Clash Royale Basic Tips

Clash Royale Basic Tips by NoImNotJustAzn

Hey there Ninjuh here. Currently level 7 (Mostly f2p $20) in Arena 7 (2100). Me and my buddy wrote these essential tips to help you with your climb. These tips are applicable in almost every game and can give you a big advantage.

1) Troop positioning

You should know where to place your troops for a defense. For example, when the opponent places a giant and a musketeer behind it, you may want to wait for the musketeer to cross the bridge before deploying your troops on top of the musketeer. By doing so the troops will take care of the musketeer before heading back for the Giant. For a better defense, placing your troops in the center of the field will drag enemy troops to the center as well. This will make enemy troops take more damage from your arena towers because they have to travel a longer distance.

As a tip to counter Giant Skeleton, place your troops behind the giant skeleton. This will draw the attention of the Giant Skeleton from further advancing to your tower (and dropping that nasty bomb) as well as your troops surviving by walking away from the bomb as a nice counter push.

Note: This will not work with air units because Giant skeleton does not target air units, so it will proceed to your tower. Although you can lure a Giant skeleton away with buildings. Be knowledgeable of what troops target.

Remember you can deploy troops on the opponent’s side after taking an arena tower. If the opponent places a tesla or cannon, you can easily destroy it by placing troops on top of it.

Related Tip:

An additional note to number 1. Since some troops travel faster than others you can actually time certain troops to cross the bridge at differnt points. If you plop a slower unit by your castle, it can give you time to recover elixir to make a push greater than 10.

Make sure when you do this to watch what your opponent during this time to ensure you won’t risk wasting a bunch of elixir. If they decide to plop a barbarian hut, or some random unit, then you are good to go with the push.

2) Don’t over commit

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You have to know when to reinforce a push and when to abandon one. Don’t put all the same troop types to reinforce one push. For example, barbarians, bomber, and a musketeer in one push can be easily wiped out by one fireball. Note: Don’t feel the need to continuously spend elixir even if you have a elixir advantage because a 5 elixir push can easily be stopped by 2 or 3 elixir.

3) Deck Management

Make a balanced deck. Do not have many cards that serve the same purpose. For example, the Wizard, Bomber, Fireball, Baby Dragon. All of these pretty much serve the same purpose, having 2 or 3 of them are okay but having a deck full of them is not efficient. Figure out what you are having difficulties against. Watch some replays and see what type of pushes and defenses you are having trouble against. If you have trouble against barbarians switch out a single target card to a card that does area damage.

4) Know your Win Condition

Be well practiced with your deck. Know what kind of plays and counter plays your deck can make. For example, if you only have 1 efficient counter to Prince and you know your opponent has Prince, save it. Don’t continuously make the same offensive play especially if the opponent easily countered it. Figure out what your opponent has a adjust accordingly.

5) Know Your Spells

Use your spells efficiently. Missing or misusing fireball can lose a game. Be familiar with size, travel time, and damage of your spells. Know the exact damage for towers as it will make a huge difference in many of your games. A tip is that a one level higher Fireball will always 1 shot a musketeer or wizard.

Hope these tips helped more than sending barbs into a minion horde. We will be happy to answer any questions in the comments.

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