Destiny Getting 300+ Light Guide

Destiny Getting 300+ Light Guide by Crucial_memory

Hello guardians, my name is Jake (xcrucialx_memory on psn, or just crucial).

First, I’m a 302 light hunter. I consider myself a casual gamer, but I’ve invested well over 50 hours into ttk already.

I’ve seen a lot of people either complaining about raids requiring 290+ light or that they are stuck at light levels. Hopefully this serves to help y’all figure it out and grind out the last few lights. I’m going to break this up into a few sections, apologies in advance for lack of formatting – it’s all going to be walls of text for now.

Step 1 The first goal is to reach 280/85 for raid. It’s all you need to get started at least.


This is by far the first thing you should do. Finish the main story line. Go finish a few quests you are interested in – you should be having fun after all this is a game.

  • vanguard quest. This one provides you an op 300 shotgun for completed 5 strikes, 5 heroics, and a nightfall. I’d suggest starting with the strikes, then around 240 hop into heroics. (Yes it will take awhile but it’s not that hard with a fire team). Then do the nightfall. Me and my friend doued at 245 each in a little over an hour. Just take you’re time and bring an ice breaker with. And now you have a 300 shotty.
  • eris quest. The court of oryx quest provides a 300 artifact so get this one asap. You don’t need to use you’re own runes, so go lfg a group that has them and piggy back.
  • queens quest. Rewards a 290 exotic scout that is only level 30. (I haven’t done this as I have a 310 jade rabbit and see no point, but there’s guides all over for it)

Those are the main quests I would do. You can get a sword if you want, I haven’t got mine yet. I may be missing a few so don’t take this as set in stone.

Buying gear

The only one I’d suggest buying is the vanguard ghost, they seem hard to come by and it has good perks. So buy one early and then wait to buy your next in case you need a specific piece. But in general, you will find rares with well over 280.

Rares > Legendaries.

This is the weirdest part of ttk. You will find rares that do 290-303ish. Use these over your legendaries and infuse them into your exotics (see infusing below)

Grinding gear and how to use it

  • court of oryx. This is amazing for blues. Use all your runes and try to find other people doing it to make it quicker. lfg sites work well for this.
  • 36 strikes. No point in heroics, you just want blue engrams right now. Run em quickly and stack up your drops. Any blues + will go to postmaster so no need to carry them all.
  • decryption. This is pretty straight forward; use 1 engram per slot at a time. If it’s better, equip it. If not, get rid of it. Exception if you want to keep a few pieces to use with alt accounts.
  • infusing. I’d stay away from this unless you need to up a sniper or scout or exotic for the raid. If items are within 5, you get the full value. 6 or more difference, and you get 80% rounded down of the difference. This is good for turning 290 exotics and added 295 rares to them to get them higher ratings.

Tl;dr; run a few quests, court of oryx, strikes to reach 280/85.

Step 2 Now that you’re 280/85, you can enter the raid. This is you’re new best bet to level up. Make sure you know strategies and what you are doing, otherwise you will struggle with you’re lower light level. The goal now is to reach 300. – make sure to have a ~290 sniper, or a better scout for dps phases it helps a ton

Now don’t get discouraged if you’re still not 300 because you got bad drops. It’s rng and the first week, give it time. I got lucky with 4 raid drops (308 auto, 306 fusion, 307 ghost, 307 cape). You can still find rare drops that are high 290’s and even 300. I’ve seen a 303 rare plate body, but I would not recommend grinding for one you’re better off waiting for a raid plate to drop.

Post raid our goal is still to reach 300.

  • After the raid you unlock the ability to get a 310 scout that is the best weapon in the game in my opinion. Just go find 45 calcium fragments (ign has a great guide) and get 50 hedium flakes. Dato has a guide on his youtube I believe, and he show cases the weapon. It will take awhile but believe me it is worth it. Luke smith claimed it was on tier with year 1 gjallahorn…although he also said I can wear Oryx’s ass like a hat and I haven’t found that to be true as of yet.
  • Now that you’ve completed the raid, you have 2 choices that depend on what drops you got. First and foremost, you should go grab the 310 artifact eris has for you. This is a reward from the taken king quest line I believe, and it ends with you collecting the 3 drops during the raid. Now look at what items you have, and decide which choice below is best for you based on available play time and desire to reach 300+. If you have all 295+ gear and you’re sitll not 300, it is probably best to wait for the reset and raid. Finding a lot of rares above 295 is time consuming.
  • choice 1. Back to grinding. If you decide to grind out some more rare engram’s in hopes of finding high 290s, go back into strikes and court of oryx. Yes, this will probably take awhile.
  • choice 2. Wait for reset. So you didn’t get the best raid drops the first time, but there is always next week. It would probably be a waste to grind out all those strikes and courts just for some rare’s you plan on replacing with raid drops, so you can just enjoy everything ttk has to offer. Go complete a few quest lines. Start your alt. Have fun. Then after rest, hop back into raid and pray to the rng gods for good drops this time around.

300 and above Once you reach 300, life gets easier. Exotic engrams you decrypt have a chance to be 310. I saved 10 engrams from 3 of coin farming, ended with 3 310 exotics. Use these for infusing higher gear, or as you’re new main weapons. You should have no problems running through the raid now, you’re experienced and have good gear so keep doing it every week. Legendary marks should be kept strictly for infusing, or for getting low leveled alts up to 280 real quick.

Reaching 310 the only way to reach 310 is to receive 310 gear, which only drops in raid or from exotics after light 300. So, grind out raids and pray for good exotic drops. You can use them to infuse other gear to 310 if you so choose, just realize it will most likely take 2 pieces of 310 gear to get new gear to 310 with how infusing works * this may be proven wrong, I don’t believe anyone has tried infusing with 310 gear yet

Tl;dr run quests, strikes, and court to get 280/285. Run raid to get into 290-300 range. Raid/exotics for 310. Rinse and repeat.

Hope this helps y’all, and questions just ask or shoot me a message on psn.

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