Clash Royale Deck Building Template And Guide

Clash Royale Deck Building Template And Guide by devinhelgeson

The YADECK is something I’ve created to help players build a balanced deck that can face a any strategy and other decks. As the leader of a clan in Clash Royale, I’ve seen a lot of my members try a combination of cards featured on YouTube, and inevitably fail because they’re having to ditch the troops, spells, or buildings that they enjoy using, or are simply just good at. The YADECK gives you the opportunity to use whatever cards you like, but showing you what kinds of cards are a good idea to keep your deck balanced and powerful.

Please keep in mind, this is just one way of doing things. Other decks and structures work well too, or even better for other players. This is not a generic deck building guide, but rather one variation of how to construct a well-balanced combination of cards.


Leading Card: This is the card that is needed for pushes; the one that brings your whole deck together. It can be almost any epic troop; heavy hitting troops that will effect the way you play your other cards offensively. Good leading cards are the Hog Rider, Giant, PEKKA, Mini Dragon, Balloon, Witch, Prince, Golem, Dark Prince, Royal Giant, Ice Wizard, Miner, Sparky, or Lava Hound. You can even use the Mini Pekka, or 3 Musketeers if you prefer.

Tower: It is important that you have one tower that will give you support for your defense or offence. Good cards are the Elixir Collector, Hidden Tesla, Inferno Tower, Cannon, and Furnace. You can even use huts or offensive buildings like the Xbow or Mortar.

Big Spell: Using a substantial spell is important. It can destroy towers, pushes and cluster troops. The fireball is an excellent card, as well as the Lightning and poison. The Freeze spell is good for some strategies.

Small Spell: using a smaller item is good against low HP cards, when they’re in the way of your push or when being used in a push. Arrows and Zap are very good.

Cluster troop: These are cards that come in hordes. They can be a great defence for big tank-troops as well as provide extra offence power in pushes. The Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Guards and barbarians qualify. Barbarians are definitely recommended.

Offensive Support card 1: This is a card that will give you some power in your pushes! It should be 3-5 elixir, and common or rare. (Legendary works in some decks.) Good cards are the Musketeer, Bomber, Wizard, Knight, Mini Pekka, and Valkyrie. The Ice Wizard and Princess are good too.

Offensive Support card 2: Like your first support card, this troop should be used to give you strength in your pushes. This card should be good defensively, as well as provide a different kind of attack method as your first support card. This way, both cards can’t be defended easily.

Cheap Troop: This card can be used as a little bit of needed defence and can be used as limited support for pushes. This should be 3 elixir max. Archers, Spear Goblins, minions, and fire sprits are good. If you feel like you need some melee power, skeletons or goblins may be for you.

Recommendations :

Some things that you should take into consideration once you’ve chosen your cards.

Elixir: Try to keep your elixir average under 4.o unless you are using the Elixir Collector.

Rarity: Unless you’re a heavy payer, you should only have 0-1 epics. Commons should make up about 5o% of your deck.

Splash: It’s a good idea to have 2 cards in your deck that deal splash or area damage.

Range: 3 cards in your deck should be range attackers. That way, melee troops will have a hard time overcoming your defense.

Air Defense: 2 cards in your deck should be able to fight off air cards. (This includes towers!)

Practice: Before taking your YADECK into battle, you should practice strategies with your clan mates. Take advice from them!

So what now?

You should be ready to use your new deck! Try it out and make nessisary adjustments. Don’t expect to be able to get in a winning streak or win tournaments with it at this point. Practice, improve, and master your deck. Remember, even the best of us get defeated, but hopefully it will happen as little as possible.

Extra Information:

Wondering what I use? Right now my deck contains:

Giant Elixir Collector Fireball Arrows Barbarians Musketeer Bomber Archers

If your wondering why it’s called the YADECK, I named it after my gaming name, YoshiAntlers. So, it’s also known as YoshiAntlers Deck.

Thanks for using the YADECK!

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