive both by taking aggro, and by healing damage. As Emet, both are fine.) I get defense because I find it easier to tank than dodge, but that comes down to personal preference.

I haven’t experimented much with the different perks because poor. I just have the best choices I can afford. Luckily, you get gold class cdr on Emet at level ~22, which should be helpful.

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