Pokemon Go Gym Battles Secret Trick Guide

Pokemon Go Gym Battles Secret Trick Guide by Samhsuy1

I wanted to share one of the biggest tricks I discovered after countless hours of playing.

Gyms: if you’re level 5 you’ve probably already visited a gym and realized the basics, tapping on the screen let’s you attack and swiping to the side let’s you dodge. When I first started, people told me that spamming attack was the best strategy so that’s what I did, and I got my ass whooped. After a while of trying that, I started getting tired of having to keep healing and reviving my Pokemon so I started looking into the dodge mechanic. So I challenged a relatively weak gym and tried only dodging without attacking to get the timing down. At first it was kind of hit or miss, I’d get these dodged texts appearing sometimes, but those damn arcanines still hit would hit me for huge damage. After a while I realized that there was actually a visual cue for when to dodge. After realizing this I started being able to beat gyms without taking any damage regardless of the insane cp levels of some of the Pokemon (talking about those 1500 arcanines out there -__-). After getting used to recognizing the visual cue I was even able to consistently solo the level 10 gym at de neve with just my 700cp pidgeot. (Side note: I used that same pidgeot to train the gym from level 4 to 10).

So let’s get to the point, right before a Pokemon deals damage to you the edges of the screen will flash yellow. Right after the yellow flash is the correct timing for the dodge. If you swipe immediately afterwards you will take 0 damage and you’ll have time for 1-2 attacks before you need to dodge again. There are only two things you need to watch out for once you have this down. 1. Every time you start a battle with a new Pokemon it’ll do a double attack. For this just dodge after the first yellow flash, don’t attack, and then dodge after the second flash. 2. Each Pokemon has a special move, which has a different timing than their normal attack. For these don’t pay attention to their animations (the timing for the animations hasn’t been smoothed out yet) just watch for the yellow flash and then swipe the screen after it. But yeah that’s pretty much it. It’s really simple but it makes gym battles extremely easy. Best of luck to all of you trying to be the very best there never was. Go team mystic!

Tldr; dodge after the yellow flashes, attack once or twice after each dodge depending on your attack speed and your opponents attack speed, dodge twice at the beginning of each battle, for special moves don’t look at the animations and just wait for the yellow flash, also generally you only use your basic attack unless you just dodged their special

Everything in one sentence: swipe after every yellow flash and profit

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