Clash Royale Best Counters For Every Card

Clash Royale Best Counters For Every Card by Swiipe

This guide is to counter each card as if it is being played on its own without any support from other troops.

Counters that are suggested are MY OPINION, so don’t take these as official best counters.

Hog Rider- To counter the hog, you can place a cannon, place it in the middle of your side of the arena, this will do damage to the hog, whilst drawing it over to the “Death Zone” where both of your towers will be shooting at the tog, this will kill the hog for 3 elixer, giving you a positive elixer trade and no tower damage.

Goblins- To counter goblins you can play 1 elixer skeletons to distract the goblins and damage the goblins slightly, this is a positive elixer trade and will result in no damage being done to your tower, however you can leave the goblins to your arena tower, this a more positive elixer trade but however will cost you some tower damage.

Minion Horde- To counter the minion horde a zap is the most effective, taking the minion horde down to half of their health, this will allow for your arena tower to finish them off for a very positive elixer trade, using arrows will kill them instantly but is a less positive elixer trade.

Knight- To counter the knight, you want to place ranged troops in the middle of your side of the arena, draw the knight to the middle whist the troops will do damage and the arena tower will do damage, I prefer to use archers as it takes 2 hits for the knight to kill each archer and they do good damage, allowing for the arena tower to finish the knight off.

Archers-To counter archers, wait until they cross over the bridge, drop your skeletons onto the archers, they will do damage to the archers and then allowing for the arena towers to kill them whilst they are distracted.

Bomber- To counter the bomber you can allow him to hit the tower once, the arena tower will then kill him, or if you can quickly place skeletons when he reaches your side of the arena, surrounding the bomber, your arena tower will be able to kill him fast enough to take no damage.

Mini P.E.K.K.A- To counter the mini pekka, again skeletons are one of the most efficent counter, pulling the mini pekka to the middle of the arena and then allow for the arena tower to kill the mini pekka whilst it is distracted.

Witch- To counter the witch, you want to use troops with stronger health as they will be being hit by the witches skeletons whilst you attack the witch, I suggest a mini pekka as it will quickly kill the witch whilst the arena towers kill the witch. For a less guaranteed but better elixer trade, a cannon is also very quick at killing the witch.

Spear Goblins- To counter spear goblins, waiting until they reach your side of the arena, and then surrounding them around the spear goblins, this will quickly kill them with your arena tower supporting, timing has to be exactly right to not take any tower damage, you can use zap to efficently kill the goblins however this is not a positive elixer trade.

Valkyrie- To kill the valkyrie I find it best to use the cannon as it has strong health and wont be quickly killed by the valkyrie, allowing your arena tower to finish off the valkyrie.

Goblin Barrel-Zap works best when against the goblin barrel making for a positive elixer trade and ensuring no damage is done, however you have to make sure you time it just right so an not to waste the zap.

Giant- To counter the giant, you can rarely make a positive elixer trade, an inferno tower will definitely kill the giant, for an even trade. A cannon and goblins will also kill the giant well but is again an even elixer trade.

Musketeer- Skeletons surrounding the musketeer when she reaches your side of the arena is a good elixer trade and works well, stopping any tower damage.

Skeleton Army- A well placed zap can kill the whole of a skeleton army, however this has to be placed very accurately this makes for a very positive elixer trade, also using arrows will kill the whole army for a good elixer trade.

Baby Dragon- To counter the baby dragon a musketeer will do well making for an even elixer trade, spear goblins will also help quickly take out a baby dragon if you allow it to lock onto your tower, the baby dragon does little damage so this is a good trade.

Prince- to counter the prince goblins and skeletons will make a very good trade, using the skeletons to distract and allowing for the goblins to do high damage.

Minions- To counter minions a zap will make a positive elixer trade and allowing the tower to finish them off, spear goblins will also make a good elixer trade for minions.

Skeleton- Allow the arena tower to take them out.

Baloon- Minions will take out a baloon with support from the arena tower, this will be a risky positive trade. However you can use an inferno tower or a minion horde to completely destroy a baloon but you don’t get a positive trade.

Giant Skeleton- Barbarians at the back of a giant skeleton will kill it very quickly and will give you a small positive elixer trade, however if you continue to use small troops such as skeletons and then goblins to draw the giant skeleton to the middle and get a good elixer trade, however this will be a risky trade.

Barbarians- To counter barbarians use a fireball to do serious damage and then allow for the arena tower to take them out for a small elixer trade.

P.E.K.K.A- To counter the pekka an inferno tower makes for a good positive elixer trade and will kill the pekka before it reaches the inferno allowing for you to keep it for extra defence.

Fire Spirits- Allow the arena tower to take them out.

Wizard- The knight is a great counter for the wizard, making a positive elixer trade and not allowing the wizards splash ability to be effective.

Golem- the inferno tower is great to counter the golem it will kill it quickly and efficently, whilst your inferno takes out the golem, I suggest pushing the other lane due to the opponent being on low elixer, this will also have to defend against your push, not allowingfor them to support their golem.

Royal Giant- Wait for the royal giant to be in range and then play your Inferno tower, this is a small positive elixer trade but you have to be careful to make sure youp play the inferno fast enough to pull the royal giants attention.

Three Musketeers- A fireball will do strong damage to the three musketeers allowing for the arena tower to take them out if the fireball doesn’t kill them. This is a very positive elixer trade.

Guards- To counter the guards 1 elixer skeletons are great, taking away the shields and allowing for the arena tower to take them out quickly.

Dark Prince- Due to his splash damage you want to be careful around the dark prince, and with his shield you don’t want to use AOE on him, I suggest using a cannon for a positive elixer trade as it doesn’t allow him to use his splash damage to his advantage, skeletons to support is a great idea too.

Legendaries :

Princess- Wait until she targets the tower and drop skeletons to quickly finish her off.

Ice Wizard- To kill the ice wizard, cannon is great as it stops him freezing your arena tower and will do good damage to him quickly.

Miner- To counter the miner, droppinggoblins on where you expect him to come up, quickly killing him with support from your arena tower.

Sparky- Zapping Sparky and then surrounding him with skeletons will quickly kill him, nullifiying any damage he could do.

Lava Hound- The lava hound is very easy to take out as he does very little damage allowing him to target your tower and then using spear goblins or a musketeer on him will quickly take him down.

Building are always best countered by dropping a rocket on them or a fireball so best of luck with that!

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