Star Citizen Quick Start Guide

Star Citizen Quick Start Guide by borosky

Hi all, I figured a quick guide might be helpful to some ppl, as I was looking for a lot of information the hard way myself. So here are the key shortcuts and few words of advice for a smooth start to get you going in the Universe around Port Olisar.

**** General / On-foot mode: ****

F12 – Show chat window, then press Enter to chat.

F11 – Friends list

F10 – Activate Augmented Reality overlay, mainly useful for checking other players’ names

F9 – Activate Mobiglass, your personal computer, several menus available with mouse navigation including Scheduler and Journal

Left Alt + Space – Switch to the mouse cursor mode to interact with ingame menus (chat, HUD)

F – Use/Activate

Z – Prone

Left Ctrl – Crouch

1 – Draw laser pistol (FPS gun) – you might have to be outside of no-shooting area

H – Use stimpak, works once you’ve taken damage

J – Holster weapon

Insert – Switch between FPP/TPP camera views- useful in variety of situations (EVA, narrow flying), both on-foot and flight mode

Right Alt + Backspace – Suicide, useful when stuck/glitched to no avail

/wave /greet /dance – type in chat (F12->Enter) for character to take action. Add numbers 1-5 for varieties. Click ? in chat for more.

**** In-flight mode: ****

Ctrl + F – Leave in-flight mode (for leaving co/pilot seat, turrets, going into EVA, etc)

V – Flight mode, switch between Cruise, Combat and Precision (different speed/maneuverability levels)

B – For navigation overlay, target a nav point then Mid Mouse Button (MMB) to enter Quantum Travel (QT) for fast in-system travels

N – Landing mode, then MMB to request landing on selected pad (need to select target pad with Y first)

M – Auto-landing mode, should assist in landing when close to a pad

G – Target closest friend or foe to reticle

C – Target closest enemy target

Y – Cycle targets (useful to check other players names on ships)

Left Alt – Tap twice to switch between free-look and ship controls (hold might also work)

Full list of key binds for both on-foot & flight modes:

**** Quick starting tips: ****

After waking up, say “hello” to everyone on the server! Get to the “ground” level and request a ship at a touch screen terminal. If the touch screen doesn’t work, just try another one. If all pads are full, either wait, or float outside to the next terminal. There are 4 terminals – A to D – each with 8 small + 2 large pads fully operational. Port Olisar is a no-shooting area.

Use F9 and Scheduler menu to activate the mission by clicking the hexagon. Fly around activating the comm links. As you advance, new missions will pop up. Be careful while maneuvering around, slightest impact might glitch you and send into the void, or in best case will get your ship damaged. Watch out for other pilots.

Operating Turrets – Press F to man, then V to lock, LAlt+Space to navigate through the menus to ID the target (since there are no distinctions between allies and enemies in a turret).

Beware of bugs, including disconnects, timeouts, inability to join, random explosions, clipping through walls, floors, ladders, and ships (very annoying), and cold bread toasts. It’s an early alpha.

**** Nav points: ****

Use B for nav points overlay on HUD to see distances. Target a nav point with reticle and press MMB for QT. You can also travel to a non-nav point area, simply point your ship in any direction and hit MMB. Mash MMB to get out of QT.

Comm arrays – Need to go EVA and inside the arrays to activate them.

Cry-Astro Station – You can get repairs & refuel by landing on designated pads (towards middle of the structure); not sure if restores damaged weapons or thrusters, perhaps they do but they don’t “re-enable” them from the destroyed state in your HUD, so you need to turn them off and on again from the panel. Needs testing/confirming.

Security Post Kareah – FPS combat area with gun pickups

Covalex Shipping Hub – Exploration mission available

**** Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) mode: ****

To go EVA you need to fly out to a nav point, or any spot in the void. Once in outer space, press Ctrl-F to step away from ship controls. Proceed to the hatch or whichever door you used to get access into the ship. Open it (F), and you are good to go.

While in EVA use Space/Ctrl/WSAD/QE for top/down/forward/backward/strafing/rolling floating controls. Use TPP mode (Insert) to have better visibility of where you are going and what’s around you.

Feel free to share in the comments and ask/suggest.

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