Clash Royale Sparky Guide

Clash Royale Sparky Guide by AverageMormonGamer

Sparky is a unique character in Clash Royale. He is probably the first card in the game that is a definition “Win More” card. For those of you who don’t neccesarily play other card games, a “Win More” card is a card that is designed to do exactly that: Win more. If you’re losing, don’t expect this card to carry you to a victory. If you’re winning, this card helps to turn that into win. If you play other card games (I’m a massive card game nerd), other examples of win more cards are Yu Gi Oh’s Black Luster Soldier, Hearthstone’s Deathwing, Dragonlord, and Duelyst’s Storm Kage. These are designed to be played at the end of the game, when your opponent is out of removal.

But how does that transfer into Clash Royale, a game where you’re constantly cycled a stream of the same cards, including removal? Well, kinda funnily. In CR, there is no card to simply say “Destroy an enemy minion.” Clash Royale is a constantly flowing blend of real-time strategy and card game. Your opponent will constantly be given more removal. It is up to you to be able to strike when your enemy is out of answers, and that is going to make or break your assault, not just when playing Sparky, but when playing ANY deck. Except maybe Hog decks.

Here’s a list of what can counter Sparky with almost no effort:

  • Zap
  • Freeze
  • Swarms
  • Minions/Horde
  • P.E.K.K.A (do note that this will burn up to 2/3rds of the Pekka’s health in the process.)
  • Defensive Xbow

Now, reading this, you might be thinking, “Man, Sparky is just an elixir waste! He can’t kill Flying units, he has too long of a charge time, Zap and freeze completely ruins him, and he costs six elixir! Why would I ever run him/why was I worried about him in the first place?”

Well, there’s an answer. And it’s what makes him so hated on the forums: Sparky demands attention. And if you don’t have a card that can hard counter him, Sparky can make you panic. And when you panic, you make mistakes I’m warning about below.

  • DO NOT place a Barbarian squad in front of them. That’s a waste of five elixir. If you want to counter it with Barbarians, place it on top of the unit. Done properly, it can only kill two of them with its shot. The other two usually can kill it.
  • DO NOT place an Inferno Tower to counter it if it already has a charge. Bye bye, Elixir.
  • DO NOT immediately drop a minion horde to counter it. A common combo is with Wizard or Arrows to eliminate horde. If this happens, you’re up shit’s creek.
  • DO NOT counter it by placing anything that takes maximum time to deploy in its face. Xbows, Mortars, Pekkae, etc.
  • Basically, don’t put anything valuable in front of it. .
  • Kinda like my ex.

In conclusion I guess, Sparky is really not a card you need to panic about. Saving up Elixir to drop a swarm on it or zap it down can hard stop a deck using it. Sure, it can completely eliminate your tower if it reaches it unhindered. So can Barbarians. So can Prince. So can Balloon. Countering him with token troops (which you really should have in your deck anyways) is not nearly as painful as you think it needs to be.

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