Clash Royale Countering 3 Musketeers Tips

Clash Royale Countering 3 Musketeers Tips by PinkCuttlefish

I wanted to talk about this because I feel like for some people, 3 musketeers can be a bit of surprise. So, I’m going to talk about the cards I hate when I play my deck (Which, BTW, is Giant – 3 musketeers – Elixir Collector – Bomb Tower – Rage – Zap – Shank Gobs – Minions) and what NOT to do when playing against 3 musketeers. Also, BTW, I am hovering in the 2500 trophy range currently.

Cards I hate

  • Lightning – Pretty simple: My push disappears and the opponent gains a +3 elixir trade
  • Freeze – I use rage instead of freeze, so often times freeze just destroys the entirety of my push
  • Valkyrie – Does not die to my girls quick enough, so again, my push is greatly slowed down
  • Poison – Although it isn’t a game decider, it is a nuisance. Although, when dropped on my 3 musketeers whenbuilding a push, it gives me more time to build it up even further
  • Princess – Not everyone has this card, but if my musketeers don’t target it, it slowly destroys my push
  • Dark Prince – A well placed Dark Prince can destroy my push
  • Barbarians – Good timing will kill all of my musketeers and more, but read below about timing
  • Minion Horde – Minions have just the right amount of health to take out my musketeers
  • Giant Skeleton – FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK
  • Rocket – Instantaneous kill
  • Fireball – Usually something I can get around, but nonetheless, still a challenge

What NOT to do against 3 musketeers

  • Do NOT attempt to distract my girls with skeletons, archers, gobs, etc. They will disappear instantaneously from my push, and will give you minimal time. (This includes fire spirits)
  • Do NOT drop barbarians on my girls when they are raged. The barbs will get in a few hits but will eventually disappear
  • Do NOT drop a baby dragon. He will get off one hit before dying.
  • Do NOT forget about the tank. In fact, my giant deals more finishing blows than my musketeers do because everyone is too busy with the 3 musketeers.
  • Do NOT drop a bomber. Total waste
  • Same thing for wizard
  • Do NOT drop a Sparky. He won’t have enough time to charge up.
  • If I reveal that I have 3 musketeers, please, for the love of RNGesus, do not fireball my Bomb tower and/or elixir collector. WHY?
  • Do NOT expect another tank to completely stop my push. It will just take away a few seconds from my girls to hit your tower (crown towers should chip away at my tank)

Thanks for reading guys. I hope you learned something.

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