Hearthstone N’zoth Renolock Rank 1 Legend Deck Guide

Hearthstone N’zoth Renolock Rank 1 Legend Deck Guide by Fr0zen54

Hey guys, I’m Fr0zen! This is my second rank one finish this year, and I also recently placed second in Dreamhack Summer. I played Hoej’s N’Zoth Renolock list, but with Harvest Golem instead of Brann.




Nzoth Renolock Decklist

I: Deck Introduction

N’zoth Renolock’s wins games by stalling and eventually building strong late game pressure mainly with N’zoth and Jaraxxus. Reno Jackson helps you stabilize after early / mid game pressure. Once you’re at a safe amount of life you can begin pressuring with the late game cards.

This deck has a hard time against aggro decks since it heavily relies on drawing Reno and even Doomsayer. It is much more effective against control because of its late game power with cards like N’zoth and Jaraxxus.

Why N’zoth over Leeroy Combo? There’s not really any decks like old combo druid where you really need to try and burst them before you die anymore. Against aggro burst like shaman or zoo it’s better to just rely on heals and board control.

II: Matchup Guide

Aggro Shaman: (30/70) Worst match-up by far, mulligan for doomsayer, Hellfire, and Reno. Don’t waste your time on any other cards.

Hunter: (45/55): If going first, you can keep possessed villager sun fury, going second keep coil, possessed villager peddler, gangboss.

Tempo Mage: (40/60): This is a match-up where removal is almost always better than developing minions as your opponent gains tempo by you developing, mulligan for doomsayer, demonwrath, gangboss, hellfire, shadowbolt and Reno.

Aggro Paladin: (35/65): Another very bad match-up, same mulligan as shaman. N’zoth paladin nowadays have to build non-greedily which means if you can get Jaraxus off later, you win as your opponents have no burst.

Priest (95/5): This should always be a free win, since life tap is very strong vs priest. Try to tap as much as possible. Mulligan for doomsayer to fend off some aggro in case of dragons then keep your value minions like Mountain Giant and Twilight Drake, and even Jaraxxus, Eredar lord of the Burning Legion.

Miracle Rogue (35/65) Another bad match-up, keep Shadowbolt, and other anti aggro cards. If you can get past turn 7/8 with a close to even board you can usually out value them late game and pressure them with board. Just remember to always play around Leeroy burst if possible.

Druid (65/35): Mulligan for aggro druid, keep doomsayer early aoe’s, keep villager and sticky early game minions then play for board control.

Zoo (35/65): Keep coil, doomsayer, gangboss, and sticky early game minions to try and hold off pressure until you can stabalize with AoE and heals.


You are probably wondering why you should even play this deck with all those unfavored match-ups listed above. Well fortunately the current meta is very warrior heavy, with dragon warrior being the current flavor of the month deck. If played properly N’zoth Renolock will farm warriors.

Dragon Warrior/Tempo Warrior (80/20) Hard mulligan for your strong early game cards like Doomsayer Shadowbolt and Ooze. As long as you can deal with an early Frothing Berserker you should be fine.

C’thun warrior/Control Warrior (90/10) Try to setup Jaraxxus as soon as you can, as long as C’thun doesn’t kill you. You can drop N’zoth to eat brawls and still leave behind a bunch of tokens from the deathrattles. The only way you really lose is if Jaraxxus is in your bottom 2 cards.

III: Card Analysis

  • Possessed Villager: It’s a flexible card that can help deal with early pressure similar to a ping. It also has synergy with P.O, and even P.O + Shadowflame.
  • Power Overwhelming: This card works really well with deathrattles, cheap minions and shadowflame. It can function as a high tempo removal, but can also sometimes be used to push lethal damage.
  • Harvest Golem: It is a sticky early game minion that contests the board better than Brann. Also has synergy with N’zoth.
  • Infested Tauren: A sticky taunt minion that can help deal with early/midgame board similar to sludge belcher. It’s also really nice to get a taunt off of N’zoth.
  • Mountain Giant: Strong against slower decks, but can still work well with sunfury/ argus versus more aggressive decks. Can be replaced with BGH.

IV: Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide and I hope it helps you on the ladder.

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