Skyforge Beginner’s Guide

Skyforge Beginner’s Guide by Kashkah

Character Progression

  • How do I unlock other classes? By getting access to the ASCENSION ATLAS. In your normal class tree there is a node that has your class symbol on it and says “Path of the (insert class name here). This gives you access to the bigger tree where all the classes are located to unlock. All people, no matter what, start from the three starting classes on this atlas: Paladin, Cryomancer, and Lightbinder. Find the class you want to unlock in the atlas (zooming out helps) and find a path to get there. Your colored sparks are used in this atlas.
  • How do I unlock class symbols? Class symbols are basically passives you gain access to after fully unlocking EVERY NODE for a class.
  • What are class sparks? After unlocking the path node, you also begin to gain class specific sparks such as Sparks of Justice for Paladin. Once you start gaining these they are used to unlock nodes in your CLASS ATLAS which means colored sparks will no longer be used like they were in the beginning of the CLASS ATLAS.
  • I’m stuck at a pink node, what do I do?! You get pink sparks at around 30k prestige. Until then a good work around is to plan your path MANUALLY in advance or right click on the node you want to get to and select FIND PATH. The suggested path will be shown in DARK BLUE.
  • How do I get more abilities? You gain more abilities the further you progress into your atlas.
  • How do I unlock talents? By doing quests you get over time called DEVELOPING TALENTS that requires you to kill a certain amount of enemies as a specific class.
  • How do I reset talents and abilities? Go into your abilities panel (I by default) and in the lower right hand corner there is a RESET button. While still in this interface, right click the abilities on your bars to remove them and left click the ones you want to put on your bars then click SAVE.
  • How come I can only equip one ability in a column? This is because the abilities are a bit similar in function but have their differences so you choose the ability based on the situation. For example as a Cryomancer one of my columns has two abilities called Snowstorm and Whiteout but I can only choose one. Snowstorm does less damage than Whiteout but has an immobilize/silence effect whereas Whiteout has MORE damage but lacks the control that Snowstorm has. You must decide when it’s appropriate to use each ability. If you’ve played Diablo 3 it’s similar to that – at least to me.
  • What are sparks of evolution? They basically have the same purpose as the normal class sparks but can be used for any class and only obtained by PREMIUM members. You can get premium WITHOUT investing real money. The lowest premium you can get is 3 days which costs 2000 Argents and you can buy 2000 Argents with 336k credits. This may seem like a lot but with little effort you will end up gaining a lot of credits. My PERSONAL suggestion is to save the if your goal is to unlock a different class other than one of the starting ones. This way once you finally unlock your desired class you can quickly invest into the nodes and get your abilities faster. It’s important to keep in mind that at the beginning of every class tree you must invest colored sparks until you hit the “Path of the (insert class name here)” node.

My other PERSONAL suggestion is if you want to invest into two classes at once than you can use normal class sparks on the class you actively play, and sparks of evolution on a class you are trying to build up but can’t play just yet. This is entirely up to you on how you want to spend your sparks.

  • How can I get sparks? By doing the zones which you can easily find by doing the main questline or by completing adventures. I personally like to track which ones I need by looking at the nodes I plan on getting in the atlas. This way I’m not getting say, a bunch of green sparks when I actually need orange ones.
  • Do unfinished caps rollover? Yes they do. This means you can miss two weeks of gameplay but log in and not have missed out on anything. You are not obligated to login and you aren’t forced to rush to complete a cap each week.
  • How do I unlock all of the amulet slots? This is very easy just a bit annoying to get. You unlock them with ether crystals and it’s 100 crystals per slot so you will need a total of 300; the first slot is free. You can get these easily by questing as long as you remember to loot but if you want to hurry up and get them then you can farm them. Once you unlock Naori Island by doing the main questline, find the SERENITY SHORE UPLINK TERMINAL to the east. The beach near that teleport has large Kraken that drop a good amount of crystals. They can be soloed but there is normally a group of people there killing them (you get loot even if you’re not grouped up). Keep in mind you won’t get loot after every kill if there is a group of people there farming.
  • What are trophies? You don’t need to pay attention to these until later on but they increase your damage to certain mobs based on the type of trophy they are. Once you collect 100 trophy fragments you right click on the to combine them to a full trophy.
  • How do I upgrade my gear? By the use of enhancement stones which are purchasable on the market or by disassembling gear. You can also combine lower grade stones into higher ones by right clicking and selecting combine. Press P and next to your weapon and ring slots there are icons you click to upgrade them. My priority is Main Weapon > Rings > Additional Weapon. For these slots there is a maximum rank. As an example I am sitting at rank 6 and cannot continue to upgrade until I increase the slot’s maximum rank first. You can do this by spending Particles of Mastery which brings us to my next point:
  • Where do I get particles of mastery? You can get these by completing adventures and by completing all quests in the open zones like Naori Island. If you press B and go to the CURRENCY tab you can click on any of these currencies and there will be information on the right that tells you how to obtain them.
  • How do I increase my gear proficiency? You gain more by investing points into the orange and green nodes in your ASCENSION ATLAS. Gear proficiency is what allows you to equip better gear. I like to look at it like a level requirement. Since I only have 568 prestige I would not be able to equip an item that has say, 593 prestige. Better gear DOES increase your prestige, but you don’t want to just focus on making your prestige higher. You want to go for best stats over prestige.
  • What do I do with the legendary weapons? According to most people I’ve spoken to it’s best to keep the weapons from Founder’s Pack/Collector’s Edition because of the bonus abilities on it when you start clearing content at the higher prestige levels. I have mine saved but I currently use weapons that I loot for the stats and because I need prestige to access the new areas. If I feel they are useful in a situation I may equip it.
  • How do I increase my prestige?
    • Investing sparks into nodes in the atlas
    • By working on your Order (will explain more later on)
    • By being in a progressed pantheon
    • By getting more gear (will explain more later on)


  • What is Impulse Damage? Impulse Damage is basically increased damaged for certain abilities (will say in the tooltip) and can be improved by the SPIRIT stat. It has a short recharge time which will make the bar red but will turn white again when it’s available. It is the lightning bold symbol above your dash.
  • How does the execute ability work? Your execute (E by default) becomes available at 10% health and has a 20 second cooldown. Some of the have special effects like my Cryomancer execute restores some of my resource. As of right now you can’t see them in the abilities panel but you will once the patch comes out (I wish I knew when).

Working On Your Order

  • What is you the Order? Your Order is basically a cult of worshippers/followers. Some would compare this to World of Warcraft’s Garrisons. Within your Order you can gain followers, recruit adepts, get stats, and do missions that will give you important resources or help your build your Pantheon’s stronghold.
  • When can I get my Order? At 2050 prestige.
  • How do I level up my Order? You level up your Order by gaining followers; these are different from adepts. Followers can be gained by doing missions that reward followers or by converting adepts you no longer need into missionaries.
  • What are adepts? Adepts are people you recruit that have two stats. Some of the stats can be reduced mission duration, increased gifts from missions, and increased enlightenment resources from a mission to name few. When doing missions it’s important you use adepts that give bonuses to that mission’s rewards to get the most out of it. They are also used to lead provinces which brings us to our next point:
  • What are provinces? These are basically where you have built temples (you get more as you level up your Order) and can get stats from them by building a chapel. This also increases your prestige by a good amount. You can only have one chapel active in one temple at a time. An example would be that in my first province the chapel I have built is accuracy which increases by base damage by a certain amount. In order for these chapels to be active you must have an adept selected to lead your province.
  • How do I upgrade the rank of my temples? You can upgrade them with holy texts and gifts. You get gifts by collecting them from the chest by your statue in the Hall of Greatness or by completing missions that reward gifts. You can get holy texts by getting them in the markplace or by doing adventures that reward holy texts. Because of that, it’s suggest you don’t cap out your credit cap as fast as possible because if you do then you will no longer get holy texts from adventures.
  • How do I increase the quality of my temple/chapel? You increase the quality by using Order specific items such as Okki Tablets. You can get these in special adventures that become available once every two days. You must FIRST upgrade your temple or you cannot activate a chapel.
  • How do I increase the quality of my adepts? You do this collecting Order specific items such as Adept’s Emblems from adventures and Acolyte Medallions from missions.
  • What are pantheon missions? Pantheon missions are used to improve your pantheon’s stronghold. For example, if something is currently being constructed then you will see a mission such as GALLERY CONSTRUCTION depending on what currently needs to be done.
  • I need more greatness to rank up my temple; what do? You get more greatness through the ASCENSION ATLAS. Look for the BLUE nodes that look like a bunch of square within squares, almost like a Rubik’s cube.

Detailed Explanation To Increasing Your Prestige

Let me start by saying this: the spark cap each week doesn’t cockblock you from progression. I always see people saying “lol capped, see you next week”. Now then:

  • Order You can increase your prestige by collecting holy texts, Okki Tablets, and other Order resources to to improve your temples/chapels. Because you need to increase the general rank of your Order to increase your temple ranks, you can do missions that reward followers and accelerate them; accelerating is not required but it does make it faster.
  • Pantheon It’ not possible to just join a progressed pantheon for stats. It takes time to get there and it takes actual participation from all members of the pantheon to progress to that point. More stats means more prestige. You can help build up the stronghold to get to this point by frequently checking your ORDER MISSIONS to see if there is something there you can do. These missions can be done multiple times be spending credits to reset the missions or after the timer resets the missions.
  • Adventures/PvP These are the biggest things. People completely ignore adventures and PvP! Whether you go in a group or go solo, it’s possible to increase your prestige by 200+ from the gear you can obtain in one adventure run. It’s also possible to get multiple upgrades from PvP and from the bags you get rewarded. Even if you lose in PvP you still get rewards so don’t worry if you aren’t the best. Take a look at this spreadsheet I found in a guy named Deagen’s Twitch chat (

In the first tab it shows you what proficiency gear drops in each adventure and their difficulty. For example I have 568 proficiency so I look for the ranges in the table and I see I can do 4* Facility 902 or Lanber Catacombs. I have multiple choices to choose from and I have trouble soloing one place I can switch to another.

The second tab shows what prestige you need to unlock the difficulty for the different adventures.

Adventure’s are a great way to learn your class, collect important resources, and most of all… INCREASE YOUR PRESTIGE.

This UI Is Confusing As Hell!

  • How do I invite people to a group? You press Y and under contacts type in their name in the search bar right click and invite them to group. This can also be done to send people a message, invite them to the pantheon, add to your friends, ignore, or see their profile.
  • How on earth do I scroll up in chat? Again press Y. Click the gray bar at the bottom of this screen and it will pull up the chat. You can see messages with other people, region chat, and even pantheon chat. They are all separated into tabs.
  • How do I see my stats? Press P.
  • Where do I see my cap? Press B, go to the currency tab, and click on limits and you can see how much you have LEFT for the week. By clicking on all the resources under the currency tab you will see some information on the right that will tell you how to get them if you need help.
  • How do I bind an item to my quick access bar? Only specific items can be bound to it such as health restores and resurrection items. You can do this by right clicking on the items in your bags and choosing a slot. By default the button to activate it is H. To switch the access slot exit out of any menus, hold down H, and select the item with your mouse or by hitting a number such as 1 or 2.
  • How do I change my mount? Same as above. Hold down J and select which one you want.
  • WAIT! How do I get a mount?? You can get one that lasts one hour for 210k credits or 1250 Argents in the marketplace by pressing N. But WAIT!! If you have $3 to spend (I really hope you do) then you can make a purchase of Argents in the marketplace. No matter how many Argents you buy your first purchase gives you a gift of a PERMANENT mount. I HIGHLY suggest you do this. You can get the Ostrich mount by getting the collector’s edition ONLY. For the temporary mount, the timer only ticks so long as you are mounted so even if you are not mounted or logged off than the timer does not tick. If you buy this mount a total of 10 times than it becomes permanent. That means you must spend a total of 2.1M credits or 12500 Argents. My math isn’t the best but that is around 12-14 dollars worth of Argents. At that point you’re just better off spending the $3 it costs to buy the MINIMUM amount of Argents and get what is basically a free amount as an added gift.

END I’ll add more if I remember anything or there’s useful information posted by someone else. HOPEFULLY I covered most stuff that I see people always asking about. If you want feel free to add me to Curse Voice if you have any other questions: PossumOpossum

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