Clash Royale Climbing Trophies Guide

Clash Royale Climbing Trophies Guide by Pantspartyy

This guide is for new and intermediate players. Some of the information you may find helpful and other stuff maybe now so much. My goal is to hopefully help people climb up some trophies just by doing a few things they didn’t realize can help them out.

Ok a little background on me. I am around 2500 trophies currently and have been playing since the end of February. I am not F2P as I have spent ~$40 on the game, however I have gotten 0 legendaries and I don’t currently use any epics in my deck.

I have read through A LOT of deck guides on this sub, and while I have used some, and find some mildly helpful, copying someone’s deck is not what is going to help you climb trophies.

If you are like me you have read through all of these deck guides and even spent some of your hard earned gold to level up your cards to make some of the decks you see on the guides on this site. Now I am not saying that this a bad thing by any means, but it’s not going to be an immediate fix all to everyone stuck in arena 4, 5 , or 6.

Finding a play style When you are around levels 4-6 your cards are relatively easy to level up so experimenting with different decks until you find one that is successful for you is probably the best thing you can do. This will help you to find a deck that compliments your play style. So this is the time you want to look at those deck guides on reddit and choose one that you feel comfortable with and find some success on. This is if you haven’t done that already. You will find out if you are an aggressive player, a defensive player, or a reactive player.

Refining your deck The next part will be refining your deck. You will need to play quite a few games with your deck. You will win and you will lose, don’t get discouraged if you are not climbing as fast as you might like. Levels of the opponents cards are going to be a factor but your main focus needs to be on how you use your cards to build an elixir advantage. Carefully study where people place their cards at all points of the game. Do they start a push with a prince behind their crown tower? Or from the bridge? Are they dropping barbs in front of your Giant Skeleton so that they die when they kill him, or are they dropping the barbs behind him so that they don’t die from the bomb and continue pushing? Did your opponent just use arrows to kill your spear goblins/goblins and you have a minion horde in your hand, or is he saving the arrows for every time you use minion horde? You get the point, but these are the sort of things you need to carefully watch at all aspects of the game. Learn what counters your deck and learn where it is strong. Figure out how to play against decks that you are weak against. Once you have played a deck you are comfortable with long enough you won’t have to worry about these things as much because a lot of these scenarios become second nature. After enough time you will be able to not only predict how your opponent plays, but you will be able to control the pace of the game, and how he plays because you know your deck so well.

Unit Placement and Timing This section is the last part of the guide and probably the hardest to understand and master. I still don’t have this part of the game perfect and it’s part of the reason I’m still working on climbing.

First lets start with unit placement. You probably know already that if you want to start a big elixir push that you want to put a slow unit by your king tower so that you can gain elixir and grow that push while the unit is on your side of the field so we won’t get into that. However this has to do with where you place buildings and units on the field so you get the best trade possible.

When using building such as elixir collectors and spawners you can usually keep them one space in front of your crown tower. The reason for this is because sometimes even if you don’t want to you will need to distract units to the middle of the field and use your buildings to take the hits if you don’t have any defensive buildings like towers or a cannon. However units will not automatically aggro to them unless you pull them toward the middle of the map. This gives you a choice to use it as a tank, or not to. The next part is to try to keep your towers toward the middle of your side of the map. This pulls all of the melee units to the middle of the map allowing your crown towers to hit them then entire way, and it’s a longer travel time for the melee units giving you a greater chance that your tower will not take damage. I have won a ton of games because someone puts down an elixir collector or a spawning hut down behind one of their crown towers and I throw a ton of elixir in the opposite lane and they can’t react with enough elixir to counter, and they don’t have an extra shield against my push. Which leads me into the “timing” part of this section.

A lot of newer players and even intermediate players will blow a lot of their elixir to start a push but not know how much they will have left after the push, nor do they leave enough to defend from a counter-push in the other lane. If you have a cannon in your deck and you know they have a hog rider please don’t place it down in the middle of your field when the hog is not up. This goes for any buildings. I see so many players do this and then their building will lose some health over time, the other player will send expendable troops at it and take it out then they will drop the hog because all they have to do it get rid of that building. It is important that you hold the cannon in your hand until you need to pull that hog to the middle of the map. So don’t drop it until they drop hog, or their tank if you are using inferno or tesla, so that you can make sure their hog is pulled to your tower and it doesn’t go to waste.

Another part of timing is waiting for units to aggro. One of my decks biggest weaknesses is wizard because my support units are spear gobs, archers, and goblin horde. So a wizard if very strong at taking out my support units and making it easier for that player to deal with my tanks. One way around this and another big mistake I see a lot of players make is to not wait until that unit locks onto something. Don’t be afraid to take slight tower damage from a unit locking onto your tower before deploying your units. Plenty of times I let people play baby dragon and let it hit my tower 2-3 times as I drop a minion horde on it after it’s locked onto my tower and the minions murder the baby dragon.

I hope this can help some of the struggling players out there to climb a bit of trophies. Like I said this is not an overnight fix, and this guide is by no means perfect. But if you can implement some of these strategies to help your gameplay then that is what it is here for. I’m sorry if the points weren’t articulated as well that they could have been, but if you have any questions or clarifications leave a comment and I’d be glad to answer.

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