Black Desert Online Being a Merchant Guide

Black Desert Online Being a Merchant Guide by vitor210

Hey everyone here’s my other guides how to connect nodes, how to hire and assign workers, and how to cook

So now that you know how to unlock quests and link nodes, you can now trade with other villages, earning quite a good profit if you choose the right villages (also, always try to trade with nodes you have linked, if not you’ll only get 30% of the sell and you end up actualy loosing money on this).

So first of all , look for a Trade Manager that usualy is next to the stable (on Velia and Heidel) but there’s also on other nodes, check your map for a circular icon that kinda resembles a wheel)

For instance, this one in Heidel:

Talk to her and choose Trade:

Now you have an option to choose which goods you want to buy to later sell on a different city; the trick here is to buy low and sell high (obvious right?) so how do you know WHERE to sell? For this, choose a commoditie (on this case I chose the Cutting-Edge Dwarve Tool Pack) and click on Market Price:

it will ask for you to pay 1 energy, so you say Yes or click Enter.

It will now show something like this:

This shows all the nodes you’ve found so far that have a Trade Manager, you just need to find the ones you have linked (it won’t show unfortunatly, you just gotta remember which ones you have linked) AND chose the one that gives you the most money; on this case I’m buying the item in Heidel for 2,623 a piece but on Bartali Farm the NPC there is buying it for 3,353, which means I’ll get a pretty good profit on this (if you’re still not sure what profit is, just subtract the number the seller would pay for your item with how much you’re actualy paying for it).

So, even though my donkey has 5 spaces on his inventory, I ended up only buying 2 piecs, because:

a) You need to pay attention to the item’s weight;

b) You obviusly need money to buy them in the first place :P

Since I’m a poor scrub, I’ve only bought 2 items:

After you click Purchase All, if your donkey/horse/cart is nearby the NPC, it will ask you if you want to automaticaly load the items to him, you click YES; if not you’ll need to carry it for yourself and unfortunatly you can’t mount when carrying this items, so always carry in your donkey. Also don’t ever fill your donkey’s inventory with this merchandise, if he’s full he can’t sprint, you’ll need to walk aaaaaaaaall the way to your vendor :P

As you can see, my cute Lusitano donkey now shows his cargo on his back. So now mount up and go to the place you want to sell it (I usualy open my map, right click my destination and just auto-run there). Careful with the auto-run though, as sometimes you’ll end up encountering thieves on your way and they will attack your donkey and eventualy killing it if you don’t kill them.

So now that you’re arrived to your destination, talk to the Trade Manager there (on Bartali Farm its actualy the Node Management). repeat the steps as before:

But this time just click Sell All!

as you can see on each item in the right, the first number is how much the buyer will pay you and the second number is how much of a profit you’re getting

Hope you guys understand, if you have any questions please ask :)

EDIT: Tip by xLenan

You can set waypoint for autorun with alt+rightclick, so..just set a route without thieves and let it autorun. It will only show you the lightbeam, not the blue line, but it works.

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