Clash Royale Legendary Tips for F2P Players

Clash Royale Legendary Tips for F2P Players by poopvotes

So I just recently hit legendary, and am hovering around 3200 trophies. It was a long slog there, and I feel like I learned a few insights that might help other players on their way.

  1. Card levels matter A LOT. People make a big deal about being a lvl8 in arena 8, but the levels of the cards matter a lot more than the crown tower level. The surest way to go up in trophies is to find a deck that works for you and focus on leveling up only the cards in your deck using requests and strategic buys from the store when they come up. There is a HUGE difference between a Level 6 rare and a Level 7 rare, or a Level 8 common and a Level 9 common. Most players at legendary have at least Level 9 of all commons, and Level 7 of all rares even if the crown tower is level 8. If you find yourself stuck at a lower arena, just focus on leveling those cards up one by one. You will go up in trophies much faster than jumping ship and trying a new deck every couple of days and doing the easy upgrades on those cards before jumping ship again.
  2. The fastest way to get high level cards is to focus on a deck which is mostly commons. It doesn’t take much time to get a common card to level 9, but it takes a lot more to get that rare to level 7, and getting an epic to an equivalent level 4 as a f2p? Takes FOREVER.
  3. You can totally do it without Legendaries. Take a look at TV Royale, Legendary arena. There are plenty of great decks that have no Legendary cards all the way up. Legendaries seem OP, because they are balanced for level 9 commons. I would take almost any common level 11 over a level 1 legendary any day. Not that I have any level 11 commons right now, but you get the point.
  4. Try decks that use different play styles until one clicks. My trophy count instantly jumped 500 trophies (2200 – 2700) when I started playing tank beatdown decks. Until then I had only played control decks, and hadn’t tried my hand at big ball of death beatdown decks. Turned out I just got the strategy better right off the bat and played better with one. I still mess around with control decks, but I don’t think my play style is right for it.
  5. Watch for errors and capitalize on the other lane. It’s not just about positive trades. Many of my wins come because I send a few troops down a lane testing it out, and the enemy over commits with a bunch of defensive troops that are WAY overkill for the push I started. I’ll instantly push the other lane, and they will often be left without defensive cards to defend. Meanwhile when their defensive troops finally limp over to my side of the river, they are easy to take out. The same can be said on offense. See a big push, but not quite big enough to overwhelm you? Defend with the minimal necessary even if you take a little damage, and punish them on the other side of the map with cards that you know don’t have counters in their hand.
  6. Tilting? Rigged Matchmaking? Play for only 2-3 rounds at a time? Bullshit. Practice (and card levels) make you better, so just freaking play the game. Who cares if you lose some trophies. You will get better the more games you play, and in the end that will make you climb higher. I will agree that you will probably play better if you are focused and concentrate on the game, so if you are pushing it would be better to play when you are calm and sober than when you are distracted.

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