World of Warships Cruiser Tips

World of Warships Cruiser Tips by American_Admiralty

First thing first…Cruisers ARE NOT medium tanks. Get that thought out of your head before you continue to read this. Is that thought out of your head yet? Good. Let’s begin shall we.

The Do’s and Don’t’s of the Cruiser Class!

1) Do, use your decent mobility and decent speed to out-position enemy capitol ships and lure them into an ambush.

2) DON’T, use your decent speed and mobility just to charge smack middle into most of the enemy ships and die.

3) Do (if equipped), fire torpedo spreads at enemy capitol ships at CLOSE RANGE. Also use your main weapons/guns to continually pound the enemy capitol ship (that you are attacking with torpedoes) as you approach and fire your torpedo spread(s). Even after you fire your torpedo spread(s), continue shooting at the enemy ship that you are attacking.

4) DON’T (if equipped), fire torpedo spreads at enemy capitol ships at long range. Capitol ships, although slow and big, still have a pretty good chance of dodging your torpedoes from long range. That and your main weapons/guns will still penetrate the enemy capitol ships’ armor anywhere from 75-85% of the time, especially if your are a heavy cruiser. So just stay behind the battleships and support them by firing at enemy capitol ships at long range.

5) Do, if you are sailing a light cruiser equipped with torpedoes, have your own formation with you and some other light cruisers as the main ships of the flanking attack force while still having some destroyers as support ships (KEY WORD: Flanking).

6) DON’T, if your are sailing a light cruiser without torpedoes, support the main battleship, battlecruiser, and heavy cruiser force. In real life, you saw light cruisers with the main forces because of their good AA protection, especially the Atlanta Class (which is actually the WoWS Tier 10 DD in the US Destroyer tree ironically).

7) Do, if you are sailing a Heavy Cruiser, support friendly capitol ships (AKA Battleships, Pocket-Battleships, and Battle-Cruisers) by firing at enemy capitol ships at long range.

8) DON’T, if you are sailing a Heavy Cruiser, be the flanking force. Leave the flanking force to the Light Cruisers and Destroyers. You will penetrate and hurt enemy capitol ships MOST of the time. So don’t go flanking if you can support your own team’s main force (AKA the Capitol Ships which include Battleships, Pocket-Battleships, and Battle-Cruisers) and harm the enemy capitol ships from long range.

9) Do, feel free to take on an isolated enemy battleship (maybe even two enemy battleships, but you are just pushing your luck if that is the case) with a wolf pack of other friendly heavy and light cruisers.

10) DON’T, take on an enemy battleship one on one if you are in both a light cruiser or heavy cruiser, especially if you are in a light cruiser. If you are in a heavy cruiser and you have most of your health left and the enemy battleship that you want to face does not, then go ahead, attack the enemy battleship. Just make sure that the enemy battleship has no friends as back-up or support.

And that is all I can think of for Cruisers at the moment. Feel free to add on to this list in the comments…and if it makes sense, I will edit my post and add yours onto the list.

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