Clash Royale Card Levels And Important Upgrades Analysis

Clash Royale Card Levels And Important Upgrades Analysis by supyonamesjosh

What Is this guide about?

  • Supercell has balanced Clash Royale around tournament play. In other words, the cards in Clash Royale have been meticulously balanced around the levels 9/7/4/1
  • As you are probably aware every time you face someone with cards much higher level then you, these caps don’t matter in normal matches. A one level difference can make a HUGE difference in terms of performance between cards. One level is enough for cards that normally counter other cards to instead be nearly useless.
  • Now that request limits have increased, there is a huge opportunity to exploit these mechanics. While previously it was difficult to break free of Supercells card auto-balancing (which meant you rarely could have one card at a dramatically higher level then others) being able to request 20,30, or even 40 cards at a time makes it much much easier to speed boost one card. The trick is to pick the right one (Hint: It’s probably Goblins. Keep reading to see why)

What are some examples of cards being balanced against each other?

What happens when an enemy shoots a fireball at your musketeer?

Most of you just thought about how your musketeer is left with a sliver of health. A few of you thought of the time when you lost against a higher level opponent because his fireball completely destroyed the musketeer instead. This is a perfect example.

Musketeer vs Fireball

  • At level 7 a Musketeer has 598 Health
  • At level 7 a Fireball has 572 Damage

Note the table below:

LevelMusketeer HPFireball Damage

Notice the pattern? A Fireball of equal level will never kill a musketeer. A fireball one level higher will always kill and the difference between a nearly dead musketeer and a dead musketeer can be hundreds of damage and the win.

Now some of you are yawning because you knew that and some of you just had your minds blown. Now before you run off and start requesting fireballs, lets talk about why that isn’t necessarily a good idea.

This example of one level making a huge difference exists everywhere.

Barbarians vs Pekka’s

  • At level 9 a Barbarian has 636 Health
  • At level 4 a Pekka has 598 Damage

A Pekka one level higher (compared to the tournament cap) turns barbarians from a hard counter to Pekka to a very poor counter.

Zap vs Goblins

  • At level 9 a Goblin has 169 Health
  • At level 9 a Zap has 169 Damage

Zap is the perfect counter … against equal level goblins. If the goblins are higher zap is very poor.

This is incredible. How do I take advantage of this?

One of my guides in the future is going to be about leveling cards, but I’ll give three rules here to take advantage of card balancing.

  1. You must repeatedly request the same card, otherwise automatic card balancing will eliminate your gains.I recommend requesting one card until it is a full level higher then what you ever see in your current arena’s counter. For F2P Players looking at legend I recommend level 11 for commons. It costs an absolutely obscene 50,000 and 2,000 cards to hit level 12. Nobody is hitting level 12 right now F2P, but level 11 is a much more manageable 20,000 and 1,000 cards.
  2. You must be able to request enough of the card to outrace the counters.
  • Because of this I recommend requesting a common. To reach level 7 it takes 100 cards, or 25 requests at legend to level a rare. On the contrary it only takes 1000 cards, or 25 requests to reach level 11 for a common. Its so much faster that you can see much higher gains from commons.
  • Additionally you need to hit your requests. I have a wife, son, and full time job. So I am a big believer in balance so hitting all 3 requests every day is very hard for me. I think if you are hitting all 3 requests 3-4 days of the week and 2 requests 3-4 days of the week you are still fine. You need to hit most of your requests though.
  1. You want to request a card that is flexible, and the counters are frequent.

In the fireball/musketeer example, fireball isn’t necessarily a good card to request because not every deck plays musketeers. This leads to my overall point

Request Goblins to Level 11

Do you know what the normal counter to goblins are? Crown Towers

Do you know what is impossible to rush? Upgrading Crown Towers.

  • At level 9 a Goblin has 169 Health
  • At level 9 a Crown Tower has 90 Damage

One level higher goblins changes the number of hits to kill them from 2 to 3 This is equivalent to an extra 600 damage on the crown towers if your opponent has no response

Did I mention that because of their low cost goblins can basically go in any deck whatsoever?

Did I mention that Zap proof goblins are a fantastic answer to anything from Hogs to Royal Giants?

Did I mention that your opponent Must answer a stupid 2 elixer card or lose a quarter of their crown tower every time?

At 3200 trophies I see level 11’s extremely rarely. Lv. 11 Goblins give me an instant huge advantage over players of lower levels.

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