World of Warships New Player’s Tips

World of Warships New Player’s Tips by redonkulation

Grab a drink and get ready to read. This is intended for mostly new players, but might help some of you that have been playing for a while.

In this guide i will be talking about all classes in the game, your role as each class, and general game plan for a team.

Most of my experience is with USN Battleships, but i have experience in all classes and team roles.


  • Your role in these early tiers is to be AA defense for your teams battleships and carriers.
  • Stick with the big ships and hunt down destroyers as soon as they are spotted, but to not break away from the fleet. thats how you die without accomplishing anything.
  • you will almost always be firing HE shells. only switch to AP when you are against enemy cruisers at the same tier or lower. your torpedoes are completely secondary.
  • at higher tiers, Japanese cruisers have much more deadly torpedo with 10km
  • call out enemy bombers when they are headed for your bigger ships. you can dodge. battleships cant.
  • only use your AA active abilities against multiple squadron runs. dont waste it on a single squadron.


  • You are the tank. You are also the target.
  • Anything in your range has the potential to be destroyed in a single volley
  • Use this and this to better understand how armor angles and penetration works
  • you will primarily be firing AP except at destroyers. they do not have a citadel to hit so dont bother with AP against them.
  • if you engage a higher tier ship, switch to HE. you probably can’t penetrate them
  • Aim at the citadel on every ship. its under the smoke stacks on the water line (for most ships). the Cleveland’s cit is actually split between the front and the back.
  • save your repair ability for multiple fires our flooding. never waste it on a single fire
  • only use the healing ability after sustaining light or medium damage (IE fire). it does not repair heavy damage.
  • you will be on fire. always.
  • NEVER sail towards enemy smoke. only deaths lives there.
  • always be turning in some way. makes your fat ass harder to hit. you will live longer.


  • You are the scout ship and assassin.
  • your goal is to gain information for your team and dominate control points.
  • control points force enemies into your torp range. use cover wisely for suprise attacks.
  • unless you are with the rest of the fleet, turn off your AA using the P key. it just reveals you if you are in smoke.
  • dont be afraid to fire your guns occasionally (especially against enemy destroyers)
  • dont be so quick to use your smoke. you can use it to conceal other teammates besides yourself. might save a life or earn some kills if used in better positions.


  • if used correctly you can be the most deadly and frustrating ships to deal with, but if used incorrectly you are dead weight
  • stick with the fleet, dont just run to the nearest corner. we cant help you when the DD finds you.
  • sticking with the fleet keeps you closer to the battle, allowing faster returns for your planes.
  • hit someone with divebombers and see if they repair the fire. if they repaired, wait 20 seconds and torp them. they will be stuck with a full duration of flooding
  • your torps can be manually dropped at ~500m
  • use your teams powerful AA ships to your advantage. use them as escape points when running from enemy fighters to give you the advantage.
  • stick with the part of your team with the most battleships. they last the longest and can defend you from almost anything.


  • STICK TOGETHER. never go anywhere alone. ever.
  • unless you are playing on ocean or sea, split the team in half and push both sides. if your team breaks through on one side, converge on the enemy in the middle.
  • CALL OUT TORP BOMBERS. any form of early warning helps.
  • do not be afraid to push. nobody likes a draw, so dont sit in base.
  • be aggressive but be smart. know when its time to run away.
  • dont abandon your teams battleships, they always need your support.
  • battleships become the primary killers at higher tiers. and they are god damn snipers. (tier 7-10) keep them alive as long as you can.
  • constantly adjust your speed and turning. but never stop moving.
  • never turn too close to land. You don’t know what could be hiding around the bend.
  • NEVER try and peak around an island and then back up. Ships are very long and very slow.

thats all i have for now. if you want more information on specific things, feel free to ask and ill do my best to answer.

Good luck out there fellow captains!

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