World of Warships Getting Better Guide

World of Warships Getting Better Guide by dreiak559

1) The roles that can be filled in any given ship is determined by fundamentals. Never get overly complacent with improving these. Better aim, better situation awareness, better maneuvering, better angling, all the tactical choices captains have to make real time in battle regardless of their overall strategy. This seems like a no brainer, but if people focus on only playing a single line of ships often times they will find themselves bottlenecked in certain areas because some ships are better for learning certain tactics than others, but that doesn’t mean those tactics aren’t applicable on other ships. In BB, for example, the fire rate is low, so players that main BB tend to have less practice aiming, simply because they have fired less salvos. Playing multiple ship lines (even if not ALL of them) will drastically improve skill in all lines involved, not just skills for the lines individually. It also allows the player to be more skilled than the majority of players in each tier, since it will take slightly longer to tier up, and is a good way to accumulate free XP.

2) Learn the strategic element. Each ship tends to be played in similar ways. You can learn these by playing the ships, or watching how other people play them on youtube. Understanding how the players behind those ships can help you take advantage of meta elements of the game too. I know if I am in a cruiser BB will most likely primary me because I know how to piss them off, and they always think they are one shot away from getting that magical insta kill volley. This is something I often find myself exploiting in order to make BB captains take unnecessary risks.

3) Be a predator. By this I mean it is almost always worth killing the weakest element first. This doesn’t mean the lowest health ship all the time, it does however mean that when someone is showing a full broadside it is probably more worth shooting than someone at lower health and highly angled. When you notice that a player simply isn’t as good as you, it should feel like natural selection. A good player will normally retreat when they see their company crumble, and that will almost always give your team the advantage, which in my book is far better than having a slightly higher kill count.

4) When you hit a wall ask for help. Don’t be that guy that just trudges though a ship and contemplates spending dubloons to free XP a ship without first finding out if it is the ship, or the captains fault. All advice can be taken with a grain of salt, but it is at least worth heeding some advice from the community when all else fails. Also just because you aren’t sucking with a ship doesn’t mean you are doing it right. The win rate for Murmansk, for example, would be a lot higher if everyone who had the ship knew how to use it properly, even though most players, even mediocre ones will do ok in it simply because it is OP.

5) Experiment. Be skeptical of advice that uses always in the phrasing unless it is about showing broadsides to a battleship, or sailing in a straight line. Always shoot AP in a BB? Always turn off AA on a DD? Always shoot HE at BB? I think there are people here who follow the “rules” religiously. If you are winning or losing by a landslide, you can experiment freely without messing up your stats. it is worth it. Maybe it reminds some people that carriers have citadels too, or that AA doesn’t actually increase the detection radius of DD like being spotted by aircraft does. If you never put your beliefs to the test, you might be missing the opportunity to take advantage of any discovered weaknesses your enemies display.

Those are the general rules I have applied to improving in the game, and thanks to finding great resources and using this community, I have finally managed to pull my abysmal win rate up from as low as 41% to over 50% with it being 88% in the last few days (been averaging I would estimate a 60-65% win rate this month).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, please do not worry about your e-mail address, I started playing in May and have gone up to level 15. However I did this with pure luck. I did not purchase any doubloons. I have been playing for free. I can sometimes play with the big boys, I play mostly co-op, and operation of the week. I get killed almost all the time. I have played with others, but have not played clans yet. I do know how to change pink to normal. I keep a tier 1 ship. Play that ship about 10 times. Check your sip. It has never failed. By the way I’m 59 and just figured out how the inventory is used. I hope that you continue the game, key, learn how to shoot, no when to run, and try crossing the “t” as much as possible. Your truly Rob.

  2. Rob says:

    This by far the best guide I have found. I am new to online gaming. My son, who is a prodigious online gamer as well as a developer, turned me on to WoWS because he new my personality and he thought I would enjoy it. At 48, I never saw myself being an gamer. I have never personally owned a game console or any type of video game since Atari. My kids had X-box, but I never played. As I have progressed, and admittedly spent a little money in the game, I have become quite frustrated at times. Not understanding why certain things happen, I tried watching videos. Watching a guy who either spends all his free time or makes a living playing a game is not very helpful to a newcomer. I hate the word “Noob”. Until now, I was getting so frustrated my interest in playing was fading. I am looking forward to using your advice in game and hopefully getting much better. I hate to loose! Sorry for the long comment. I wanted to let you know that you efforts are truly appreciated. Professorial types like yourself are a rare but appreciated breed of people. I will look forward to more great info.

    Best Regards,


    I am sure this goes without saying, please do not share my email Thanks!

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