LoL Top Lane Korea Challenger/Master Builds

LoL Top Lane Korea Challenger/Master Builds by GGTEAMSUCKS

Teemo, tryndamere, swain, chogath: Stuck in diamond elo hell


Rank Challenger: Doran’s shield/thornmail/abyssal/DMP/frozen Heart/Randuin/sunfire/Banshee/ZZrot/spirit visage/Iceborn/Rilays/zhonya … Well any combo of items is OK Keystone: Grasp

2 other masters play it the same.


Rank challenger : Caulfield >TIamat > Death dance> Sterrak> Yoummu Keystone: Grasp of undying

Rank challenger : Caulfield >TIamat > Black Cleaver > Deathdance Keystone: TLD

Rank Master: Tiamat> Ravenous Hydra > Deathdance> MAW>sterrak Keystone: TLD

What we can gather from their builds, is: Tiamat is CORE, deathdance is really good.


1 challenger and 1 Master: Cleaver, Youmuu, Maw, Sterrak Sometimes DMP, Sunfire, Spirit Visage Keystone: TLD


Rank Master: Youmuu, Triforce> Hexdrinker>DMP > Sterrak Keystone: Fervor

Rank Master: Yoummu, Triforce > Randuin> Sterrak> Maw Keystone: TLD

They bought guinsoo when they started climbing, but then dumped it when they started losing.


Rank Challenger: Titanic Hydra> Sterrak>QSS then situationnal items (Maw, Triforce, Randuin, Banshee)Keystone: Grasp of undying

Rank Master: Titanic Hydra>Triforce>QSS>STerrak Keystone: TLD

Again , they started spamming guinsoo, but dumped it once reaching higher levels.


Rank challenger : Yoummu> Maw> Sterrak>Triforce> BT Keystone: TLD

Rank challenger : Yoummu> RFC> Sterrak>Mercurial> Last WHisper Keystone: TLD

Rank challenger : Yoummu> BT> Mercurial> Maw> RFC> Last WHisper Keystone: TLD

6 other masters with similar builds.


Rank Master: DMP> Cleaver> STerrak>Defensive items Keystone: Grasp of undying


3 Rank Masters: Banner of command>Classic ap items Keystone: TLD


Rank Challenger: Hydra>cleaver>Sterrak(+ defensive items or BT) Keystone: Grasp

There are 8 challenger/master , they all do the same buildpath. 6 take grasp keystone, One fervor, and one stormraider Intersting to note, Fioras often switch between Titanic and ravenous during the game.


2 ranked master: Triforce>Essence Reaver>IE,>Last Whisper Keystone: DFT or Grasp


Rank Master: Frozen Mallet>DMP > defensives (with occasional Cleaver) Keystone: Grasp

Rank Master: STerrak>Frozen Mallet>Defensive Keystone: Grasp

Rank Master: Cleaver>DMP>Randuin>Sterrak>Maw Keystone: TLD

Gnar is not good in this meta, and does not have a very good winrate


Rank Masters : Youmuu> RFC> Sterrak>Maw>Mercurial Keystone: TLD

Most are junglers who play it sometimes in top lane


Rank Master: Boots>Triforce>Frozen heart>Sterrak>Defensive Keystone: Grasp

Rank master: Same items Keystone: Fervor

ILLAOI: Rarely ever picked and low win rate.


Rank Challenger: Muramana>Youmuu>STerrak>Last WHisper Keystone: Fervor


Rank Challenger: FQC>Archangel> Spirit visage (Or Iceborn vs AD)>Abyssal>Liandrys> Keystone: TLD

Rank Master: FQC>Morello>Zhonya>Deathcap>Liandrys Keystone: TLD

Rank Master: ROA> (Abyssal if vs ap/Iceborn vs AD>Morello>Rilays>Liandrys Keystone: TLD


Rank Challenger: Nashor>Rageblade>RFC>Rilays> Liandrys Keystone: Fervor


Rank Master : FQC> ROA> Ludens>Void>Deathcap Keystone: TLD

Add in sometime Lichbane, Abyssal or zhonya depending on matchup.

Other master players use the same.


Full tank with thunderlord and occasional Abyssal. Fun fact: he’s actually played more midlane AP.

LMAOKAY: Classic full tank without ROA. Keystone: Grasp


Rank Challenger: Sterrak>BOTRK>QSS>DMP Keystone: Fervor

Rank Master: Youmuu>BOTRK>sterrak>Mercurial Keystone: Fervor


Rank Master: Dorans shield>Rilays>Nashor’s tooth>Sterrak>Deathcap Keystone: StormSurge


Rank Master: Dorans shield>Iceborn>Spirit visage > Tanky Keystone: Grasp


Rank Challenger: Sunfire>Iceborn>Abyssal>DMP Keystone: Grasp

Rank Challenger: Suinfire>Frozen Heart>Spirit VIsage>Thornmail Keystone: Grasp

All other masters have similar builds.


Rank challenger: Black cleaver>Sterrak>DMP>MAW>Randuin Keystone: Fervor

Rank Master: Same


Rank challenger: Youmuu>CLeaver>Sterrak>Maw Keystone: DFT

Rank Challenger:Black CLeaver>Death Dance>Titanic Hydra>Mercurial>Maw Keystone: TLD

Rank Master: Youmuu, Black cleaver>Sterrak>Maw Keystone: TLD


Rank challenger: Sunfire/ Spirit visage/ Iceborn/sterrak/ maw/ sometimes randuin. Keystone: Grasp

All 6 others do exactly the same. She is a top pick right now.

RENEKTON: Barely played sorry. (Random bruiser items work)


Rank Challenger: Sunfire, Spirit visage, , Sterrak, THornmail, DMP ….. Keystone:Grasp

Rank Master: Same

Interesting to see tank rengar played again

RUMBLE: Barely played and low winrate, Sry

RYZE: Classic items but they use Stormsurge

SHEN: Not played much since rework but tanky with Undying grasp

SINGED: Non-existant above Diamond 2 sorry

SION: Well full tank with Grasp or TLD.


Everyone: Any hydra>Iceborn/Sterrak/Spirit visage>Tankiness Keystone: Grasp


Rank Challenger: WoTa>Zhonya>Void>Deathcap> Rilays Keystone: TLD

VVOLIBEAR The only guy with a positive ratio plays him support .. Sorry


Rank Master in S5 : Yoummu> Cleaver/ Triforce>Maw >Sterrak Sometimes add Titanic Hydra Somewhere.Keystone: TLD

Wukong is mostly played in Jungle


I don’t think it matters, it’s the same every région, full tank and do dmg.

And there is one AATROX:

Rank Master: Botrk/DMP/Spirit Visage/Guinsoo/GA Keystone: Fervor

Note: Corrupting potion is a very common starting item(of course not on riven and the likes), and swiftness boots are the most common boots.

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