MH4U Dodging G Stygian Balls Guide

MH4U Dodging G Stygian Balls Guide by Ivalia

Posted these videos a while ago:

Original Video (not made by me obviously).

For people that don’t have a nico account

The video is in Japanese, but the clips and diagrams should be mostly self explanatory. Basically at G rank, the Stygian Zin creates dragon orbs with pretty much every attack. There are straight ones and homing ones, and the 4x homing ones is hardest to dodge.

1:15 straight

3:05 homing

4:20 4x homing and how to dodge at mid-far range

6:10 Different attacks and ball combinations

8:00 How to dodge close range 4x homing (includes examples for each melee weapon)

Ends around 11:50

After 12:00 is a bonus music video.

But I think I didn’t provide enough explanation as there are still some misconceptions floating around (turns out watching a video without knowing Japanese is hard). So I’m gonna do a bit more text explanation (I still encourage you to watch that video to see things in action). All credits go to the author of that video.

Also, if there are multiple players/cats, it gets a lot harder to dodge, but the basic principles are the same.

Basically G Stygian uses 2 types of balls, straight and curved. It’s easiest to see the patterns when it’s not fully charged.

Not fully charged

Straight (1:15-3:05 in video)

This is relatively easy. When it does some attacks it’ll release 1 ball, this ball will slowly float a couple secs and then go to the position you were the instant when the ball spawned. To dodge this, do not stand in that spot, or in the ball’s path.

Curved (3:05-4:20 in video)

Only one move will release a curved ball: the same jump and spin in place that LR Zinogre uses to release balls. Another way to remember this is all the damaging moves (tackle, super jump spin, tail slam, etc.) releases straight balls, and curved balls are released by the one move that’s otherwise non-damaging (at least I’ve never been damaged by it outside the balls)

This ball will slowly float a couple secs and then go to the position you were the instant when the ball starts moving fast, in a path curved outward. Unlike straight balls, you have to move AFTER the ball starts moving fast or you will get hit.

Curving outward means if from Stygian Zin’s perspective, you are standing in front of it, and it releases a curved ball to its right, then the ball will first move forward then curve to the left. Basically if you see a curved ball to your left, do NOT dodge to the left or you’ll probably get hit.

Fully charged (if you are not sure when it’s fully charged, it always releases 2 balls at once when it is)

S.Zin gets a few more moves and combos that releases balls, but still everything except the jump spin in place release straight balls.


Same as the normal case, except now it releases 2 at once. Follow the same strategy except don’t run into the path of either of them. They will both hit the exact same spot, at least when you are solo without cats.


When S.Zin does the little jump spin, it now releases 2 curved balls at once. When they both start moving fast, the inner one (the one closer to Zin) will aim at where you are at that instant (same as the non-charged case), and the other one will be aimed at about 1.5 rolls (not sure on the exact distance) further than that. The recommended way of dealing with this is dodge or walk forward perpendicular to the ball’s path (forward-right if you see balls to your left, and forward-left otherwise). Again, timing is important: move AFTER the balls start moving fast. If you cannot move forward (like you are already hugging Zin), refer to the video at 8:00-11:50 (it shows a couple examples for each melee weapon).

When fully charged, S.Zin can do little jump spins twice in a row, and you get to deal with 4 curved balls in quick succession. This is the hardest pattern to dodge. The recommended way is walk/dodge forward-right followed by forward-left (See the video 4:20-6:10). If you are too close to Zin, again refer to the video at 8:00-11:50 (it shows a couple examples for each melee weapon).

If you are still confused about which attacks in which form releases what kind of balls, the video 6:10-8:00 shows all attacks and combos related to balls.

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