Destiny Kingsfall Raid Comprehensive Guide

Destiny Kingsfall Raid Comprehensive Guide by dean_m16

I used these methods twice, and beat it twice. Not saying that my tactics are the best, just that they worked best for me and my team and if you guys are stuck maybe they will help. For now I’m just going to explain the 5 main fights, not anything in between. Considering the reset is tuesday and you only have 26 hours to beat it, here’s what I have.

Sorry for any spelling errors or grammatical stuff.

I have each main fight sectioned off if you’re stuck at a specific part and want to just scroll down to that one.

Edit 7: **Luminosity has posted a fairly stunning 44min raid clear up on Twitch, here: *

Use this to get a general perspective and then be appalled by the 7 hours it (possibly) takes your group to do the same thing

-Becoming Deemed worthy to pass by the warpriest, opening the door- first loot drop

Edit 4: Deathsinger fight Youtube:

  • Split into 2 teams of 3 players, right and left. Of the 3 players,
  • 1 will stand on the center platform in front of you where you walked in,
  • 2 will run to the annihilator totem, 1 of the 2 will grab the buff that lies on the path about halfway to the totem. This buff will grant you an aura around you that will keep you alive, if you leave the aura, your health will begin to drain.
  • Those 2 players stand on the totem and start to take out the adds, knights will spawn occasionally on the balcony above you, he is PRIORITY to take out, then the acolytes.

Your buff has a timer, once that timer runs out, you will a new buff called deathsinger power or something along those lines…

  • Deathsinger Power: Once you have this, confirm your partner on the totem has the debuff you just had, when he does, call out to the player of your group of 3 who is standing in the middle to switch with you.
  • Once in the middle, stand on the platform on the ground where you first entered, your deathsinger power will start to count down from 10 to 0.
  • Once it’s gone, run back to the annihilator totem, the player you gave your debuff to will now have the deathsinger power and need to do what you just did, the 3rd player who began in the middle will now have the debuff and stay on the totem and wait for you to arrive.

Key note, when standing on the middle platform, there will be wizards that spawn on the balconies above you to the left and right of the door, as well as melee knights, if the Knights run towards the totems, call that out to your teammates.

Rinse and repeat this process for around 10 times and the phase will end with a saying in the kill feed that reads “warpriest has deemed you worthy

  • a chest will appear near the center platform, dance and pray to the RNGeez, and collect loot. Once loot is collected head through the door in front of you and on to the next fight which is……

Edit 2: Note on the Glyphs from RouletteZoku: Just a heads up for you and OP, we found we’ve had the easiest time at the glyph door before war priest by have teams split up into groups of 3. Designate someone who will pick up the aura first and have them get close to it with the second person. Person 3 (one guy from the left and one guy from the right) stay back and quickly destroy the adds that are praying in the middle. After that have all 3 people standing under the totem. Aura holder calls out countdown, as soon as they hit zero and get deathsingers power they call out that they’re leaving and run to center for the timer countdown. As soon as the power goes away, call it out and person 2 from left and right side start running towards center. This way there are two people killing those annoying boomers on the outside. You don’t really have to kill everything in the center, but we would try and kill as much as possible each time we ran to center.


Now this guy sounds alot scarier than he actually is…

Once you walk into the room, you will see a platform on the ground in front of you in the middle of the room behind a giant stone tablet with writing on it.

Look to your left, and above you is another tablet up on a balcony with a bridge leading a crossed from it.

Look to your right, and you’ll see an area slightly above you with another stone tablet.

In front of these tablets on both the left, and the right, are platforms identical to the one in the middle. The right platform is easily accessible by jumping, the left one however, is not.

Your best option is to jump on the rocks in front of the left tablet, from there jump onto the bridge, then walk up to the platform. Now that we have a lay of the land, here are the mechanics.

  • Split into 3 teams of two people, 2 right, 2 middle and 2 left. Walk on the platforms at the same time to start the fight.
  • The warpriest will appear underneath the giant black blight on the platform in the middle. And adds will begin to spawn. After a few waves of adds, you will hear knights yell their warcry, and 3 yellow bar knights will appear, one left, one middle and one right. You and your partner call out when your knight is killed.
  • Once all 3 have been killed, on the kill feed it will say the sequence has started. Here’s where it gets complicated, the 2 people on the left have the most important job. 1 has to be ready to step on the platform, the other, the call guy we named it, walks to the other side of the bridge and look at the back of the tablets, from here you will see the light on the back of the stone tablet that is the first of the sequence.
  • Call out which tablet is lit up, a player on the side he called has to step on and stay on the platform, once on the platform a second tablet will light up indicating which platform is second in the sequence, a player on the side that is called second steps and remains on the platform, then once the 3rd and final tablet lights up, a player from that area should step on the platform.
  • Now, whoever steps on the final platform is going to get a debuff with a short timer that has a multiplier next to it. Call out you have the debuff and you and the team run to the right platform.
  • Players without the debuff, stay inside the red circle and shoot the warpriest, this is the only way to damage him.
  • Player with the debuff, you have the most important job, you DO NOT shoot the warpriest, your job, is when that timer hits 2 seconds, kill an add. This will lessen your multiplier by one, keep doing this until your multiplier is gone. But be sure to still can an add at the end of the timer, or else you will die.
  • Call out when your debuff is gone, and all the players need to huddle around directly in front of the tablet, the warpriest will perform a blinding ritual, if you are not behind the tablet you will die. Once the ritual is over you will notice the right tablet is gone. Whatever tablet you hide behind disappears after the warpriest does his ritual.
  • After the ritual is over, the same 3 teams of 2 people run back to their assigned locations, waves of adds will spawn again, then the knights, once everyone calls out the Knights are down, the same “call guy” on the left will go back to the other side of the bridge and call out the sequence order, even though the right tablet is gone, when the sequence calls for the right, a red flame will appear where the tablet once stood indicating that is the next platform of the sequence.
  • Once the sequence is complete head up to the top left platform, player with the debuff kill adds when the timer is low, other players shoot the warpriest. Once the debuff is gone and the warpriest starts his ritual again, hide behind the left tablet to survive.
  • Once the ritual is over, rinse and repeat, except this time your going to meet in the center to shoot the warpriest, hide behind the center tablet while he performs his ritual. Once safe, run back to your perspective sides, rinse and repeat.
  • After the sequence head back to the middle again for a 2nd time , and shoot the warpriest, player with the debuff kill adds. YOU HAVE TO KILL HIM ON THE 4TH TRY, because there are no more tablets to hide behind, if you do not kill him on the 4th try, you will wipe.

KEY NOTE. The THIRD AND FOURTH ROUND OF ADDS, instead of yellow bar knights, taken knights will appear directly on the platform. Kill them to start the sequence. Collect loot , move on.

Now to everyone’s favorite bullet sponge, Golgoroth.

Edit 5: Golgoroth Video, Gaze holder perspective

Edit 9: There’s also this vid if you’re comfortable with the fight mechanics, which shows a fairly stunning 75% damage in a single round. I’d recommend following the other vid and getting personally comfortable with the fight first but this is pretty immense and will shave a lot of time from the fight

This one is rough, and is going to take you a few tries to beat it.

3 players go left by spawn, and 3 go right.

  • Once ready, shoot the liquid bubble hanging from the ceiling. Golgoroth will spawn up out of the water in the middle of the room. Adds will begin to spawn, three waves of acolytes on each side, stay behind cover while killing them or Golgoroth will damage you with his eye beam.
  • Notice on Golgoroth his back has opened up exposing something that looks like brain tissue if you shoot it, you will hold his gaze for 20 seconds, once that gaze timer is on 3 Seconds or less, someone else has to shoot him to hold his gaze or he will close his back and attack.
  • When holding his gaze his stomach opens up for a critical damage target. The player holding his gaze has to shoot the purple toxic orbs he fires at him while counting down his timer out loud. Here are the specifics.
  • There are 6 liquid bubbles on the ceiling symmetrical from one another, the ones closest to where you spawn are front left and front right, the next set are mid left and mid right, and the final set are back left and back right. Once the bubbles is popped, it will put a puddle of reclaiming light on the ground by Golgoroth feet, standing in this puddle gives you a huge damage multiplier and as long as someone is holding his gaze he will not damage you.

Here’s how it works. 2 players, one left and one right are responsible for holding his gaze. The other 4 players are responsible for damaging Golgoroth while in the puddle of reclaiming light.

  • The player with the least attack value out of the 4 will be responsible for not only shooting Golgoroth, but taking care of some of the thrall that spawn down on the ground near the puddles.
  • After the adds are cleared ,4 players shoot the front left bubble and call it out, player on the left grabs his gaze, and runs towards where you spawned, stay up top, but put the 4 players damaging Golgoroth in the puddle directly between you and him. Doing this gives player on the ground access to his critical spot.
  • Continuously count down your timer. Player 2 responsible for the gaze should be directly across from you scoped on Golgoroth open back, once your timer hits 3, player 2 will shoot him and take the gaze, at this exact moment players on the ground shoot the front right orb and call it out moving to that puddle for the damage boost.
  • Player with the gaze put the players in the puddle between you and Golgoroth, and shoot the toxic orbs he sends at you, continuously counting down your timer, at 3 Seconds, player 1 will take his gaze and the 4 people on the ground will shoot the mid left liquid bubble deploying another puddle. Again put them directly between you and Golgoroth so they can damage his crit, you will not have to walk back as far because the puddle is closer, shoot the toxic orbs he fires at you, continuously counting down,
  • At 3 Seconds player 2 takes the gaze and the 4 people on the ground take the mid right bubble down, player 2 put them between you and Golgoroth and shoot the orbs continuously counting down your timer, again at 3 Seconds player one takes the gaze, and the 4 players on the ground shoot the back left bubble. Put them between you and him, shoot the orbs, continuously counting down your timer,
  • At 3 Seconds player 2 takes the gaze and the 4 people on the ground shoot the back right bubble. You will notice now his back has closed, count down your timer and at 5 seconds, the players on the ground jump back up top and scatter 2 left and 2 right. It will say you failed to capture his gaze and he will begin shooting at all of you, more waves of adds will spawn, once they are down, rinse and repeat.

Key notes. Halfway through the fight taken will appear but they are actually easier to kill. You are only allowed 6 deaths before a wipe.

And he becomes enraged after 10 mins.

Player 1 taking the gaze should be on the left, player 2 taking the gaze should be on the right. Snipers, and LMGs are way better for hitting his crit spot, void bows to tether him for a damage boost are also highly encouraged.

Once dead, collect loot and move on.

The next boss fight isssss, Oryxs daughters, ir halak, and ir anuk.

Upon entering the room you will see 2 platforms immediately to your left and right, these are called back left and back right, on the other side of the wizards are two more directly parallel from the first two, these are called front left, and front right.

How this fight works.

  • A relic will appear above one of the platforms, the platform underneath the relic will be the 4th platform in the order, the first will be the one immediately counter clockwise from the 4th one. So say the relic is above front right, then, front left will be 1st, back left will be 2nd, back right will be 3rd and front left will be 4th.1 player out of the 6 of you will be torn between dimensions, you are the “jumper”.
  • Assign 4 out of the other to a specific number 1 through 4, whatever your number is, is the number in the order of which you will jump on the platform, so the platform you are responsible for will change.
  • The 5th man will hover up near front right to help with adds. The jumper needs to go to the first platform.
  • Once everyone is in place, the jumper and the person responsible for the first platform in the order will jump on to the platform, call out when your on it a 60 second timer will appear, then player responsible for number 2 jumps on his, call out when your on it, player 3 jumps on his, call out when your on it, and the 4th person jumps on his, he too needs to call out when he’s on it.
  • The jumper will see platforms appear above the numbered platforms, you need to jump on these, counter clockwise all the way around the map to get to the relic, once your at the relic call it out, you do not actually pick this relic up, simply standing on the platform will give you what you need, as soon as you have it, jump to the wizard that is NOT singing, hence the one without the red shit around it. Or the one on the left side.
  • Once on the platform with the wizard, hold x for Xbox or Square for Playstation to steal her essence, once you have it, head towards the front left platform and set up shop just behind it.
  • Players on the platforms. Once you jump on your platform, you cannot get off it, jump, or die. If you do, it will make the platforms in the sky dissappear for the jumper causing the team to wipe. Just sit up there nice and pretty and take out the adds that will spawn in the middle.
  • Once the timer reaches 44 seconds, 1 taken vandal will spawn to the outside of the map by all platforms, each player on the platform kill their vandal closest to them, then wait.
  • Once the jumper has the relic and is going to steal the debuff from the wizard, head to the front left platform, set up shop just behind it and everybody start damaging the wizard. You can still cause damage for a few seconds after the timer runs out.** DO NOT KILL IT!!!**! Get it to about 15% health then stop and focus on adds.
  • Once the timer runs out everyone needs to stay near the jumper or else you will wipe, once the blinding light is gone you are safe to move.

Here’s where it gets tricky.

  • The relic may be in a different location. If so establish which platform will be the first in the order by calling out “____ right/left is first” the jumper, or person with the torn between dimensions debuff, may or may not be the same person. If it is someone different than the first jumper. Call out what number in the order you were responsible for.
  • The 5th man, or hover guy, is now responsible for that platform, the person who was the jumper first, but no longer is, is now the hover guy to help with adds.
  • Figure it out quickly as the 2nd timer doesn’t wait for you to jump on the first platform to start.
  • Jumper and person responsible for platform one, get there and get going, everyone else should be falling into place and jumping on the platforms in order, call out when their on. Jumper grabs the relic and calls it out, then jumps to the wizard on the right side to steal his debuff.
  • Once it’s stolen head towards the front right platform and set up shop just behind it. Players on the platforms when the jumper calls out he has the relic, high tail it for the front right platform and set up behind it and begin firing on the wizard as soon as you get there. Weapons of light and or void bows HIGHLY encouraged as you can kill this one on the first go. If you do no its okay, but do your best to take this one out.
  • Once the timer runs out shoot the wizard until it’s immune, turn and clear adds, again stay near the jumper or else you will wipe, once the blinding light is gone, find the relic, establish which platform is first. Who the jumper is, where the hover guy is taking over for, and the previous jumper starts hovering near front right. Jumper meets the player responsible for the first platform in the sequence at the first platform, and begin to jump on them in order again.
  • Once the relic is grabbed dunk on the left wizard to steal it’s essence, and set up shop behind front left again. Players on the platforms when he calls out he has the relic, head towards front left as well. This wizard should already be low on health so killing it before the timer runs out should be no issue.
  • If you killed the wizard on the right during the second run, the fight is over and collect your loot. However if you did not…. after you kill the wizard on the left, the jumper should back up some 20 feet, follow him and kill the adds.
  • Once the timer is gone and a new jumper is establisbed, get everyone is place, rinse and repeat, set up shop behind front right pillar to damage the wizard, kill it and the fight is over…

Key notes. Make sure if your jumper changes that the hover guy knows where he was on the prior run so he can take over that platform in this sequence. Sometimes the same person will be the jumper 2 or 3 times in a row, this makes things less complicated. Kill vandals every run around the 44 second mark. Do not kill the wizard on the left on the first run.

Collect loot. And get ready. Next is the taken king himself…


Edit 3: Platform PoV for Oryx fight

Edit 6: Jumper PoV for ORyx fight

  • This fight takes place in the exact same place as the deathsinger fight you just completed, to get it to start, run towards the spark of light at the very front of the map. He will then pop up in front of you where the spark just was.
  • Adds will spawn in the corners of the map behind front left and front right platforms. A few Seconds later, taken knights will appear on the front left and front right Platforms. Call them out and kill them immediately.
  • Oryx will then shift to either the front left or right side. Whatever side he goes to is the first platform in the order. Designate 4 players to a number 1-4, this will always be your number, it will not change during this fight. Whatever your number is, you are responsible for that platform in the order. The jumper can be designated now, it is not random. So whoever you deem your jumper will meet with the player responsible for platform 1, at platform 1.

Edit 1: It seems you don’t need to activate the fourth ring, just the first 3 platforms. It’s like they designed the stage as a triangle but then just added the last platform in. Player 4 can just help with Ogre killing.

Player 6 who does not have a platform, should jump up on top of where the deathsinger was, and be a support player.

  • Oryx will slam his fist on the first platform,as soon as it moves off, jump on 1, call it out, theres a small black light on platform 1, the jumper needs to absorb that to get torn between dimensions, then 2 3 and 4 jump in order, calling it out each time.
  • When you jump on your platform an ogre will spawn next to it. The player a crossed from you should cross fire to kill your ogre, and you kill his, so front left kills front right ogre, back left kills back right ogre and vice versa. Kill the ogres as the jumper makes his way towards the relic.
  • When the ogre dies he will drop a giant black orb called corrupted light, steer clear of those as you do not want to detonate those yet. Once the jumper has the relic he needs to call it out, jump down immediately and head to where the spark of light was that started the fight, a hive tombship will be flying in and dropping off an ultra knight called the vessel of oryx, as soon as it drops him off, dunk on him to steal his essence granting you an aura of immortality, being inside your essence makes you invulnerable.
  • Once you call out you have the relic and start making your way for the knight, everyone on a platform and the support player head up front to kill the knight as quickly as possible once the jumper steals his essence. Immediately head to the direct center of the map. If done quickly enough, oryx will be slamming his hand on the same platform again, his chest will then open up. * Put everything you have into his crit spot in his chest. You have to make him stagger, if you do not, he will clap his hands together and you will all die.
  • As soon as he’s staggered, the 4 players responsible for platforms run out and stand in the corrupted light the ogres dropped, you have to stand in the one closest to the platform you were responsible for, stand in it for a count of 5 and haul ass back to the center to get inside the aura of immortality, if you do not make it in time you will die.
  • Jumper with the essence, and the support player, while they are detonating the corrupted light, shoot oryx and pick off a couple off adds. If done correctly, the corrupted light will detonate in oryxs chest and cause damage anywhere from 1/6 to 1/4 of his health. Knocking him off the ledge, once he falls off the ledge, run like hell.
  • Players responsible for platforms , go back to the Platform you were just on and run circles around it continuously (in the same direction as your team mates to avoid crossfire), if you stop you willdie, oryx is floating in the air shooting at you.

The support or hover player should run back to where you guys first entered the area and run around in circles there, the jumper stays in between front left and right and runs up and down the middle pathway, do not overlap running paths or you will get caught by his attack and die.

*Jumper call out when oryx flies closer and grips onto the area again, you can all stop running around like madmen. Oryx will begin to move, whatever side he started on, front left/right , he will move to the back platform of the same side. So everyone run and set up, jumper call out, “____ left/right is first” everytime so players 1 through 4 know where they need to go. Rinse and repeat.

  • After dodging his shit for a second time, for the 3rd run he will begin at any platform, so jumper be ready to call it out, and players 1-4 be ready to haul ass to your positions. Rinse and repeat.
  • Once he is below 50% health he will no longer shoot shit at you instead. Every move up front between left and right platform, a giant black blight will appear and the very front venter of the map, do not touch it. But kill the thrall that spawn in the corners. What oryx does is teleport you 1 by 1 into a different dimension where you have to defeat a shade of oryx in a certain period of time or you’ll wipe. Killing the thrall on the outside will stop them from entering the blight which puts them in the dimension your teammates and yourself will be teleported to. Do not touch the blight. You will die. Defeat the shade inside the dimension and you’ll be teleported back to the map, rinse and repeat, he will teleport you everytime in between runs now.
  • After you land the final run and his health is extremely low or gone. He will appear at the front center of the map, and open his chest, drop weapons bubbles and fire void bows prior to his chest opening to be safe. 6 man team dps his crit spot, and he’ll die and float away majestically towards saturn, a chest will appear near the middle, grab the loot.

Go stand in the front middle of the map and watch his bitch ass float away, dance and celebrate cuz it’s all over.

Key notes for oryx fight. If you are having trouble damaging oryx before he claps his hands and you are wiping, try having your hunters of the team throw on golden gun and if they have it celestial nighthawk. Causes more damage and makes him flinch easier, be sure to alternate whose using the GG and/or generate orbs for your hunters. Weapons bubbles also work but require precise placement and timing. GG is much easier. Also sometimes ogres will spawn late after you jump on your platforms, call it out, that’s what the support player is there for.

I hope this helps, sorry some of the names of the debuff may be inaccurate but their ability is as I said in the txt above. Again this worked well for my team but may or may not work well for yours, maybe put your own spin on some of the strats I suggested, I’d love to know what they are and how they worked. Happy taken hunting guys, now go kill oryx.

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