Evolve Dome Mechanics Guide

Evolve Stage 2 Dome Mechanics Guide by Pandemic21

The in-game tutorial is lacking information on this key aspect of the game, so I’m here to help answer one question: how the fuck do domes work?

First, dome longevity is dynamic. When the hunters place the dome it lasts for more than 4 minutes. However, this time can be shortened two ways:

  1. Downing a hunter
  2. The monster taking HP damage

Every time the monster downs a hunter or the hunters do a brick of damage to the monster, the dome timer is decreased. If you look in the top left corner of the screen it tells you how long the dome timer has remaining, and you can see the exact decrease there. Generally, downing 2 hunters or doing 2 bricks of damage is necessary to bring down the dome.

Next, how the dome is placed. Thunderdome is lost or won based on where the placement is, so where the fuck is it placed? Easy, when the hunters deploy the dome it is deployed with the monster at the exact center, regardless of where the hunters are. This means that the monster has at least some say in where the dome goes does, and needs to use that to his advantage. For example, I’ve been able to transverse right before they deploy the dome over to a pillar, so I have some sort of terrain in the dome. If I hadn’t done that, the dome would’ve excluded the pillar, and the terrain would’ve favored the hunters more.

Next, dome cooldown. After ther dome vanishes it goes on cooldown. Sometimes it’s a good idea for the monster to attack the hunters and try to get a strike before it comes off cooldown.

Next, the only thing that can go from outside to inside the dome is hunters. Might seem obvious, but this means you can’t shoot from outside to inside the dome. Gots to walk through to do the pew pew. Also, the monster can’t do damage from inside to outside the dome. This means that you might not want to go inside the dome for various reasons (the rest of your team isn’t there yet, you’re Laz and you want to wait for a bit, or something else).

Next, hunters can take down the dome. Once the dome is up, if you guys need to make a break for it, hold F again and the dome’ll vanish. – REDEngineer1

Next, the dome can’t be deployed when a hunter is down. You need to pick up your friend before you can trap the beat. – Miziricord

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