Clash Royale Countering The Popular Decks

Clash Royale Countering The Popular Decks by KeelinHollywood

Hey Guys, Hollywood here, I currently have an account at 3200 and another account I play on at 3914, and I’m here to bring you a HUGE guide for countering some of Royale’s most popular decks! Please remember this is only post one of this, and if there is a positive outcome, I would be happy to make more!

In this post, I’ll be looking at the cards, PlayStyle, and General trophy range. (Please note that these are all tips, and are in no way a 100% Way to counter any deck!)

  1. Pekka Double Prince. Probably the most used Deck inside of Royale recently, although this has slightly gone downhill, it is still a very powerful deck. Cards: Pekka, Prince, Dark Prince, Splash Troop, Defensive Building, Elixir Collector, Goblins (or other distraction troop), Fireball or other Projectile card. Counter: This is a very hard deck to counter. For me, the easiest way to go about this is to take out the opponent card by card, trying to eliminate the chance of them making a large push. Once there is a Pekka Double Prince Running down the lane, good luck. So we want to eliminate this. Dark Prince can easily be countered by Valkyrie or any other strong troops such as Mini Pekka. Prince can easily be countered by Goblins, Spear Goblins, Skeletons… Etc… Pekka works the same way as the Prince. If the dark Prince and Pekka are running down, A Minion horde or other flying troop is a great counter, but you may have to sacrifice some hits on your tower.
  2. Hog Freeze/Zap. After this most recent patch, this Deck has take the clash Royale universe hostage, and it isn’t letting go. This is probably one of the most if not the most used strategy currently in the game. Cards: Hog, Freeze (Can be replaced with zap), Spears, Goblins, Splash troops (Such as Valkyrie), Defensive building, Projectile Cards x2 (Usually Fireball and Arrows). Counter: As a steady player playing on two accounts, one at 3200 and one currently at 3914, this deck is seen A LOT to me. As long as you have either a cannon, Bomb Tower, Inferno, you are in good shape. The thing in this deck you must be weary of of course is the Goblins. With Goblins doing as much damage as they do, behind a Hog, these guys can take out a tower in the blink of an eye. I like to wait for the opponent to drop his hog/Goblins, I them drop my cannon, and drop my Valkyrie directly in the path of the goblins so she takes them out in one swing. An easy deck to counter, But with one mis placement can easily send you downhill.
  3. Royal Giant OP A very surprising deck, this one mostly came out of nowhere, after the recent patch added one tile to the Royal Giant range, he can now outrange any Defensive building (Except Crown Towers). This makes him a very strong card, considering his very good damage (similar to a hog rider) and CRAZY high health. Cards: Royal Giant, Elixir Collector, Defensive Building, Splash troop, Spears/Goblins, Projectiles x2, And choice of either Rage or Freeze. Counter: Probably the most annoying to counter, this giant takes his shot almost right after being placed, kind of like an OP mortar ;) But anyway, a good way to counter this is to make sure of a few things. A) Your opponent has wasted his Arrows. (If not, make him waste them by using Goblins or Spears and applying pressure). B)You have the Minion Horde at ready C) Your opponent does NOT have either Dragon, Witch, Wizard, or Ice Wizard. (In a few seconds, your whole minion horde will be gone. Kill these cards using Valkyrie) To kill the Royal giant, the easiest and most efficient way would be to drop a mini’s horde on top and watch him suffer! But be careful! Arrows and your whole plan is ruined.

If you’re reading this that probably means that you have read my whole guide, amen I thank you a lot for that. I will be sure to make more of these guide in the future if there is a positive response. And of course, Positive or Negative, Post your comments below and I’ll be sure to try and take any advice! Thank you for reading! -Hollywood

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