Overwatch Symmetra Hanamura Map Guide

Overwatch Symmetra Hanamura Map Guide by Barbaric_Bash

Symmetra is my favorite hero right now in Overwatch. She holds the highest win rate and the lowest play rate, so I decided to help make a map guide to get people more familiar with how she should be played. Hanamura is one of Symmetra’s strongest maps, as she can easily manipulate where enemies can and cannot go with simple map knowledge.

Everything you need to know for Hanamura is provided in the the Imgur albums. Shows you two different options for turret and teleporter placement as well as the general strategy.

Things to note

  • Symmetra can only have 6 turrets up at a time.
  • The turrets circled “blue” are the turrets that baits and gives the enemy a false sense of security.
  • Don’t be afraid of tanks, Symmetra’s left click can shred them while your turrets slow them down.
  • It’s not worth it to surround your teleporter with turrets
  • It’s not worth playing Symmetra most of the time if you are stuck defending the second, final point because you cannot make use of her teleporter.


As Symmetra, pick a common isolated location and defend it to eliminate choices of attack from the offense and have you teammates defend other routes the attack might take.

Strategy A

Be careful with the turret placement, as there are gaps that could leave the turrets noticeable from outside the house

Strategy B

It’s fine if the enemy spots the 2 turrets mounted on the side of the stairs, as it will bait them into the other 4 turrets. I decided to place the turrets closer to the point because, in order to get to the point, the attack has to get through that area. The path behind it has multiple routes so you are better off just placing the turrets where they paths intersect.


Hardly Ever gets destroyed here unless the enemy are constantly scouting the area. As long as your teleporter stays up, it is almost impossible for the attack to take control of the first point.

Risky Teleporter

Practically right on the point, and hard to spot because it is behind the point. The problem is that enemies can hear it pretty easily.

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