World of Warships Carrier Tips

World of Warships Carrier Tips by American_Admiralty

First thing first…Carriers ARE NOT artillery or tank destroyers. Get that thought out of your head before you continue to read this. Is that thought out of your head yet? Good. Let’s begin shall we.

The Do’s and Don’t’s of the Carrier Class!

1) DO carry at least 1 squadron of each type of aircraft (fighters, dive-bombers, and torpedo-bombers)! If you can only have 2 squadrons, choose 1 squadron of fighters and 1 squadron of some sort of bomber. If you can only have 1 squadron, choose dive-bombers or torpedo-bombers, NOT the fighters.

2) DON’T ever stay stationary. This makes you an easy target for enemy battleships firing at you from long ranges. It is also easy for AI aircraft to score direct hits on you since you can’t maneuver and dodge their bombs and torpedoes.

3) DO stay within the AA protection of friendly ships. This decreases the chances of enemy AI attack aircraft to reach you (and bomb you) before getting shot down.

4) DON’T direct your attack aircraft on low priority targets. These low priority targets are 1) destroyers that are far out of torpedo range of friendly capital ships, and 2) light cruisers (with no torpedoes) that are trying to duel at long range with friendly battleships and battlecruisers.

5) DO direct your attack aircraft on enemy ships that significantly effect your team’s chances of winning. Some examples include but are not limited to: 1) Mostly undamaged enemy capital ships that are wrecking havoc among your team, and 2) destroyers with lots of torpedoes sneaking around the flank getting ready to fire a torpedo wall at friendly capitol ships from an unsuspecting direction.

6) DON’T direct all you attack aircraft on a destroyer that snuck around your team’s flank and is coming in for a torpedo run on you. To deal with this, simply alert your team about it and surely somebody will open fire on it. If this isn’t enough, at most, launch one squadron of attack aircraft on that pesky enemy destroyer and pray for the best. Also, get ready to do at hard, full rudder turn to attempt to dodge the torpedoes if the destroyer manages to get a torpedo salvo off before it gets sunk.

7) DO launch all your aircraft off your decks (and assign them a target) if you are in danger of being sunk. Even if you sink, the squadrons you launched before you sunk will carry on with their assigned missions that you gave them before you sank. Also, if you are in danger of sinking, don’t launch all your squadrons to deal with the enemy ship that is threatening your life… Assign your squadrons to attack priority enemy ships that significantly effect your TEAM’s overall chances of winning, not the enemy ship(s) that are threatening your life (unless it’s that carrier escort mode where you staying alive or not determines whether or not your team wins…).

8) DON’T ignore enemy attack aircraft attacking friendly battleships. Just because battleships have good AA firepower doesn’t mean they don’t need friendly fighters to help eliminate enemy attack aircraft for them. So always give friendly capital ships some friendly air cover.

9) DO feel free to use attack aircraft that have released their payloads to scout out the map a bit before having them return to the carrier.

10) DON’T expose yourself to all sorts of enemy fire. Stay behind some friendly battleships, battlecruisers, and heavy cruisers in order to get some kind cover from enemy shells.

And that is all I can think of for Carriers at the moment. Feel free to add on to this list in the comments…and if it makes sense, I will edit my post and add yours onto the list.

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  1. Jun Jenock says:

    If you are the last man standing and you have dropped your torps/bombs/ammunition, bait the enemy into following your planes into a far away corner from you. Like that, you can perhaps prevent hungry ships from killing you after you land those planes.

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