World of Warships Battleship Tips

World of Warships Battleship Tips by American_Admiralty

First thing first…Battleships ARE NOT heavy tanks. Get that thought out of your head before you continue to read this. Is that thought out of your head yet? Good. Let’s begin shall we.

The Do’s and Don’t’s of the Battleship Class!

1) DO use your excellent firepower to directly (Key Word: DIRECTLY) engage and cripple enemy capitol ships and heavily armored targets. This goes for all battleships even if your battleship is on the lower end of the tier scale in a random battle. However, if you are a top tier battleship, you have the superior armor and firepower so it is up to you to lead your team’s main force and engage the enemy directly. Don’t be a chicken and wait for lower tier battleships to take the lead. Be in the front of your team’s main force and push the enemy. Be the one who gets the first shot off and catch the enemy off guard. Just make sure your team is giving you support and are moving other friendly battleships and heavy/battle cruisers to also directly engage the enemy.

2) DON’T be a flanking force as you are way too slow (even if you are a fast battleship) and your powerful guns would have a far greater use crippling the enemy’s main force.

3) DO use your excellent gun range to engage enemy ships from long range if you are a lower tier battleship. Just because you are lower tier doesn’t mean you still can’t engage the enemy’s capitol ships and main force. You still most likely have more powerful guns than most of the ships on your team (talking about the destroyers and cruisers) so put them to work. You can even use your range to fire on enemy flanking ships if necessary while still being part of the your team’s main force.

4) DON’T camp at the back of the map with friendly aircraft carriers. Just because you have range doesn’t mean you are designed to stay back and not take hits. If you stay back, it’s your lightly armored destroyers and light cruisers taking the hits. Yes there are some heavy cruisers up there with the destroyers and light cruisers too, but they too only have decent armor. In other words, heavy cruisers will also eventually get crushed after the enemy battleships finish snacking on your team’ lightly armored destroyers and light cruisers. Make sure your battleship is near the front bouncing shots from other enemy ships with your superior armor or at least above average armor if you are a battleship at the lower end of the tier scale in a random battle.

5) DO have friendly support with you in the form of another battleship (2 would be better/more preferable) or a screen of destroyers and cruisers. An isolated and lonely battleships can easily be sunk with a wolf pack of the same tier (Key Words: SAME TIER) heavy and light cruisers. Now for wolf packs of light and heavy cruisers that are on the lower end if the tier scale in the random battle your battleship is in (and you are top tier). Lower tier heavy and light cruisers may not have powerful enough guns if to penetrate and do buoyancy damage to if you are you are a top tier battleship with tons of armor. However, don’t ignore them either because cruisers (typically light but heavy can also have some) still have a very good possibility of having torpedoes as part of their main armament; and we all know what will happen to a battleship if a wolf pack of cruisers all fires a spread of torpedoes at a battleship.

6) DON’T go chasing after enemy destroyers and cruisers. There are two reasons for this. One, leave the enemy destroyers and cruisers to be dealt with your team’s own destroyers and cruisers (and maybe even some of the battleships on the lower end of the tier scale of the random battle you are in). Your powerful guns should be directed and fired upon the enemy’s much more heavily armored targets and capitol ships. Two, destroyers and cruisers will easily outrun a battleship so just use your the extremely long range of your battleship guns to engage enemy destroyers and cruisers if they are the last enemy ships alive.

7) DO focus fire with other friendly battleships. By doing so, enemy capitol ships and heavily armored targets will be easily crippled and destroyed in a matter of a few salvoes; and eliminating enemy ships one at a time every few salvoes is surprisingly effective. This is because every time you remove an enemy capitol ship from the game, you remove quite a big chunk of enemy firepower. And when you keep removing big chucks of enemy firepower and armor every few salvoes, you remove a tremendous amount of enemy firepower in a short-medium amount of time.

8) DON’T just tunnel vision on firing your main guns. Keep in mind your AA protection abilities and stay near the AA protection of other ships to maximize the effect of your team’s/fleet’s AA abilities. Dive-bombers and torpedo-bombers are serious threats to any ship so make sure to protect your own battleship and your team’s carrier(s), if nearby, from the deadly attacks of dive-bombers and torpedo-bombers.

9) DO launch scout planes to gain some early vision on what’s ahead of your battleship. Having the position of enemy ships is valuable information to your team/fleet since your team can position themselves and launch an attack or counter-attack on the enemy’s main fleet effectively.

10) DON’T just yolo it since you are in a battleship. Just because you have armor and firepower doesn’t mean you are indestructible. Plan out your attacks and work with your team to successful out think the enemy and win the battle through positioning and strategy.
And that is all I can think of for Battleships at the moment. Feel free to add on to this list in the comments…and if it makes sense, I will edit my post and add yours onto the list.

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2 Responses

  1. i_R_a_g_e says:

    13) I just have to add it coz I still see people doing it even past low tiers. when you know there is a destroyer in the area… STOP swimming in straight lines for the love of God. I sunk two Kongos today in a row with two torpedoes salvos from 7km coz they didn’t turn at all even tho I was spotted before sending out torpedoes and they were only two enemy ships in the area. it was obvious I will send torpedoes their way and yet not the slightest change in course.

  2. i_R_a_g_e says:

    11) angle armour. DON’T give enemy easy shots at ur citadel. sure it’s nice to go sideways and have all guns aimed at the enemy but it is not worth the risk of allowing enemy battleship to score ur citadel with all guns and take quarter or third if not half of ur hp. if one on one, count enemy’s reload, angle to bounce salvo, re angle to bring more guns at the target fire and immediately turn to re angle back. try to always be as far from 90 degree angle to the enemy as possible.

    12) DON’T spam HE. sure at destroyers He He He and only He. all other targets make use of awesome penetration of ur AP ammo and watch them sink when u get multiple citadel penetrations. if enemy battleship is in very good angle against you, input one salvo of HE to start some fires disable some guns etc, maybe two salvos but don’t waste time when u could do so much more damage to his HP with AP ammo

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