CS:GO Terrorist Side Guide

CS:GO Terrorist Side Guide by UberCSGOPro3000

I’m a Global Elite player with over 2000 hours including FaceIT and ESEA. I recently tried to convince my gf into playing Counter-Strike with me, but after she said that the game sucks and went back to City:Skylines (screw yourself Anja) I thought that I might aswell use that account to smurf, as I never did that. Before you will shittalk me for smurfing, I have to say that instead of mindlessly sealclubbing my opponents I will give my teammates some advice. After few games I realized that most of people I played with at the time had no idea on how to play as terrorists, and after advising people for countless number of times I figured out that I might aswell write a guide here. I started my smurfing career at GN3 and I’m now at MGE, but I believe that this guide will include some tips that will be helpful for everyone across all ranks.


CTs are spread across two bombsites and often middle of the map, while terrorists keep together and try to take one of the bombsites. That’s how it should look like. Instead teams will often tend to spread up as terrorists, and that will lead to them being picked up and killed without anyone being able to help them. That leads to a situation where teams will rely on one person to clear a bombsite in order to plant a bomb and win the round, which is nicht gut. While playing as CT is intuitional playing as terrorists requires teamplay and coordination. CTs will be spread in couples, often hiding behind corners and covers, which is their advantage, where terrorists have number advantage when attempting to take a bombsite. Always try to stick as a group, not only when you’re rushing B with Kek9s. Full buy rounds also require terrorists to work together in order to plant a bomb. I would even say that many maps are said to be CT-sided only because most teams don’t know how to utilize T-side properly.


Playing as a team requires somebody to call bombsites you will be trying to take. Pro teams usually have a designated ingame leader that calls strats, but since none of us are pro we have to work without it. If nobody in your competitive match is leading your team, become a leader yourself. Saying things like “Wait for the smoke to wear down” or “Go fast A, work together” isn’t hard and requires nothing but a microphone and working vocal cords. Obviously, there will be this one guy that won’t listen to you and he knows better, but fuck this guy. You don’t need him. Four people is enough for you to take a site, and he might do some lurking job that sometimes comes in handy, as he might pick some rushing CT. But, as previously stated having a guy that will call bombsites, call flashes and that will try to keep terrorists together and coordinated is one of the most important things in a game and will help you greatly.


You are entering a bombsite. You pick quad, you die (for the sake of clarity all spots will refer to de_Cache because I love this map and it’s in my opinion perfectly balanced and well-designed map). You call the position, your teammate picks immediately after you and kills the guy. This is what trading kills is, and it’s basic mechanic that you will see in every professional match ever. The worst thing you can do after your teammate picks spot and dies is to fall back or hide, because that way you turn 2v1 in to two 1v1s which is not cool. This guy propably has shaky spray after he shot your teammate (or is reloading if he’s AWPing), might also be low HP, just peek after your teammate and kill the guy, don’t be that pussy and trade the kill. For example, after you left A main and hopped behind forklift and it looks clear, turn immediately towards shots and see if you can help your teammates out. Basically – use your number advantage to change 1v1s into 2v1s to give enemies no chance. See what Iron has to say about that: Actually his name is Lead


After playing quite a few games on lower ranks I noticed that barely anyone buys molotovs. Forget about HE grenades, for only 100$ more you can have a molotove that is much, much better. Proper use of a molotov cocktail turns a gunfight into shooting in your enemy’s back after he jumps through the flames with his nuts on fire.

Proper use of a molotov:

  • chose a spot where CT hides at
  • throw a molotov there
  • shoot him in the ass (but seriously aim for the head)

Coordinating few molotoves enables your team to enter a side with CTs caught completely of guard, as they have nowhere to hide. Example? Here


Smokes and flashes are there to help you enter a bombsite, also they are helpful when defending it afterwards. You can use smokes to cut of positions that you might get shot from, but you would rather not. Just throw it, wait for it to pop and hope that guy on the other side of the smoke is stupid enough to not fire through it. I don’t know what maps you guys play, so instead of describing every single smoke ever I’m just gonna link you something useful: neat smokes and flashes

I sincerely recommend visiting this site every now and then, because the amount of random shitty flashes people throw gives me a headache. Also, don’t be that guy that flashes your teammates. Just don’t.


Your team planted the bomb. You are now in a 3v3 situation, and the bomb is ticking. What to do?

See here:

  • check your inventory. If you have any smokes, molotovs left throw them at where CTs will be coming from.
  • chose a position to watch. If you see all CTs on a radar go help your mates instead of mindlessly watching that corner
  • molotovs are great to stop the CTs from defusing the bomb if you cant see them for some reason.
  • try to change your position after a kill, to surprise the other guy that will try to prefire you
  • avoid gunfights as time is on your side, but keep shoulder peeking now and then to gather the info
  • trading kills and teamwork is as important now as it was previously. CT’s will propably arive at different times depending on what position they play, take advantage of that

GJ you won the round.


Lurker or lurk is that guy that goes alone somewhere and does something. He will usually try to pick off CTs that are pushing or cover their teams back when they are setting up for a site take. It’s not essential to have one, but it might be helpful sometimes, especially if he will manage to get on CTs back when they are going for a retake. Lurking is hard and requires good gamesense, so you might pass on that one. In low-medium elo T-site you want just stick to an assault and battery type of play, with some amount of strategy involved. This guy says things about lurking


I should propably say something like: play with what you’re comfortable with but I will just say what I think. AK47 or p90 if you can’t afford the AK. AWP is optional, unless it’s dust2. It’s fairly ok to have two AWPs on d2, and dust2 only. HE granade is useless, so go with two flashes, smoke and molotov. Tec9 is OP, buy it on eco rounds and rush a site with some flashes. I’m not a big fan of AWPing in t-side unless you’re actually good with the AWP (i’m not), but go for it if you’re Guardian’s evil cousin.


You’re doomed, get over it.


Some good tips here:

  • Prefiring common spots, or wallbanging isn’t bannable. Go for it.
  • You will do better if you will know the map.
  • Listen to your team leader. Or become one.
  • If your teammate will die go and avenge him.
  • After your teammate died to an AWP you have around 0,9 sec to trade the kill without risking your life.
  • Microphone is cheaper than boosting services.
  • Watch Anders, he’s smart
  • Good aim is extremely important, but it takes months to practice it. It takes 10 minutes to read this guide.
  • Some matches can’t be won,there is nothing to cry over.
  • Here you have free aimbot



If you lost pistol round + no bomb plant -> force buy tec9s -> if still lost go full eco and buy round 4

If you lost pistol round but planted the bomb -> go full eco round 2 -> buy AKs and full skrilla round 3

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