Rocket League Awards and Points Guide

Rocket League Awards and Points Guide by Lukeyy19

I’ve seen some people confused about what constitutes an assist, a shot or an epic save and what does saviour or juggle mean etc, so while some of them might be obvious I figured I’d write out a full guide to the points scoring to maybe help people out.

Some of them may not be the definitive description, they are based on my experience and what I’ve read.

Values should be halved if not playing in Online Matchmaking.

If you do any of the below you will get the points for it, nothing cancels something else out, all points earned for multiple things in the same hit will stack.


Demolition +0 – Destroy an opposing team-member by ramming into them at top speed.
First Touch +10 – Be the first person to touch the ball at a kick-off.
Aerial Hit +10 – Hit the ball while it is higher than about the crossbars of the goals.
Bicycle Hit +10 – Hit the ball with the hood/roof of your car while performing a backflip.
Centre Ball +20 – Knock the ball into the opposing team’s goal area.
Clear Ball +20 – Knock the ball out of your own team’s goal area.
Pool Shot +20 – Cause another player to score a goal for your team by knocking or ramming them into the ball.
Shot on Goal +30 – Take a shot at the goal.
Save +50 – Block a shot on goal from the opposing team.
Assist +50 – Be the last player from your team to touch the ball before a team-mate takes a goal scoring shot.
Epic Save +60 – Block a shot on goal that had a 100% chance of being a goal without your hit or where the ball was already touching the goal line.


Goal +100 – Score a goal.
Backwards Goal +20 – Score a goal with the final hit coming off the rear of your vehicle.
Aerial Goal +20 – Score a goal directly off of an aerial hit.
Bicycle Goal +20 – Score a goal directly off of a bicycle hit.
Long Goal +20 – Score a goal from a long distance, about the far third of the arena from the goal.
Overtime Goal +50 – Score the overtime winning goal.


Hat Trick +50 – Score 3 goals in one match.
Saviour +50 – Save the ball 3 times in one match.
Playmaker +50 – Get 3 assists in one match.
Exterminator +10 – Demolish any players 7 times in one match.
Juggle +10 – Knock the ball up multiple times in a row without it touching anything else.
End Game XP Bonuses:
Completed Match +750 Finish a game on the losing team.
Win +1000 – Finish a game on the winning team.
MVP +100 – Be the player with the most points on the winning team at the end of the match (Most Valuable Player).

If I have any of the values/descriptions wrong or am missing anything please let me know and I’ll update it.

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