Skyforge Frequently Asked Questions

Skyforge Frequently Asked Questions by Phantom Assassin

These are quick answers to questions constantly seen asked in game.

How do I unlock the Upper Atlas?

Look on your class Ascension Atlas and follow it out till you see the “Path of the (current class here)”. This is where you need to get to. Ttakes about 3-4 hours of steady gameplay doing missions and adventures to get there.

When do I get a mount and how do I equip it?

If you have purchased the Wrath of the God’s founders pack (no longer available) or the Warden of the Wastelands Collectors Edition, then you will have a mount that you can use once you have completed the first few beginning missions. The first temporary mount (3 hours, timer only runs when the mount is in use) becomes available in Naori Island as a reward. There is no vendor. To equip the mount, double click on it in your inventory. If you ECS from your main screen, the icons at the top left will include one for the mount (horse head). This will allow you to see your mount information. From your main game screen, hold down J to bring up the mount wheel and choose which mount to use for default. Use your mount by pressing J on the keyboard and again to dismount.

What is the Cap I keep hearing about?

This is a currency cap. Hit ESC and go to the currency tab. Look for Limits. When these reach zero, you will no longer received them as rewards until the weekly reset, Tuesday night at 9pm PDT. (Players were told Wednesday 5am originally, there is still some confusion around the topic).The tips on the right side of the screen will tell you what you will receive instead. Caps include Credits , Sparks of Insight (green, red and blue), Class Sparks and Particles of Mastery .

I hit the cap, what do I do now?

Did you hit ALL of the caps? Usually the first thing capped out is Sparks of Insight (red, blue, green) but it could take a bit longer to cap out your class sparks. These drop from mobs, so go out and kill them! Particles of Mastery are rewarded from the completion of open zones and by completing Adventures with a high rating. Other things to consider doing include farming items for Adept Enlightenment, (holy texts, medallions, emblems), farming Founder’s Rings and Tablets to upgrade Temples and Chapels, farm Spark Replicators in open zones, farm rare items to trade for costumes. The cap may seem like a hindrance but it’s better to look at it as a challenge. There are many ways to increase prestige besides using sparks. Figure out what works best for you. Maybe even give PVP a shot if that isn’t normally your ‘thing’.

If I have cleared an open zone but no longer see it on my map, can I still go there?

Yes. Click on the tri-spark icon on the right side of your map and it will show all the zones that you can earn all three sparks in. This works with any icon on that sidebar. If you are capped, the items no longer available will be grayed out. Hovering over the quest areas colored on the map will show you what you will receive instead.

How do I unlock a new class?

Here is where some users get confused. Purchasing a Founders or a CE does give you early access to specific classes, HOWEVER it does NOT unlock them in the Upper Ascension Atlas . Everyone starts at the beginning. Search the map for the class you want (will have the emblem of the class on the node), right click the node and select find path. It will show a blue line from a beginning class to the one you selected. This will be the shortest route. Divine Form requires a 30k+ Prestige item, so if you are debating on the class or Divine Form first, I highly suggest the class. Totally up to you. It is possible to get to an intermediate class within a week if you are careful and only spend Sparks of Insight on that specific path. Be aware however, that unlocking the class will not automatically provide you with the weapons for that class. If you don’t already have weapon drops put aside already, farming Adventures should provide you with a weapon in a short amount of time. Some have suggested trying a PVP map specifically for weapon drops.

Can I play with my friends?

Well yes and no. Form your party before selecting an adventure or open zone location to enter. Other party members will get an invite to wherever you choose to go. If it is a Squad , and there are only two of you, use the Solo option. If group, and there are less than 5, also choose Solo unless you want to be in the group finder queue. In that cause choose Group. This does not apply to open zones as you will only have the ‘join’ option on those.
If there is a significant gap in prestige between you and your friend, your friend will need to choose the Adventure as they cannot go into yours. The other current issue with large prestige gaps is open zones. Players will need to group up once they are in the zone and not before, then most likely sync to the same map. For higher players who no longer see low level open zones on their map, click on the Sparks of Insight tri-colored icon on the right side of the map and this will show you all open zones available to you. This is a know issue and solutions are on their way including a possible mentoring type option.

What does X2 or X3 mean on some areas mean?

This means you will earn rewards in relevance to that multiplier. Sometimes this will require that you complete the Adventure in a specific class. The system will change you to that class upon entering the Adventure and equip you with the proper weapons and abilities. So far this seems to work well in solo mode but there has been issues with it in groups. If you change to another class while in the Adventure, or leave it early, you will see a warning prior to making the choice final and you will not receive the bonus.

When can I get followers?

The Orders of Aelion opens up at 2k Prestige. You will receive missions to talk various NPC’s including the Master of Orders who will introduce you to the Hall of Greatness . Building your temples, chapels, raising the rank of your Order is important and requires the completion of specific missions and Adventures. You will learn to recruitAdepts and level them as well.

How do I change out my abilites?

Look for the Reset option under your talents on the Abilities screen. Yes it does work for talents but it is also required to reset your abilities. Can be confusing since it sits right under Talents.

Are there emotes in the game?

Yes though not very many it seems. Most players are used to using a forward-slash command to start an emote which is how it works in a majority of mmo’s but in Skyforge, you will press G on the keyboard to open up the emote options, then use the relevant F key (F1, F2, etc)

More FAQs by bean

Question: How do I unlock a new class?

Answer:  As you progress through the Class Grid for your current class, you will eventually get to a node that unlocks the Ascension Atlas. This opens up a whole new place to spend sparks to unlock various talents, stat buffs, ether slots, and even classes. You open up things on the Ascension Grid by getting the matching color of spheres for each node. If you find a class (or talent, or ether node, or stat buff) you want to unlock far off on the grid from what you’ve unlocked so far, you can right-click it and select “Find Path”. This will highlight the quickest path to that node and the game will alert you when you’ve earned enough sparks to unlock another node on that path.

Question: How do I unlock Amulet Slots?

Answer: When you advance far enough in your class and the Ascension Atlas, one slot will unlock automatically. Additionally, crystals will start to drop as loot off enemies and once you get 100 of them, you can double-click on them and a new slot will open. Crystals are not effected by the weekly caps, so you can open all slots your first week if you like (though this isn’t necessary). For more on this (and trophies) check outSkyforge’s news post.

Question: How do I unlock Trophies?

Answer: Around 10K prestige, monsters will start dropping trophy pieces. Once you get 100 of these, you can create a trophy and slot it in one of your trophy slots. Trophies give you bonuses to damage for a particular type of enemy, so skilled players change them in and out based on the map’s monster types. You will also get fewer of a higher quality trophy type as you play and these follow the same rules, but will result in better trophies.

Question: If I buy the game now, what do I get?

Answer: This is a complicated question because you get so many things! Also, sales are likely to change over time, so I will link you to this information instead of enumerating it here: Starter and Collector’s Packs, andFirst-Time Buyer’s Gift.

Question: Is Premium worth it?

Answer: In my opinion, absolutely. It basically saves you time because you get an increase in all rewards. This may or may not be as meaningful to you due to the weekly cap. If you have a ton of time to play, then nearly doubling your rate of obtaining everything in the game may not be worth it to you. I know several players for whom this means getting to the cap more quickly, so they do not use it. This is really a decision you need to make yourself after playing the game for a bit and deciding whether or not you can afford to and/or want to support it.

Question: Do I need to buy Argents to be competitive? Why is there a weekly cap?

Answer: The reason I put these two questions together is that they are directly related. Basically, while players absolutely can advance their characters more quickly if they purchase Argents and exchange them for credits, there is a limit on how fast players may progress that is set by the weekly cap. If you cannot afford to buy any Argents or buy Premium, you can still progress nearly as quickly because player progression is limited due to the number of sparks that may be earned each week. To read a much more in-depth explanation of this, you can read the official Skyforge explanation.

Question: How do I get a mount? How do I use it? How do I select between mounts? (All about mounts!)

Answer: Mounts are obtained either as a gift for your first purchase of Argents or as part of the Collector’s Pack. You may also rent a mount that is on a timer from the in-game market (default key is N for the market). To use your mount press J (this is the default key, you can remap it under the Options menu). To select between multiple mounts press and hold J and then select your default mount.

Question: Why will this 10v10 PvP battle never start, one of my temple upgrade items is on it and I have been in the queue for hours?

Answer: The developers know about this design flaw and I’ve been told that they have fixed it for the Russian version of the game by being able to alter character’s prestige levels and stats so that a wider range of players of different prestige levels may queue with one another. This also makes queues for group adventures and solo adventures much faster. I have not heard this from an official source though. Until we get the update or we are told that this is an official known bug, you should use Support to request that the items you are not able to obtain be given to you or moved to a node that is playable. I am not sure that Support will help, but as you are missing out due to a known design flaw, they should. I have looked all over for an official response on this issue and have not found one, so I apologize for how speculative this answer is, but it is a very frequent question, so I included this iffy information.

Question: Will I get login rewards after the 7th Day login reward?

Answer: No. I agree that this is sad. Reward our retention please! :)

Question: When exactly does the cap reset?

Answer: The cap resets at 5AM GTM+1. As this is on the North American server, that means Wednesday at Midnight for EST, 11PM CST, 10 PM Mountain, and 9 PM Pacific.

Question: I can’t get my temple upgrade items because they are stuck under 10v10! (Addendum)

Answer: I am not able to edit the original post, but I wanted to add this new information. Support will not fix this for you and they do not explain the reason why they will not; however, this should be fixed with the big patch coming on Aug. 11th that will make grouping much easier by dynamically changing lower prestige player’s health and damage output so that groups are less difficult to obtain.

Question: Is there going to be a wipe? Someone on Region chat said there is going to be a wipe?

Answer: No. The devs have specifically stated that they do not plan to wipe. You may hear players talking about the server resetting, but what they usually mean is that the weekly caps are being reset. At other times, rumors about a wipe are just players who think it is funny to scare other players by spreading false information; you should feel free to report them to support. I’ve been told that they do action this.

Question: What should I do if someone is spamming region chat?

Answer: Whether this is to get a group or because they are trying to sell credits or “game services” outside the game, you should contact support with the spammer’s name. It is okay to ask for a group. It is not okay to continuously spam the channel so that no other messages may be read.

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