Summoners War Raid Leader Skills List

Summoners War Raid Leader Skills List by putridbeast

This is an updated version of a post I made earlier, it contains all units with usable leader skills that benefit raid teams (the most) and what they bring to the raid. I have also added recommended/ not recommended based on the guide by Syntac1. in the context that I use recommended/not, I am referring to weather they as a unit would make a good raid unit in general, and more specifically if they would make a decent leader. Those who have no recommendation are those that I think aren’t particularly terrible or great, and could work in the right comp. Those in bold are very good units and have a very desirable leader skill.

if you have any suggestions, or there is something I missed, please post in the comments.

HP leader skills

  • Tigresse, water low elemental – 15% hp – low stats, not recommended

Atk and def break

  • Dagora – 15% hp

Atb decrease, Self heal and def buff, passive revive that can be countered by oblivion – tank just for being tank, not recommended

  • Lusha, light warbear – 15% hp

Atb decrease, self heal and def buff, third scales off of enemy max hp

  • Draco – 25% hp

Single turn def break, immunity and atb increase

  • Verad – 33% hp

atb reset, high def and def based attack

  • Xing Zhe, wind monkey king – 33% hp

def break + self atb boost, decrease inflicted damage by 25% and counter, countered by oblivion

  • Nigong, light pioneer – 33% hp

several “your max hp” attacks, shield and revive protection

  • Veromos – 33% hp

passive third cleanses, countered by oblivion, brings very little – not recommended

  • Penguin knights – 30% respective element

Wind: mav, Need I say more?

Fire and Water: def break and slow – not recommended

Light: def break and slow, cleanses all debuffs and provides 5% atb per debuff removed (listed incorrectly in game, credit to/u/RadioactivePinapple for the correction) – good unit with poor AI, leader skill won’t benefit many

Dark: def break – not recommended

  • Minotaurus – 30% hp respective element

None particularly good

  • Chimeras – 50% respective element

tanky units with max hp/spd based attacks

  • Archangels – 50% respective element

tanky def units, have def based attacks, cleansing and strong heals – highly recommended

  • Kumae, dark yeti – 25% hp for dark

2x atk spd decrease, passive reflect 10% dmg and fill atb 25% each time, countered by oblivion – not recommended

  • Ragion, wind golem – 30% hp for wind

self increase def and immunity, passive decrease inflicted dmg by 15% and counterattacks with a 20% chance, countered by oblivion – mostly tanky for being tanky, not recommended

  • Groggo, light golem – 30% hp for light

def based attack, self increase def and immunity, passive can’t take more than 20% of hp per attack, countered by oblivion – possibly good with high defense, but contributes little

  • Sekhmet, fire desert queen – 33% hp

atk break on first skill, chance to do def break, glancing hit, or disturb recovery – brings important debuffs and a great leader skill, highly recommended

Res leader skills

  • Elucia – 20% res

Single target heal and cleanse, some damage on third – better units out there, not recommended

  • Neal – 20% res

Single target heal and cleanse, 2 turn invincibility – possibly good if your squishy units are dying, generally not recommended

  • Tesarion – 41% res

Def break, passive increased damage to targets with debuffs, countered by oblivion – obtainable high resist is very desirable here, highly recommended

  • Praha – 41% res

self atb increase and high AoE heal, one of the best monsters for the raid

  • Grogen, the dark dragon – 41% res

high AoE damage – he brings little, but the res leader alone is enough to make him a very good unit here

  • Qitian Dasheng, light monkey king – 41% res

atb decrease and self max hp atk/ slow debuff – highly recommended

  • Pierret – 30% res (universal but only fire wind and light have it)

Fire: weaken atk and def – not recommended

Wind: def break and atb depletion, depletion only activates when at full health – not recommended

Light: brings very little, not recommended

  • Slyphid – 50% res for respective element

Fire: small amounts of atb increase, passive 10% atb decrease per attack, countered by oblivion – brings little, not recommended

Water: fully recover a target’s hp

Wind: 10% AoE heal, ally shields

Light: AoE heal and def buff

Dark: 10% AoE heal, some lifesteal – not recommended

  • Woochi, wind taoist – 28% res

double atb reducer, third skill resets the atb to 0

  • Hathor, wind desert queen – 41% res

atk break on first, reduce atb by 75% (long cd) – not as many debuffs as her sisters, but the leader skill makes her a highly recommended unit

Def leader skills

  • Orion – 25% def

Single turn def break, 2 turn def break, 3 turn hp recovery debuff and atb increase

  • Mei Hou Wang, fire monkey king – 33% def

def break with self heal, immume to stun and atk powerup when hit, countered by oblivion – highly recommended

  • Woonsa, dark pioneer – 33% def

steal 15% of self max hp from boss – brings little, but leader skill is rare, recommended

  • Dragon Knight – 50% respective element

Leo and the L/D versions bring a decent kit and are fairly tanky – recommended

Fire and Water: bring very little, but the leader skill and tankiness may reserve them a spot

  • Bearman – 30% for respective elements

Wind: atk buff and remove 2 debuffs, decrease atb 30%

Light: passive heal, countered by oblivion – not recommended

Dark: atk buff and remove 2 debuffs, damage proportionate to your max hp

Others are pretty useless

  • Battle mammoth – 30% respective elements

Fire: decrease atb 25%, team up and weaken def

Water: AoE def buff and heal, passive that takes less damage can be ignored/countered when the damage is > 20% of max hp/oblivion state

Wind: decrease atb 25%, increase ally atb 40% and cleanse

Light: reduce atb 25%, 3rd can hit like a truck (based on enemy and self max HP)

Dark: AoE def buff and heal, reduce atb 35%

  • Undine – 40% respective element

Fire: low heal and heal

Water: low heal and revive

Delphoi: slow on first, cleanse and immunity – good leader skill and quite tanky

Light: reduce damage to 0 for three turns

Dark: low heal and revive to full atb

  • Harpu – 25% def for respective element, light and dark only

Light: atk break, 6 attacks each of which reduce atb by 20%

Dark: atk and def break

  • Bastet, water desert queen – 33% def

atk break on first skill, chance to do def break, disturb recovery, and glancing hit, self shield and immunity – brings a lot to raids, highly recommended

  • Triton, wind sea emperor – 33% def

transfers weakening effects to the boss (atk break here), decreases atb by 25%(long CD) – nice leader skill but has inconsistent atk break and brings little else, still recommended

Speed leader skills

  • Janssen – 10% spd

low spd lead, AoE res with a long cooldown, def break – not recommended

  • Fran – 10% spd

low spd lead, atk based heal, single target cleanse – builds make her too squishy/too low heal, not recommended

  • Ceres – 13% spd

some damage – no other roles, not recommended

  • Baretta – 19% spd

atb reset – brings little, not recommended

  • Tyron – 19% spd

glancing hit on CD – brings little, not recommended

  • Gemini, light brownie – 19% spd

def break on cd, passive contributes nothing – not recommended

  • Jamire – 24% spd

atk break on cd and makes ally skills available

  • Seara – 24% spd

self atb increase, bomb and detonation that does high damage

  • Chiwu – 24% spd

brings very little, not recommended

  • Ninjas – 30% spd for respective element

Fire: prevents death with passive, countered by oblivion – not recommended

Water: atb reducer and passive 50% crit reduction and resistance increase, countered by oblivion – may work well with water heavy teams

Wind: atb reducer – not recommended

Light: atb reducer, high chance to land glancing hit – most teams won’t benefit from lead

Dark: nuker, brings little else

  • Icaru – 23% spd for water

def break and team up – not recommended

  • Ramahan – 23% spd for wind

def break, def based attack – possibly useful

  • Lanett – 19% spd

2 turn heal block and team heal with nuke based on enemy hp -recommended at higher raid levels where enemy hp based attacks shine

  • Nepthys – 24% spd

atk break on first, chance to do def break, glancing hit, and disturb recovery. is immune to inability effects, and enemies can’t resist her debuffs – brings a lot, highly recommended

  • Pontos, light sea emperor – 24% spd

transfers weakening effects (atk break here), cleanse and team immunity + invincibility for 1 turn – the cleanse and leader skill are great, highly recommended

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