Destiny Intensive Reputation Guide

Destiny Intensive Reputation Guide by echoing_clock


  • Vanguard: Its best to keep running those nightfall’s weekly with the vanguard class armor. after that, run the heroic strike playlist with a booster applied. Do Bounties as you go.
  • Crucible: Keep on all the various bounties, and use the booster as often as you can. Never quit if you are losing. Iron Banner gives a large boost to rep.
  • Faction: Farm Strange Coins, Buy Heavy Ammo Synths and feed them into the factions. The Exotic class armor makes a very small difference, but it can stack up quick, so use this always if you’d like.
  • Eris: Solo Crota Weekly
  • Petra: Do all the bounties weekly
  • Variks: Run the 32, 34, and 35 once a week, then get all the bounties done, then do the challenge.

Important: The 28 Prison of Elders is the best place to spend spare time. You can get 3-7 Strange coins per run, as well as variks, vanguard, and faction rep.

Vanguard Reputation Gains
__without boosterwithout boosterwithout boosterwithout boosterwithout boosterwithout booster
__initial runinitial run2nd consecutive run2nd consecutive run3rd consecutive run3rd consecutive run
without class armor20402050256030
without class armor36402050256030
without class armor41120601306514070
without class armornightfall620310N/AN/AN/AN/A
with vanguard class armor20442055256630
with vanguard class armor36442055256630
with vanguard class armor41132601436515470
with vanguard class armornightfall682310N/AN/AN/AN/A
With exotic class armor20402250276032
With exotic class armor36402250276032
With exotic class armor41120661307114076
With exotic class armornightfall620341N/AN/AN/AN/A
__with boosterwith boosterwith boosterwith boosterwith boosterwith booster
__initial runinitial run2nd consecutive run2nd consecutive run3rd consecutive run3rd consecutive run
without class armor208040904510050
without class armor368040904510050
without class armor41240120250125260130
without class armornightfallunaffectedunaffectedN/AN/AN/AN/A
with vanguard class armor208840984511050
with vanguard class armor368840984511050
with vanguard class armor41264120275125286130
with vanguard class armornightfallunaffectedunaffectedN/AN/AN/AN/A
With exotic class armor208044904910054
With exotic class armor368044904910054
With exotic class armor41240131250137260142
With exotic class armornightfallunaffectedunaffectedN/AN/AN/AN/A
Vanguard Bounties
without class armor5025
without class armor6532
with vanguard class armor5525
with vanguard class armor7132
with exotic5027
with exotic6535
_without class armorwithout class armorwith vanguard class armorwith vanguard class armorwith exoticwith exotic
Kill all Enemies402044204022
Kill and Collect402044204022
Kill Enemy leader502555255027
Scout a Area502555255027
Survey a Location502555255027
Energy Spikes Tier 0502555255027
Energy Spikes Tier 1552760275529
Energy Spikes Tier 2603066306032
Energy Spikes Tier 3653271326535
Energy Spikes Tier 4703577357038
Energy Spikes Tier 5804088408043
Secret Patrol502555255027
Crucible Reputation Gains
__without boosterwithout boosterwith boosterwith booster
Without Class ArmorLoss904518090
Without Class ArmorWin1085419899
With Crucible Class ArmorLoss994519890
With Crucible Class ArmorWin1185421699
with exotic class armorLoss904918098
with exotic class armorWin10858198107
Crucible Bounties
__without boosterwithout booster
Without Class Armorshaxx200100
Without Class Armorweekly7537
Without Class Armordaily5025
With Crucible Class Armorshaxx220100
With Crucible Class Armorweekly8237
With Crucible Class Armordaily5525
with exotic class armorshaxx200110
with exotic class armorweekly7541
with exotic class armordaily5027
Crucible Rep in Iron Banner
boostercruciblefactionno boostercruciblefaction
Thrall Abyss50
Ir Yut50
Calcified Fragment10
Court of Oryx Tier125
Court of Oryx Tier250
Court of Oryx Tier3100
Court of Oryx Bounty step 1250
Court of Oryx Bounty step 2500
Court of Oryx Bounty step 3750
Wormspore Donation50
Etheric Light150
House of Judgement Reputation Gains (Variks)
activitywithout boosterwith boosteradditional
286513025,12 Vanguard+Faction rep
Judgements Honor0unaffected
token of flight60unaffected
token of judgement60unaffected
token of identity60unaffected
Armor Core75unaffected
Weapon Core75unaffected
Variks Weekly Bounty250unaffecteddone in the 41/42

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