Heroes of the Storm Hero Tricks

Heroes of the Storm Hero Tricks by gunleg

There are a lot of neat tricks you can do with every hero that a lot of people may not know of. Lets hear some of yours you found out

Abathur: Monstrosity Spa

Monstrosity can be healed back at the nexus. This works really well with burrow. Your healer can heal monstrosity too…. Healers in my team doesn’t seem to know this :D


Web Steal – Anub can steal camps from enemy heroes by webbing then even if they are on the area to capture it

Web Silence – Anubarak has many functions with his web like silencing the unsilencable. The Web ult can stop malfurions tranquility, Karazims palms (just to prevent him from reaching zero), The Butchers furnace blast, etc. Also takes out both Cho and Gall. 2 for 1!


Proc a Twin Blades attack as the match starts or at least 15 seconds before the gates open. Your mana regen will compensate and fill up by the time you get to the front lines and you will get a free twin blades out of it.


If you aim your Q at yourself (or just Alt+Q), it will explode immediately. Useful for revealing cloaked enemies since they are unlikely to get hit normally due to the impact delay.

This is very situational but I saw it in a clutch cloud9 game. You can port to Murkys egg as Brightwing.

Chen: Barrel Rocket

with lvl 20 wandering keg his speed can climb to a 100% increase but other speed enhancers will stack with this (I’ve tried with abathur a while back and it works, Chen was going +140% and almost made it back to home base from the enemy’s)

Diablo: More Apocalypse

Apocalypse spawns a symbol for each enemy hero in the game, this includes each lost viking, misha and works on cloaked heroes. BUT it always spawns a symbol for each decoy of Nova. therefore increasing your chances of hitting heroes when these factors are in play.

Kerrigan: Indépendant Ultralisk

lvl 20 ultralisk can defeat siege camps by him self. You still need to capture it though

Lvl 20 Ultralisk is an awesome split pusher on large maps. It doesn’t take much time to control it it (unlike Abathurs monstrosity) and you can even control it while dead. I’m not sure about current state but before scaling changes it could just face-tank structures because they didn’t have enough damage to kill the egg.

Kerrigan Q Cooldown reset if you kill an enemy with it, including Minions! Use Q to heal up with the talent at lvl 1!

Lunara: Leap Wisp

With lvl 20 leaping strike you can set your wisp up at a wall and use it to jump over trees or use it as a get away. Nice when there is no ally around.


Use pufferfish for vision and octo people over walls! (abathur for example)


If you Alt+W (cast wall on yourself) while running, it will give you just enough time to pass through, but will most likely trap whoever’s chasing you. No need for tricky timings.

Nazeebo can call back his zombie ring earlier by recasting the spell. God knows how often my own Nazeebo trapped me while going after an enemy.


As nova you can place a decoy over a wall and use an auto attack and your W. It’s rare that someone gets away with that little health but I can only imagine the rage of the few people I’ve managed to kill with this

Not really a pro tip since I’m sure most know.. but Using your decoys as nova last second to block skillshots is something that didn’t immediately dawn on me when I started playing her. It’s great for blocking an ice lance and other such skillshots.

Sgt. Hammer

Might be a noob tip but Sgt. Hammer can use napalm to provide vision on towers so you can siege down targets out of your LOS.

Sylvanas: Exploding Quiver

Overflowing quiver, unstable poison, cold embrace, fury of the storm. If there is anyone pushing hard into your base with a huge wave of minions this is a instant kill. Run in and make sure your withering fire is in rage of the hero. then just kill all the minions in 2 seconds. You’ll fire 20-35 arrows directly to the enemy hero plus 25% additional damage. It hurts.

Tassadar: Fortification

Reinforce structure, Mule. This little combo can keep forts alive an healthy from certain objectives such as the temples and the grave golem.

Tychus & Tyrande: Rapid Healing

Mark of Mending, and all talents that increase Tychus attack speed. Mark of mending will heal 2.5% of the attackers life per hit and tychus can attack just over 6 times per second making him heal 15% of his life per second for 4 seconds (60% total). Combining this with vampiric strike and tassadar healing shields is scary.


After hearthing or rezzing you can get a “free” owl while in the healing well. Your mana will regen quickly and it’s likely by the time you’re back in the fray the cooldown will be up. Don’t forget to mount right after (since it’s instant mount in well).


Holy ground boss steal, and the ol q somewhere, judge somewhere else, q again for the interrupt plus blink far, far away trick.


Divine Shield prevents all damage, which means the target can’t be interrupted while channeling objectives. This is especially useful on Dragon Shire, since the shield lasts just long enough to activate the DK.

Zagara: Infest the catapult!

I was just playing a game and say this in action. Infest 2 catapults attack a structure or the Core. Those 2 catapults will have the power of 10! watch the Core melt away

Zagara’s maw can stop many things: Diablo’s using Breath, Vikings Boat, Chen’s Barrel… One thing I am not too sure, I once Maw Kharazim’s Palm target exactly when the Palm proc (saw stasis) but when my Maw ended he just died without any heal.


As many may know, Alt+Heal heals you. But it’s less known that Alt can also cast a spell on your location, for example Malfurion’s roots, Nazeebo’s wall, Tyrande’s stun. It helps when escaping enemies, because they’re most likely going to walk in it or will have to walk around it, and no time is spent on positioning it.

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