Black Desert Online How to Cook Guide

Black Desert Online How to Cook Guide by vitor210

Hey guys here am I am for another guide, like the previous ones this is kinda of a continuation so don’t forget to check out the other ones:

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So like I mentioned in the “How to Get Workers” guide, when your workers are “working” they spend stamina and the more they work, the faster it drains, so you need items to refill it; that’s where Beer comes into the story. Like I said, Beer can be bought from the Marketplace but it seems Beer is always in demand and never in suply so how to fix that? Well, we can make one ourselfs.

To make Beer we need:

  • 5 Potatoes/Wheat/Corn/Barley;
  • 2 Leavening Agents;
  • 1 Sugar;
  • 6 Mineral Water.

All of these items are easy to get; the potatoes you can gather them: you need to have a hoe equipped (you buy them from the Material vendor in each city; in Velia it’s this one):

And go to the farm exactly north of her, to a potato farm and go gather them there. You can even do what I explained on my first guide and put one of your workers on the potato farm in Bartali Farm to automaticaly gather potatoes for you.

For the next items, you need to visit the innkeeper. The inn its near the Material Vendor, on the building right in the back where Igor Bartali, the chief of Velia, is. Once there, talk to the cook:

And buy all the remainng items from him:

The image doens’t show but the Mineral Water is also bought from the cook.

So after you collect all the items, you need to use them on a Cooking Utensil; you can also bought it from the Cook as shown on the previous image, or just complete one of the first quests he gives you in Velia (precisely to gather potatoes) and he’ll give you this.

Now you have to install it on your house; to do this, enter your room (the one you bought after the 2nd guide), click on the Place Mode button at the top of your screen and just click and drag the item from the button part, just like you would do on The Sims :)

To confirm the furniture in place, press SPACE. After this, aproach it, press R to interact and start adding the items in the right quantity (you right click on them on your inventory and a window appears asking how many you want to use which is realy useful. Just press Cook afterwards.

And here you go! You got a Beer and Unlock the recipe aswell :)

EDIT 1: Tip by Jaradis

You can also click “Continuous Production” and set how many times you want to make the same recipe so you don’t have to keep putting the items in. Just make sure you put in 1 recipe worth, not all of it at once in the stove. May want to include the 5 other items you get from cooking and what they are used for (the quest turn in items.)

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