World of Warships Enabling Replays Guide

World of Warships Enabling Replays Guide by gunlion

There is no in-game UI function for this feature right now, so players will need to enable it manually through the following steps:

1. Close the game client.

2. Backup the “preferences.xml” file located in the game folder. You may wish to save this backup copy in a separate folder.

3. Open the original (not backup) “preferences.xml” file using a text editor like Notepad.

4. Scroll to the bottom until you see the following lines:

<consoleHistory />

5. Paste two new lines before the </scriptsPreferences> line:

<isReplayEnabled> true </isReplayEnabled>
<ReplayCameraUpdate> 30 </ReplayCameraUpdate>

6. It should now look like this:

<isReplayEnabled> true </isReplayEnabled>
<ReplayCameraUpdate> 30 </ReplayCameraUpdate>
<consoleHistory />

7. Save the file and launch the game client.

8. Enjoy the game!

9. All of the replays will be stored at the “..\replays” folder, which will be automatically created inside the game folder.

10. To launch a replay, close the game client first.

11. After closing the game, drag and drop the “*.wowsreplay” file to WorldOfWarships.exe, or associate the .wowsreplay file extention with the game executable.

12. Every battle generates a separate replay file. Port cannot be recorded.

13. *.wowsreplay files can only be played with the same client version. Replays may not work properly with newer version of the game client.

Replay controls:
‘PageUp’ & ‘PageDown’ for playback speed control
‘Home’ for normal speed
‘End’ for pause (which is actually x100 slower speed)
‘LMB’ for toggling camera direction between ‘free’ and ‘recorded’
‘>’ & ‘<‘ for fast-forward & rewind (can be used together with ‘Ctrl’)

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