Evolve Abe Guide

Evolve Stage 2 Abe Guide by BaklavahX

I shall be providing information geared toward helping Abe players better understand their trapper! Abe is an excellent trapper and a pain in the ass for all of the monsters. They hate him. Anywhosits! Let’s take a look at his kit!



  • this little blaster of doom is a formidable weapon, almost on par with Torvald’s auto-shotgun without perks. Provides pellets of damage that can be used to strike several weak spots if any are available, boosting Abe’s damage output. Short ranged, this weapon’s useful capabilities fall off at longer ranges.

Tracking Dart Pistol

  • Abe’s signature tracking tool. Once tagged, targets will remain visible for a short while. Another dart will refresh the duration on contact. Has very long range for a dart pistol. Can be used to tag wildlife, which will track the monster when consumed.

Stasis Grenades

  • ah. The pride and joy of an Abe player. Stasis grenades provide a static “slow field” that will hinder the monster while it remains within. The field will dissipate after a short duration, but throwing all 3 in strategic locations during a domed engagement can practially shut down any monster and leave them open for a tracking dart and several shotgun blasts.

The Perks I use focus on mobility, giving Abe the edge when chasing, avoiding and boxing in the monster.

Tier 1

  • Fuel Efficiency (maxed at 15%)

Tier 2

  • Fuel Efficiency (maxed at 30%[?must confirm?])

Tier 3

  • Rocket King (maxed at 20%/20%/125%)

The lowdown:

Abe needs to be extremely mobile in order to keep on the monster’s tail. Proper fuel management, and potentially grabbing the “45% less fuel used” buff will give you unparalleled flight ability in tracking the monster and engaging it.

The mistake a lot of Abes make is that they throw one stasis grenade and then forget to throw more, resulting in a rampaging monster who was mildly annoyed for a moment. The key is to constantly make a strategic stasis field to kite the monster through. I have found that creating a triangular pattern using the stasis nades has yielded fantastic results in keeping pretty much all monsters, with the exception of the standard Kraken, locked down. This way they are always stuck in your field of play. If someone gets knocked away from the fields, relocate the “triangle of doom” and provide backup! Works exceedingly well in cramped quarters.

During the engagements, it is wise to stick a tracking dart on the monster. If anyone goes down, or the dome expires, the dart will allow you to keep track of where the monster ran off to. Do your best to refresh this as the monster flees your group! The dart pistol can tag from a very long range, making it extremely useful. It is highly accurate.

Only, and I mean ONLY, make use of your shotgun during the engagement if your slow field is up. Never be afraid to deal no damage and focus on the stasis nades. The assault can pick up the slack. Your sole duty is to keep the monster under control.

If a monster starts to flee, give chase if your fuel bar is full. Attempt to throw stasis grenades to impede the monster’s attempt to escape! The more you manage this, the more your team can dish out punishment while the monster tries to flee! Makes them regret not focusing on you. And even if they do, you have the fuel to stay out of reach for a bit, giving your team time to force the monsters to change focus!

I hope this guide will help everyone who wishes to learn the Abe! He’s a great trapper and a joy to play. Enjoy making all the monsters hate you! :p

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