Brave Frontier Units With Fast Animation Speed

Brave Frontier Units With Fast Animation Speed by Kyrion530

So i’m just going to do this just because i feel like it. so here are the units that has fast animation speed (yet powerful enough to 1TK). This guide is mostly dedicated for imp runs. If they cant OTK? try pairing 2 units such as Griel for BC HC support. use a friend? why not? Recommended spheres can be Urias and Demon Core/Destrica. or any BB fill boosting sphere and an offensive sphere as long as they can get consistent full SBB fill and can OTK (Optional if you wanted to use either a friend or your own unit. if you’re Fujin Rich.)

DISCLAIMER: These don’t come from the actual json files, i only use perfect timing and a stopwatch to do this. Also don’t be too salty if i say this but, some of these units that are listed here, i don’t own it so i have no choice to find some videos of that unit and try to record it. so the timing can be either slightly faster or slower than that. This is just so i don’t request for leads too often.

(Sorted From Fastest to Slowest)

NOTE: I only timed their SBBs, not their normal attack nor UBB, nor BB! some of these tests varies on position. Results can be either slower or faster than this. This also varies on the performance of your device, it can be slow, or it can be fast.

  • Mifune: 1.02 seconds
  • Edea: 1.07 seconds
  • Farlon: 1.07 seconds
  • Luther: 1.08 seconds
  • Uda: 2 seconds
  • Selena: 2.01 seconds
  • Totetsu: 2.01 seconds
  • Zephyr: 2.03 seconds
  • Duran: 2.04 seconds
  • Griel: 2.04 seconds
  • Iris: 2.05 seconds
  • Raaga: 2.05 seconds
  • Dion: 2.05 seconds
  • Griff: 2.05 seconds
  • Nemeth Gear: 2.05 seconds
  • Krantz: 2.08 seconds
  • Orwen: 2.08 seconds
  • Kira: 2.09 seconds
  • Quaid: 3 seconds
  • Medina: 3 seconds
  • Chalice: 3 seconds
  • Kafka: 3.01 seconds
  • Rize: 3.01 seconds
  • Will: 3.02 seconds
  • Atro: 3.02 seconds
  • Elza: 3.04 seconds
  • Roa: 3.05 seconds
  • Eze: 3.06 seconds
  • Aryuto: 3.07 seconds

This is my first time attempting to make a guide, so i just have no clue about their BB costs. so i deeply apologize for this since this is just to see how fast their animations are and not including their BB costs. Look, you can ignore the milliseconds if you need to, i just wanted to be specific. I have noticed that half of the people pointed it out that most of the calculations are wrong, but i have to try do these for myself and try not to copy from other sources, i really tried my best to do this.

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