LoL Map Pressure and Control Guide

LoL Map Pressure and Control Guide by Cinghiamenisco


When the match start, everyone has his own “objectives”, and they have (should have) the control of their side. The first thing we have to do, is to build a “Map Control Graph”, based on this rules:

  • Link with a red line, the most external towers of the red team.
  • Link with a blue line, the most external towers of the blue team.
  • When a team destroy a tower, pretend it’s an external tower of the other team.

Let’s clear it out with some examples, this is the “Map Control Graph” at the start of a match:


As we said, when you destroy a tower, your team map control EXTENDS to that tower, usually gaining the control of a specific Objective.

In the example below, the red team got the bot T1 tower, and kept pushing, gaining control of “The Drake”, being now able to safely ward/deward the pit, and a bit of enemy jungle area.

Example N.1 T1 Bot Destroyed Drake Control


Example N.2 T1 Top Destroyed Baron/Rift Herald Control


Example N.3 T2 Top/Bot/Mid Destroyed Drake, Baron, Blue Buff, Red Buff Control


As you may already have understood, every tower gives “Strategical advantage” to the team who got it.

Let’s [reassume] it

Tier 1:

  • Bot: Drake
  • Top: Rift Herald / Baron
  • Mid: Wraith camp, and you gain a bit of both Drake and Baron control.
  • T1 General: Also gives the ability to free roaming while the enemy is busy pushing back to your tower without possibility to follow. (If he does, he will lose more CS and maybe another tower).

Tier 2:

  • Bot: Red/Blue buff
  • Top: Blue/Red buff
  • Mid: Wolves camp, and you gain a bit of both Red and Blue Buff control.
  • T2 General: From now on you can counterjungle the Buff camps WITHOUT leaving a monster to prevent them to spawn. (That part of jungle is now YOURS, and you do want those buff to respawn, because, once again, they are now YOURS)

Tier 3 & Inhibitors:

  • T3 General: Open Inhibitor
  • Top Inhib: Inability to contest Drake.
  • Bot Inhib: Inability to contest Baron.
  • Mid Inhib: Heavier Global Pressure. (It’s the shorter lane, creep will push harder)

Tier 4 & Nexus:

  • T4 General: Open Nexus
  • Nexus: 50 golds (Lol)

Note: To mantain a proper control of those objectives, the more pressure you GAIN, the more deep you want to ward, possibly always having vision of the buffs in their jungle.

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