Clash Royale Princess Tactics and Tips

Clash Royale Princess Tactics and Tips by fishnoodlesoup

Hey guys M4SON here again just to share two quick offensive princess tips and tricks with you guys. I see many players using these techniques already so check it out if you’re not in the loop!

Video Timestamp’d For Examples 1:36

Princess Sniping

Princess sniping is when the enemy places their princess behind their king tower and lets it walk up. Most players do this because the princess walks slow allowing them to build up their big push. When you see your enemy do this, place your own princess at the bridge. What this does is it makes your own princess lock onto their tower and do four things:

  • Kill the enemies princess
  • Do some nice chip damage on their tower
  • Keep your own princess alive
  • And/or force out a reaction from your enemy (occasionally this technique will make them play either some cheap troops to finish off your princess, other times it will make them even waste cards such as a cannon, valk, or even zap)

Princess Protecting

Touching on my previous point, protecting the princess is key! There are a few situations I find very viable to protect your princess.

  • The first situation involves the enemy sending a miner. I often like dropping either Mini Pekka, Skeles, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Ice Wizard, or Valk to protect my princess. These are good troops to drop because they are either cheap or they set you up with a strong counter push.
  • Situation two is when your princess reaches the bridge. Now depending on your opponents cards, it is situationally worth it to pre-emptively drop Skeles, Goblins, Spear Goblins, or even zap to protect your princess. What I find works even better is, if you use fire spirits and you pre-emptively drop them they will either get insane value or suicide into something damaging it. Fire spirits are really worth it because MOST people counter princess at the bridge with either minions, goblins, spear goblins, skeles, etc. Fire spirits will instantly kill ALL these troops. What this does is it forces your opponent to waste even more elixir or inevitably take more chip damage to their tower.

Hope you guys enjoyed these two quick tips n’ tricks. Hopefully this will make your princess play even stronger than before and become a huge nuisance to your opponents!

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