Clash Royale Spending Your Gems Guide

Clash Royale Spending Your Gems Guide by Hazonskie

Hey guys, this article is going to explain and hopefully give you a better understanding on what to spend your gems on and why you should do so. I also have different advice depending on the amount of money you are willing to drop into the game. I’m hoping that this article will stop the amount of ‘how to spend my gems’ posts which are flooding this sub reddit.


Epic from shop: Best value, however takes a long time to find an epic you want. Recommended if spending under $100

Gem the cycle: Intermediate value, requires you to play more games. Recommended to use this in addition to buying the epic if spending over $100, but not thousands of dollars

Gem Magical chests: Worse value, however has instant value. Recommended if money is not an issue and you are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Firstly check out this post as I refer to it often in the article.

Initially I stated that gemming the cycle is a complete waste, but as toochunky has shown in the comments it is not a waste and has more value in buying magical chests, but not the daily epic. I would like to apologise for initially giving out wrong advice.

Here is why:

I estimate that 2000 gems on Arena 5 chests will get you:

8 epic

48 rare

184 common

2000 gold

2000 gems speeding one cycle of chests at Arena 6 will get you:

5 epic

91 rare

830 common

6600 gold (let’s call it 6000 even–you do have to win the chests)

So the net result is 3 epics vs. 43 rares, 646 commons, 4000 gold. If you value commons/rares/epics at 5/50/2000, then the magical chests will come up something like ~3300 gold value shorter than speeding.

These are approximations as the hard numbers on the odds to receive a epic card in a silver/gold chest or 3 rares in one gold chest (etc) haven’t been released/found as of yet. However these numbers are seem quite close and I’m sure even with the true values this won’t change very much.

Also, I’m sure most of you know this, but only buy magical chests at areana 5. Because:

  • A Magical chest at arena 4 or below as you are only guaranteed 1 epic card, opposed to arena 5&6 where you will be guaranteed to get at least 2 epic cards.
  • A Magical chest at arena 5 costs 500 gems, while one at arena 6 will cost 600 gems. This is a massive increase in gem pricing, not worth the few extra (6) common/rare cards an arena 6 chest will give.

Spending a small amount of money: Under $100

If you are going to spend less than $100, I would recommend to spend those gems on Gold, to then spend on in the shop to receive the daily epic card. This is the best investment of gems in the game, much better than gemming magical chests and still better value than gemming the cycle.

Here is why

  • The shop gives you the option of choosing which epic you want to buy, opposed to the magical chest, which can give potentially weak epics such as rage spell or Pekka (please do be offended that I called these cards bad, I think every card in the game has its place and can be potentially good, but these cards are too situational and requires to to form a deck around them)
  • Better gold value: A Magical Chest at arena 5 costs 500 gems

10,000 gold also costs 500 gems

Hypothetically speaking the Magical chest drops; 500 gold, 50 commons, 15 rares and 3 epics. Note that this this is also the best case scenario

Let’s say a common is worth 5 gold, rare is worth 50 gold and epic is worth 2,000. If we convert this to gold we get

7500 gold (500+50×5+15×50+3×2000= 7500)

Also this value is probably much closer to about 6000 on average as you will probably only receive 2 epics not 3.

If you think ahead the cards which will be hardest to max will be the epic cards. Which buying them gives you 5, where a arena 5 magical chest will give you 2 or 3. So if you plan to get to max the daily epic in the shop is the way to go!

Also, don’t ever buy two or more epics from the shop in the same day as the 3,600 gold is obviously not worth it.

Spending over $100

To actually find 5 epics that you want it will take approximately a week to find. Now if you bought 14,000 gems and spend that all on gold it will take months to spend all that gold on the daily epic deal in the shop. That’s why I would also in addition to buying the daily epic also gem the cycle or buy magical chests. Make sure however to save enough gold to buy the 4,500 gem deal for 100,000 one or two times.

Benefits for gemming the cycle, opposed to gemming magical chests

Once again many of these ideas come from user toochunky so credit to him.

  • More value, shown at the start of this article. ie More gold, common and rare cards.
  • Allows you to not waste gold on finding matches with all 4 chest slot full (always have a free slot)
  • Freedom to choose when to and not to gem a chest, for example speeding a chest unlock in the case where you are very tired and want to go to sleep, however you have a chest with 30min or so left and what your gold chest to unlock whilst asleep.
  • Buying the magical chest requires you to be on arena 5, thus might require you to drop down in trophies, which could be quite frustrating to then climb back up
  • A cool strategy is that you can speed every silver chest you get, and have your timer only working on gold chests. This allows for more freedom during the day, as currently you have to long on very often and only play in short bursts. This way you only have to worry about the timer once at night, once in the morning, and once during the day and only have to log into the game to take the free and crown chests. 3240 gems basically lets you speed a full 240 chest cycle worth of silver chests.

Here I the benefits of buying magical chests, opposed to gemming the cycle

  • Instant value as for gemming the cycle, does take some time to actually win games then unlock the chests
  • Magical chests will give you a bit more epics, opposed to gemming the cycle. Epics are far more valuable when looking from the perspective in eventually maxing out the game.


It really is up to you. Personally I would suggest gemming the cycle, due to its superior value and allows you to not have to log in as much, if you use the gem silver chest strategy. As for getting less epics with gemming the cycle, that is mostly made up for with the daily epic you will get from the shop. I would only buy magical chests if you are extremely impatient or are throwing thousand of dollars into the game.


Unfortunately in this game you receive gems at a very low rate, so I the only thing you can do is to be patient and save up to 500 gems to then purchase 10,000 gold, which will be used to buy 5 epics of your choosing.

Tip how to progress through the game the fastest

Almost always donate you cards to your clan as you get gold, but more importantly experience. Also buy the daily rare card as it only costs 40 gold (and the common card), and if you donate a rare card you get 10 experience and 50 gold.

50 + 10 experience>40 gold


Thanks for reading, please leave any suggestions in the comments and I will add them in and credit you.

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