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Tumblr Earning Guide by day1patch

With this setup I spend about twenty minutes a day to run over 70 tumblr blogs at this point and I add a new one every few days when a good idea strikes. Ask me any questions you might have left after reading this, I think it is a great way to make some money on your own without having to rely on surveys and such.

The basic idea of making money on tumblr is simple, you just start tumblr blogs, put ads on them and start reblogging relevant posts. There are however lots of nifty tricks I have learned over time that – put together with a very cool setup – allow me to run over seventy blogs at this point with only about twenty minutes a day of “work”. In this post I will share with you my complete setup so you can replicate it if you choose so.

Let me send a few things ahead:

  • I use a Windows 10 tablet which allows me to squeeze in some time before I go to sleep or while watching TV, but any desktop PC will do the job equally well with the added benefit of faster browser speed due to more calculating power.
    • For monetization I use Exoclick for several reasons:
      • It can – unlike the obvious alternative Adsense – be used without an own domain name on tumblr. With adsense you first have to register a domain, costing you at least ten dollar per year. You are quite likely to make that back easily, but I would rather skip paying for something I don’t need and go completely without upfront costs.
      • Exoclick has no problems with adult content, and that is important even if you don’t run porn blogs because Adsense is incredibly ban-happy if your pictures show so much as a woman with an exposed leg.
      • Adsense also doesn’t like sites with a lot more picture than text too much as they can’t use their contextual advertising without text to work with. They won’t ban you, but you will earn a lot less per thousand clicks.

Now on to the complete process:

The best way to go about earning money on tumblr is building a variety of sites in different niches at the same time. That is basically what this post is about, anyone can spend his or her time on one single blog but with my method you can do the same for several blogs without any more effort after the initial (ten to twenty minutes) setup.

  • The key is creating blogs that cater to one specific niche like “cute cats riding bicycles” instead of “cute cats”, then finding lots of “cute cats” blogs and extracting the relevant pictures of cats on bicycles to reblog them on your blog. This is an obviously made-up example but you get the idea.
  • Then I create an own google chrome profile for each blog so I can switch easily and use the xkit extension without having to switch the tags, more on that in a second. A new profile is created easily and you can tick the box to create desktop shortcuts for each profile so you can quickly go to a specific blog.
    • Install an extension called new xkit. Go into their dashboard, enable hotkeys (which allows you to use j/k for navigation between posts). enable three of their sub-extensions called “anti-capitalism”(no sponsored posts), “no-recommended” (no recommended posts) and most importantly “auto-tagger” which takes away the hassle of putting in your tags for every post you reblog.
  • Now you ideally have a programmable mouse (or use autohotkey) to map the scrollwheel down / up to j / k and two other buttons to r (reblog) and q (queue). I have mapped one of the side buttons on my mouse to F3 to use the script a bit below.
  • Download another extension called archive poster that allows you to quickly skim over a blogs archive to queue posts with incredible speed.
  • Go into your queue settings and set it to post between 5 and 12 posts from late afternoon through the night as that is when most people are active on tumblr.
    • Now you are done setting the blog up (the complete setup routine from start to finish for a new blog takes me around ten minutes at this point) and can start following relevant blogs and reblogging a bit each day.
    • In addition I wrote a small autohotkey script that on pressing F1 will close the chrome profile and start a new random profile so I don’t run the danger of forgetting about the blogs at the end of my queue. Pressing F2 will determine whether to reblog or queue with a 75% chance of queueing and after 30 presses will automatically send F1 and start a new blog. By doing so I avoid spending too much time on each blog and always have at least two days worth of posts in my queue (it is generally more like a hundred per blog) so I can get away with not maintaining the blogs for a day or two.

With this setup I spend maybe twenty minutes a day reblogging some pictures and make money each day, growing daily. It won’t make you rich over-night, but it will very quickly allow for a nice bit of income on the side. Remember that most users on tumblr are stuck with the base tumblr and reblogging only ten posts a day costs them easily twenty minutes. With my setup queueing hundreds of posts takes ten minutes if the source material is good.

Edit: Here is the script: SetTitleMatchMode 2


Liste := Object() count = 0 max = 72 ReblogsBisher = 0 F1:: WinClose Google Chrome Nummer = 0 Random Nummer, 1, max if count = max { MsgBox Ende } if Nummer not in Liste { Liste.Insert(Nummer) count++ run C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe –profile-directory=”Profile %Nummer% } return F3:: ZufallReblogQueue = 0 Random Nummer, 1, 4 if ReblogsBisher = 30 { send F1 return } ReblogsBisher++ if ZufallReblogQueue = 3 { send r send l send j } else { send q send l send j } return

Edit 2: I get a lot of questions about how to include your ad code in the HTML, this is how you do it: <title>{block:SearchPage}{lang:Search results for SearchQuery} – {/block:SearchPage}{block:PermalinkPage}{block:PostSummary}{PostSummary} – {/block:PostSummary}{/block:PermalinkPage}{Title} | {Name}</title>

{block:Description} <meta name=”description” content=”{MetaDescription}” /> {/block:Description} YOURSCRIPTCODESHERE {block:Hidden}

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