Clash Royale Card Collection Principles

Clash Royale Card Collection Principles by Riddle0219

I’m a level 8 player with level 8 commons and 5 rares grinding my way up to legendary. Currently I’m at 2700+ trophies and the progression just gets harder and harder.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about reaching higher arenas but about three principles I think are very important and become more and more relevant when you gain many trophies and start to face higher level opponents – This is specially important for F2P players and people who spend smaller amounts of money and can’t simply buy 10 super magical chests to upgrade their cards and get all the epics

  • The first principle is that the level of your cards matters a lot. Really. I know part of this game is skill, and that’s why you can beat higher level opponents with higher level cards, but the level of your cards becomes important the more you grind. When you start to face people with level 4-5 epics, level 9 commons as a norm and level 6-7 rares, even if you want to push a draw you will want decently leveled cards.

From this first principle we learn to take several precautions. Saving gold is very important as every upgrade to level 8 costs 2k and to level 9 costs 4k (on common cards). It is also crucial to try to find a deck that works and request only the cards you use the most to level them up as fast as possible.

  • The second principle is that you should find a deck with good synergy out of the cards you have the most and completely ignore labels like rarity – Basically, stop spending 2k on a level 1 epic card.

You should have a balanced deck with balanced level cards – If your commons are level 8, ideally your rares should be level 6 (but 5 is ok) and your epics should be at least level 4. Believe it or not, if your prince is level 2 while your rares are 6 and commons 8, your prince is just too weak and it’s a waste of elixir to have him in your deck

Work with the cards you have, and spend coins only on those cards. I’m not saying to use only 8 cards, it’s ok to keep a few you like to replace to counter specific decks, but do know what deck you will be using and take advantage of the cards you’ve got the most.

  • The third principle is related to the second and it is that epics are not worth it for F2P players unless in some specific cases. Epic cards are the rarest in this game, and take a lot more luck and work to upgrade. Having a balanced epic to fit into your deck will take a while for a f2p player. Of course, if you do have a level 4-5 epic that fits into your deck you can use it because it is leveled up enough to reach legendary, but if most of your epics are 1-2-3 they are just too weak to fit into your deck. The only exception I’d make is freeze since at level 2-3 it already packs a punch and I Think you can reach legendary with it. Maybe also lightning and poison since those are AOE spells. But if you have a level 2 golem and have trouble pushing above certain trophies, it’s not surprising since a level 2 golem is a lot different from a level 4-5

I am saying this about epics because I see a lot of topics asking if I should buy X or Y epic. Basically, unless you want to buy all the cards to get that epic to level 4, then it is not worth buying because it is a waste of 2k you will later in the game miss when you need to upgrade your commons or rares. Just because a card is epic that doesn’t make it any better than a common card. If you look at F2P players who reached legendary, the first thing you notice is that either they don’t use epics, or are using freeze, or alternatively have a single high leveled epic that they luckily got after buying many cards and getting many cards from chests (i.e. Level 4-5 PEKKA). Sure if you have a level 4-5 pekka or golem, build a deck with other non epic cards around them since that’s an advantage you have, but don’t waste money and try to use epics if they aren’t well leveled.

Work with the cards you have and build a deck with good synergy, instead of just trying to copy what’s in the meta. Your PEKKA and double prince strategy is probably failing in royal arena because all your epics are level 2-3 and believe it or not a level 8 common is worth more than a level 2-3 epic. If you want to use epics, use one that is higher level, unless of course you are ok with not progressing further and just want to have fun – I’m writing this for those who want to grind ot legendary, not for those who just want to stabilize at a certain range and play battles with whatever cards they have.

Again, work with the cards you have, build a deck with good synergy and level those cards ,request form your clan as much as possible and save gold religiously.

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