Clash Royale Furnace Swarm Legendary Deck

Clash Royale Furnace Swarm Legendary Deck by Schmingleberry

Me: 4k trophy with my main meta deck, high level 10.

Since reset I’ve been screwing around with new and creative decks, as I suspect many others do, and I have settled on a furnace swarm type deck that can actually win some games. It definitely isnt a meta killer – but if you are like me and are sick….to death of playing the same old shit then having a 3rd slot deck like this makes the game a little more fun when you arent trying to trophy push. (but still want to be competitive)

Important first note and caveat: your furnace has to have sufficient level to let the second fire spirit make it to an undefended tower. Otherwise this deck fails completely.


Furnace- 4 cost, lasts a long time, has decent HP, and gets a suicide bomber to their tower. Like I said above, if your furnace isnt high enough the undefended tower will kill them both before they reach it – hurting this deck badly. I usually play this first if its in hand. That or goblin hut.

Goblin Hut- Second troop spawner that makes this a swarm deck. Play this first if you dont have furnace in hand. Towards end of a match, furnace and your hut will often be played directly in front of towers to kill pushes and save your tower.

Mirror – I tried this deck early on with barb camp as well. But 7 cost is too much IMO and doesnt give much added benefit when barbs will not aid your efforts in swarming a frost wiz/princess defense. As expected, this is a utility card but almost always will end up being used to spawn extra buildings – even before double elixir mode when you can squeeze one out. While some consider this a poor choice – in my experience, dominating one lane will more often than not force your opponent to respond defensively – but learning how to anticipate when your opponent will off-lane push you is extremely important to any success.

Barbs- You need some meat in this deck to kill RGS and peekas etc. I do not ever use this card offensively because of how prevalent defensive splash dmg is. Can sub in a mini-peeka here if preferred. Im currently testing using minip versus barbs – the main benefit being you can drop him down on a wizard or valk that will splash you to death without taking huge barb damage – problem is in defending large multi troop pushes I feel like barb is stronger. User’s choice.

Spear Gobs- Cheap assist/lure to help with your building pushes or to kill that princess on your bridge without wasting your princess counter card.

Gobs- Same as spear gobs, I suggest using them defensively most of the time vs hogs/giants etc but the time will come that they are a part of your swarm.

Miner/arrows- The most frustrating this about this deck is fighting a princess. Hands down. The second most frustrating thing is the frost wizard. I tried using a fireball/or even lightning to kill these guys off but because of the frost wizards HP the most success I have had is just to focus on deleting the princess. Miner is preferred because he can assist swarm pushes, but arrows will work just fine.

Flame spirits- I feel like this card is there mainly because it is swarmy and it doubles up with furnace. I do not think this is necessary and you can probably throw in a zap here and be just as effective. I like the diversity however in not running the oft-used zap card that has grown boring to me. So ! why not, you can toss them into your push or work great defensively.

Avg Elixir – only 3.0 with minip 3.1 with barbs!

General Tips for success:

  1. Be reactive: I feel like swarmers, mostly lower tier, play their “own” game – meaning they set up their structures, fully commit to one lane, and hope that everything works out. This is not wise in my experience. You have to play defense! I do want to dominate a lane, but I also do not overly commit structures. Often, it is wise to split push with furnaces. And then to kind of “tend” your main pushing lane as necessary. Additionally, this has the indirect benefit of protecting yourself from big spells to smash buildings. Although I dont particularly care about them, furnaces are cheap and take a fireball well – poison is a bane though. Dont expect an early tower- I usually take first tower 30 seconds or so into double elixir and sometimes have the second tower almost dead at the same time or soon after. Have patience!
  2. Princess Watch – One aside: I feel like the primary reason swarm is not much good competitively is because of how prevalent splash is – ESPECIALLY – princess/frost wiz. A princess will literally shut down your entire lane. So? Kill her immediately and bank elixir once you know shes about to spawn back, even to the extent of cycling some of your gobs into lane to make sure arrows/miner is back. Frost wizard is a pain in the ass but you can push through him, princess on the other hand it is impossible. She will sit on her side killing 3 furnaces and 1 hut’s worth of spawnlings if you let her.
  3. Dont be afraid to sacrifice buildings – sometimes you just will have to.
  4. Last tip: Stagger mini-pushes with your swarm. One thing you will see when you swarm is you will intermittently create a larger swarm when a pack 4 spirits and 2-3 goblins pack up together. What happens? Zapped of course. Now that is a good time to drop a pair of gobs in with your next spawn to create a kind of interstitial “extra” push that wont be zappable. It also will keep up your tempo and not let the opponent rest. Not to say it will make it to tower, but it commonly will do so some damage. Abuse this kind of cycling and you will have success in avoiding zap negating your pushes.

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