CS:GO In-Game Roles Discussion From FalleN

CS:GO In-Game Roles Discussion From FalleN by palkian1107

This is based off of FalleN’s discussion on roles during his stream earlier today and how to play these roles. Mirage was the main focus for this, so any examples in here are based on the map Mirage. Sorry if some of this is confusing, I tried to keep up with FalleN and type at the same time. I also tried to explain it a bit further for newer players as well.

IF you play a certain position and don’t want to read this whole thing other than your position, I want to reiterate what FalleN thinks is a key to helping yourself as a team player and what IGL’s should be wanting in their team: “Learning all positions is a major key to success, not only for yourself, but for your team. It makes your IGL’s job easier.” Now… look around and find some info that you find useful and improve your gameplay.

– Talks about Entry, Support, AWP, Lurk, In-Game leader roles, as well as using examples on Mirage for these roles

Entry (Pretty straight forward role, but the stuff mentioned can help your mindset a bit. Although, lots of this is repeating itself.):

  • Even if you are playing another role, sometimes you have to entry depending on the situation, don’t be a baby.
  • When entrying, don’t stop and jiggle peek, this will slow your team down and ultimately get your team killed. Try to gain distance toward a certain spot near your entrance and get the kill, then move up to site and gain distance to your bomb plant destination.
  • Person that entries mid should be the lurker later on in the round, typically around mid, this will help with catching rotators as enemies take sites.
  • Entry killers need to understand that you need to have no fear and you need to create space for your team to be comfortable while taking the site.
  • Even if you don’t entry, the first mindset you need is to create space for your team, even if you don’t get the frag, you need space for your teammates to get the trade immediately.
  • As you can tell from everything above, CREATING SPACE IS KEY.

Support (He kind of mixed IGL around with this, so some of this might fit in the IGL section as well):

  • Always be thinking how you can help your team get distance in the site, and get your team in better conditions for the round.
  • Supports should be working with the IGL about what they can do to get the team in better conditions in the round.
  • Always be asking your teammates who has certain nades, guide them to good conditions in the round.
  • Realize that you don’t always need to do full smoke takes to get a round, try your hardest to work on playing passive and getting mid control and setting up lurks for info.
  • Suppose you only have two smokes for A, think of the most important smokes: FalleN thinks Stairs and Jungle cross to stairs are the most important. CT isn’t as important because there is lots of ways to get around the CT smoke and that can lose you rounds.

AWP (As FalleN is a strong, smart AWPer, you can already tell this is some info you definitely want to read):

  • When you are a sniper on your team, there are some things you are looking for as a T, you obviously want to look for picks. But, thinking that you are only useful for getting the early picks, you might get yourself in a bad situation. It’s difficult to catch the early pick every round, don’t do the same thing every round because after a few successful attempts, the enemy will read your style and play according to it.
  • Important thing to remember when playing as AWP: Always think about what the best angle is for you, even if it means not peeking at all.
  • Two types of styles as an AWPer – 1st: Looking for picks immediately, being agressive while doing so. 2nd: Thinking about your next move rather than doing it immediately, playing somewhat passive.
  • Very important rule; Always be understanding of which situations are good for you to take over for your team, and situations where you need to let your teammates guide the round.
  • Skadoodle’s style according to FalleN: Smart player that always know how to use the rule above, thought as number #1 AWPer in North America due to his rapid succession using this rule.

IGL (Has some Support role references, I also summarized most of what he said and added some key points to it):

  • Don’t see your players as robots, be loose, smoking certain spots are good, but you need to realize that players aren’t always in the spot you expect them to be, sometimes leaving spots unsmoked and easy to spot is good.
  • If you can’t do strategies like a smoke take on A, you want to be playing passive and finding information to shape up the round for your team. Number 1 thing to be reminding yourself is to stay patient and you will find the the information, you will almost always lose rounds by being impatient when you don’t have the info or any good positions on the map in the first place.
  • Not everything is set in stone, if certain players have used their smokes and certain players have full smokes, roles might have to change. FalleN using nades as IGL isn’t necessarily stupid, he knows how to play other roles, so him changing roles with Taco as entry might have to happen on rounds like this. Make sure your team practices other roles rather than only their role. Having all the roles practiced, your team will have much more coordination.
  • Example of this : FalleN doesn’t know who Witmer is and how he plays. FalleN has no nades, Witer has nades, FalleN wants him playing support while FalleN moves to site and entries. No matter Witmer’s real role, you wan’t the players that have the certain utility to play a role that might not be their first choice.
  • Watching demos hourly of other teams isn’t neccesarily the only way you can win against them, sure, their playstyle will be similar to what you watched.. but you don’t want to change up your original style to coordinate to only what they did in that match. Other teams will change how they play and not everything is set in stone.
  • Make sure your team is never bashing on each other, never let communication cause tilt/aggravation. If you’ve got players like this, the best choice is to remove them from your team, they will only bring your team morale down.
  • When you have a lead, such as a 5v4: You need to think of the situation you are in and when to fall back. Falling back and letting the enemy team try to organize/communicate what is happening is always good because it will lead enemy players to try to find more information, which can help you get more kills due to them pushing up.
  • If a teammate peeks something and dies and it eventually ends up leading the round to be loss for your team, you don’t want to bash on them for losing the round for you guys. Sure, he caused a big impact on the round, but.. it’s not a 1v5, you still have moves to make that can bring you back to an even round or even an advantage. Mentioning the issue is good as long as you keep it calm and informative.

Lurk (Not lots of info, but definitely two things that can help your view on this role):

  • There are two types of lurkers – 1st: Placing yourself in a situation where you wait for players to get impatient/agressive. 2nd: Player looking for kills and attention rather than being quiet (although they may be quiet sometimes)
  • When lurking, HP is a very big factor. Using the types of lurking above revolves around your HP: Say you have 10 hp and no nades, you will lose 90% of the time no matter your aim skill. But, say you have 100 hp and no nades, sure, go for the attention/aim battle, it might cause enemy communication to get in the way of your teammates entrying B as you cause this attention.

Thank you for reading, here is the VOD if you want to watch it yourself:http://www.twitch.tv/gafallen/v/41064643?t=17m30s

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