Clash Royale Global No. 1 Deck Guide

Clash Royale Global No. 1 Deck Guide by Trudahamzik

My nick’s Trudahamzik and I hail from a small country in Asia called Singapore. I’m here to share with you guys the details on how to really successfully play my deck.

Having reached the number 1 rank in the world for this past 2 days got me a lot of crazy attention from my friends and clan mates (prolly by the time i post this i would have been overtaken by win traders)

Many people asked me and wondered how the heck do i run such a cheap deck (3.1 elixir) with no tower defense and yet beat those tanky giant meta decks now.

I’m here to break that down now.

Backstory: I started Clash Royale 5 months ago (I’m P2P) and only played the trifecta deck. Why so?

  1. Cheapest (Damage on your credit card) way to up arenas (Spaming giant chests to collect common and rare cards)
  2. Getting exp to up your king tower’s level
  3. Epic cards were too hard and expensive to get (My epic cards are still at level 7 now)

I shot up to Level 12 pretty quick but got stuck at a certain trophy range because of the difference between a level 12 and 13 king tower.

This was also the time when i started to get bored because literally everyone in the game had a hog in their deck. Supercell then decided to introduce new cards to change the game meta and it made things more interesting.

I would like to give B0ssH0gg credit for getting me interested and sharing replays with me back then when i was still a skill-less novice.

Disclaimer: This deck needs a lot time and practice to master. It’s not a full proof win deck and it requires precised summoning time and mana mangement. If you make even one small mistake, you’ll lose.

Deck: 1. Ice Spirit 2. Minions 3. Miner 4. Fireball 5. Zap 6. Princess 7. Mini Pekka 8. Barbarians


1) Ice Spirit: This under-rated card is actually very very powerful and i would suggest that you include it in most of your decks. I foresee this card being in the next meta as i think zap might be nerfed soon.

  • Mini Pekka + Ice Spirit (Defense against Giant/Hog Rider)
  • Zap + Ice Spirit (Kills of the Miner + Minion Horde combo)

2) Minions: This cheap card is the core of defense and offense in this deck. Minions are a good source of defense against ground troops / a single musketeer. Use them to defend and then turn it straight into a counter push by summoning a miner on their tower and back it them up with zap.

  • Miner + Minions + Zap (Attack)
  • Minions (defense) + Miner (Counter Push)

3) Miner: The core of this deck. You need him to take out elixir pumps / princesses or do pushes / counter pushes with minions.

  • Taking out Princesses / Elixir Pumps / King Towers

4) Fireball: There’s a lot of debate between fireball and poison but i prefer fireball because its a lot easier to max it out (rare card) and also it kills units immediately.

  • Use it on a pump if you don’t have a Miner in your hand
  • Use it to take down 3 Musketeers
  • Use it to defend against Barbarians or Miner + Horde combo if you do not have any other cards to help you.

5) Zap: Nuff said. A core card in every deck. Good for defense or offense and card rotation.

  • Use to support your pushes or defenses

6) Princess: Another core card to help you chip down the opponent’s tower. Good defense against minions and also good a chipping down troops that are pushing.

Always play this card on the opposite lane that you are pushing or the lane that the opponent is not attacking. This way, your opponent has to spend elixir to take her out which stops their push. Or this allows the princess to support your defense if your opponent decides to ignore her and continue to push the lane with your damaged king tower.

7) Mini Pekka: Main source of attack and defense of this deck. 4 words to describe this card. GIANT OR HOG KILLER.

  • Mini Pekka + Ice Spirit (Can be used as booth defense and offense)

8) Barbarians: Main source defense. Use them to fight off Hog Riders / any single high damage troop (Mini pekka / Knight)

  • Barbarians + Ice spirit (kills Hog Riders and Giants)
  • Drop Barbarians behind the opoonent’s Giant to deal with the troops at the back while your Mini Pekka + Ice Spirit stops their Giant

How to play: What you actually want to do is to keep rotating to your Princess and Miner cards. Always start with the princess on the back and see what your opponent does. The bulk of the damage will come from the Miner + Minions + Zap combo. This will help wither your opponent’s tower down. Mini Pekka and Barbarians are your defenses. If they survive they will be your counter push units.


Giant + Mini Pekka or Trifecta Decks: If your opponent summons a giant at the back of their king tower, push the other lane immediately. Either with a Mini Pekka + Ice Spirit + Zap combo or with the Miner + Minions + Zap combo. When the opponent’s giant reaches your side of the river just use Barbarians + Ice Spirit to kill it. Rinse + Repeat to wither their tower down and use the fireball for the win.

Same goes when you fight trifecta decks. Mini Pekka + Ice Spirit kills of the Hog Rider and the rest is history.

Miner Decks: Typical Miner decks always have a princess in them. So just fireball the opponent’s tower with their princess when they summon her at the back. After that continue with the Miner + Minion + Zap combo to take down their tower. Also use your Mini Pekka to defend against their Miner and then turn it into a counter push.

I’ve never written a strategy guide before and this is my first attempt. I really do hope you guys enjoy reading it. Hope you guys can use this strategy to get to the arena you want ! Cheers !

Part 2

Hi guys. Thanks for all the warm replies ! Will add some ways to fight other decks as well.

Lava Hound Decks: Ok the trick here to win a lava hound deck is actually very simple. Just ignore the lava hound and push the other lane. Do not attempt to summon units to kill it. Why so ? Because 10 hits of the lava hound equals to 1 hit of the hog rider. If you put Minions on it your opponent will attempt to kill it and then send a Miner over and that’s basically the end for you. The scary thing about the hound are the pups. Just summon Minions when the lava hound is about 2 ticks away from death or Ice Spirit + Zap should do the work when the Hound explodes. So essentially your tower took 1 Hog Rider’s hit but you pushing the other lane of the opponent should be more devastating.

Giant/Loon Decks: I really like fighting Giant/Loon decks because they are the easiest of the lot. All you need to do is drop the Mini Pekka / Barbarians + Ice Spirit. The Ice Spirit will freeze the Loon as well. After that make sure you drop the Minions behind the Giant. This way they will do a little damage to the Loon. If your opponent doesn’t arrow, it’s all good and just continue to counter attack using zap and Miner. If he does be happy ! This means he will be left with 0 Elixir. So zap the balloon and send a Miner to counter attack.

X-Bow / Mortar Decks: I have played some X-Bows and Mortar Decks but not too many. The key to winning is to actually drop your Barbarians / Mini Pekka + Fireball on it. But your fireball has to come immediately after dropping your units as you want to take out your opponent’s Minion Horde / Barbarians which protects the Mortar / X-Bow.

Also you guys have asked why don’t i use Fire Spirits or melee Goblins. The reason is because, I want to keep my deck un-zappable. I want my opponent to always have zap + something to counter me. This way i can screw up their deck’s summoning order.

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  1. Hey Ford, lumberjack is a pretty good alternative to mini pekka I agree with the change!

  2. Ford says:

    Hey I switched the Mini Pekka outdoor the lumberjack do you thinks thats a decent move, considering that they cost the same. the only thing is that the lumberjack is faster. it does half the damage of a mini pekka but twice as fast.

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