Clash Royale Hog Valkyrie Musketeer Trifecta Legendary Deck

Clash Royale Hog Valkyrie Musketeer Trifecta Legendary Deck by Japesg

I still wanted to help everyone including those members in my clan so I’m going to write this guide about my go-to deck that I saw at the top leaderboards and it requires no legendary cards! This isn’t my deck but when I drop below 3000 and I want consistent wins, this is what I use. I believe its called the trifecta hog deck and it is easily capable of reaching 3000 trophies. The multiple times I have done it, my card levels weren’t even optimized.

The Deck:

hog valkyrie musketeer trifecta deck

  • Hog – Yes I know hog op. I actually think RG is more op but this works better with this deck. This is the cards main win condition. It’s easy to cycle back to and eventually you will catch them without an answer and get a couple of hits to chip down their towers.
  • Elixir Collector – This is what allows you to cycle back to hog faster. If you’re elixir collectors are left alone, you get to attack more while always having elixir to answer what they send. I never use these for defense anymore unless I need it to drag a balloon or something to the other side with the cannon. Some people will hit this with spells or toss a miner on it. Let them waste spells but always place it next to the tower that they aren’t attacking. If they throw a miner on it be ready to toss skeletons where the miner will be. There will be a exclamation mark when you hover the troop over the area they deployed their miner. You have to be quick but with practice you should sort of know where they are going to place it. If they consistently use the miner, place it between the towers so both towers can shoot it.One of the biggest mistakes I see are people placing the elixir pump with less than a minute left. You do not get any value unless you know it is going to overtime. Unless you are using it to defend, you might as well attack if there is less than a minute left.
  • Valkyrie – One of the best cards in the game since it was buffed. It is great damage, clear, and tank. I usually send this in front of my hog and speed push it letting it tank buildings or take out any goblins/barbs they put to stop my hog. A lot of my pushes start from using this guy on defense and then dropping a hog behind it after its done defending.
  • Musketeer – Another versatile card that can be used on offense and defense. Many people underestimate the damage of this card. This card is one of the main win conditions. Many of my games are won because they guy uses everything to stop my valk/hog and then doesn’t have an immediate answer for the musketeer firing away in the back. She does a lot of damage and it adds up!
  • Poison – Ever since the freeze nerf, more people have been using this card. It is very strong because it has a huge AOE, slows, and does damage. You can use it on defense to take out multiple troops that are hiding behind a tank or you can use it offensively. I like to try to get their collector and tower while sending my hog so they cant deploy small troops to stop your push. It is very easy to get value with this card because it last so long and has such a big effect. The chip damage also adds up and can take out a tower to win the game.
  • Zap – Another versatile card. This is one of my favorite cards because it is very fast and satisfying. I use it mainly to zap multiple small troops or to cause RG and inferno towers to re-target. Using this correctly can single-handedly be the reason you win or lose to sparky decks. It resets their 5 second attack and a common thing I do is zap and drop valk at the same time because the sparky is usually surrounded by defending troops.
  • Skeletons – I use skeletons in many of my decks because they are just so much value. They distract all the heavy hitters like Pekka, Prince, Mini Pekka. They also do a lot of dps if left alone which they usually are because there is no real positive trade when dedicating something to them. Zapping them alone is a 1 elixir advantage. I commonly use these with the cannon to take out lone RG’s. I also send these with hog rider especially if they have a inferno for distraction.
  • Cannon – Even with all the nerfs, this card is the cheapest defense and distraction. I don’t like this card much but it gets the job done and the low cost allows you to cycle better.

Strategy: I personally play this deck more of a counter push. As you can see, most of the cards are good on both offense and defense. You want to capitalize on your opponents mistakes and create a positive elixir push out of them. Don’t expect to take the tower right away. Chip away at it while maintaining elixir advantage. The only time I play super aggresively is when they drop a golem or huge tank. Then I go crazy on the other side so they cant drop back up for their tank. Even if they drop a tank on the side you are attacking just switch to the other side. You can work both towers or draw. Either way it’s better than losing. This deck may have some trouble with the lavadragloon combo I see some people running because musketeer is your only real anti-air. Always focus on the balloon and try to get the musky to hit it and sometimes you may have to use both cannon and elixir pump to drag it around for your towers.

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    Something to consider if you hate the cannon is swapping it with the tombstone. Pretty effective defensive piece if used correctly.

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  3. Atsuryoku says:

    This deck is overrated lol

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