Skyforge Beginner’s FAQ

Skyforge Beginner’s FAQ by Valena Gale

1. An Immortal Is Born

Character Creation

How many characters can I have?
It is only one character per region.

What are the ways to customize my character?
Running animation, idle stance, first and last name (last name not optional), and physical appearence are all ways to customize your character. Changing your outfit is free in the style room (press B then select style room in the top bar) but there is a fee to change your physical appearence and name with the FIRST recustomization being free.

How can I delete my character?
Your account is your character so to start from scratch this would require creating a new account or changing to a region you don’t play on.

Class Choice

What are my choices?
Only three classes are available when you first start: Lightbinder Support, Cryomancer Ranged DPS, and Paladin Tank.

How did people unlock other classes so early?
This is from the Founder’s Pack and Collector’s Edition. The FP unlocks Berserker Melee DPS and Gunner Ranged DPS while the CE unlocks Alchemist Support and Knight Tank.

Doesn’t buying classes give an unfair advantage?
It does not since they still have to start from the original three classes in the Ascension Atlas once it is unlocked; meaning an Alchemist from the Collector’s Edition won’t start from the Alchemist node in the Ascension Atlas.

2. Character Progression


What are Sparks of Insight?
These are the common colored sparks – orange, green, and blue. These are used in the Ascension Atlas and in the Class Atlas (only up until the “Path of the…” node).

What are class sparks?Once you reach the “Path of the…” node in the Class Atlas you will no longer be able to spend Sparks of Insight; only class sparks and Sparks of Evolution.

What are class sparks?
Once you reach the “Path of the…” node in the Class Atlas you will no longer be able to spend Sparks of Insight; only class sparks and Sparks of Evolution. You normally loot these and gain them so fast while completing adventures that you sometimes forget to spend them (I am guilty of this).

What are Sparks of Evolution?
These are sparks that are ONLY used within a Class Atlas after you have reached the “Path of the…” node. They can be used for any class and can be used as a filler of you are lacking class specific sparks. Example: if a node costs 200 to unlock and I only have 50 class sparks then I can unlock this node by using a combination of 50 class sparks and 150 Sparks of Evolution. You can obtain these by playing a fully maxed out class (premium only) or by getting bags from PvP and the Neddar Test Area (premium AND nonpremium).

What are Sparks of Transformation?
Sparks of Transformation are used to unlock new classes in the Ascension Atlas and to reset your abilities, talents, and symbols. These can be obtained by doing adventures that have these as a reward or after the Sparks of Insight limit is hit.

Limit? What limit?
There is a limit to how many Sparks of Insight, class sparks, and even credits you can earn each week. The cap increases based on your prestige and unfinished caps roll over to the next week so there is no penalty if you can’t play as much. The cap resets every Tuesday at 9PM PST.

How do I check my limit?
Press B, go to the currency tab in the top bar, and select limits under currency groups. Once the number reaches 0 that means you are capped on that resource until the reset.

My spark cap is lower this week; why?
It’s possible to overcap. If you only have 50 sparks available left on your cap but get rewarded 100 then you will have 50 sparks reducted from your cap for the next week.

What are the purple sparks?
You unlock these at around 36k prestige to be used in the Ascension Atlas ONLY which means until you reach that point it’s best to plan a path to your destination point AHEAD OF TIME so you don’t hit a roadblock on a purple node and slow down your progress. A nice tip is finding your destination point, right click on the node, and select “find path”. The suggested path you should take will be shown in dark blue.

Abilities, Talents, Symbols, and Unlocking New Classes

How do I unlock a new class?
In the Ascension Atlas zoom out to find the class you want then plan a path to it; unlocking a new class will cost you Sparks of Transformation. Depending on the class it can take two weeks or more.

How do I reset my talents/abilities/symbols?
In the menu there is a reset button and it will cost you Sparks of Transformation.

I can’t select the abilities I want; why?
You can only select one ability per column as they are normally similar in effect with some differences. For example as an Alchemist in one of my columns I have two types of slimes; one does a lot of damage and the other does reduced damage but will root my target in PvP.

What are symbols?
Symbols are obtained by fully unlocking a class or by getting them in the Ascension Atlas. They are passives which have a special effect.

How do I unlock more talent slots?
Over time you will get a quest called “Developing Talents” which usually requires you to kill 200 enemies as a specific class. An easy way to do this is by going to the training room in the Research Center and killing the monsters there since they instantly respawn.

Hold your horses! When first viewing the Ascension Atlas you may become excited that God Form is so close to the starting point but it’s not smart to go for it just yet until around 30K+ prestige since you will not recieve the spark it requires until around that time; in the mean time focus on progressing to other classes.

I can’t select the abilities I want; why?

You can only select one ability per column as they are normally similar in effect with some differences. For example as an Alchemist in one of my columns I have two types of slimes; one does a lot of damage and the other does reduced damage but will root my target in PvP.

Hold your horses! When first viewing the Ascension Atlas you may become excited that God Form is so close to the starting point but it’s not smart to go for it just yet until around 30K+ prestige since you will not recieve the spark it requires until around that time. In the mean time focus on progressing to other classes.


How do I upgrade my gear?
Through the use of enhancement stones which can be obtained by disassembling unwanted gear or by getting them off the market place. Once you get past the use of a certain enhacement stone you can combine the lessers into more powerful ones. Notice that upgrading is improving the slot itself and not the items within the slots. To increase the maximum upgrade rank you need Particles of Mastery which can be obtained by completing adventures with high rating or by completing all quests in an area. In order I would prioritize rings > main weapon > off weapon.

How do I unlock amulets?
Once you start getting higher in prestige (around the time you unlock Naori Island), ether crystals will begin to drop. Collecting 100 of these will unlock a slot meaning you need a total of 300 (the first one is free).

What are trophies?
Trophies are items which give you a damage increase to certain mobs. To create a trophy you need 100 trophy fragments. You can wear two of the same at once but I currently don’t bother with them at the moment since I don’t notice a significant damage increase.

What is proficiency?
This stat is what allows you to equip better gear and can be increased by the orange and green nodes in the Ascension Atlas.

What is prestige?
Prestige is what defines your power (think the traditional level in most other games). You gain prestige by working on your Order, getting better gear, and spending your sparks among a handful of other things. Prestige is what unlocks new areas, adventures, and PvP zones.

The Globe

What is it?

It is a teleportation to different locations throughout the world of Skyforge. You can choose to filter the locations you want to see by clicking on filters to the right or by the type of location it is such as region or solo adventure by clicking on the magnifying glass in the lower right corner.

What are tactical situations?
Every 40 minutes these are updated and it changes the types of missions and rewards available. If you happen to have already started a mission then you will receive the reward that was shown when you first entered.


3. Order

What is it?

This is basically your loyal cult of followers. You send adepts on missions, help construct pantheon stronghold, and have temples built in your name. If you have played World of Warcraft then it would seem very similar to garrisons. You unlock Order after hitting 2010 prestige.

How do I rank up my Order?
You can rank up the level of your Order by completing missions that reward followers or by turning an adept into a missionary.


What are provinces?
Provinces are locations where your Order has spread to and you unlock them over time as your Order levels up.

What are temples?
Temples give you bonuses to your might, stamina, and health and allow you to construct a chapel.

What is a chapel?
Chapels, depending on which one you select, give you bonuses such as crit or bonus damage. You can unlock all chapels in a province but can only have one active at a time per province.

Why am I not getting bonuses from my chapel?
You need to select an adept to be a patron in order to receive the bonuses. Switching out your patrons has no penalty.

How do I rank up my temple?
You upgrade your temple with holy texts obtained through the marketplace or adventures and gifts obtained from Order missions.

What is greatness? I don’t have enough.
Greatness is improved via the Ascension Atlas with the use of blue colored sparks. These greatness nodes look very similar to a Rubik’s cube.

How do I improve the quality of my temple/chapel?
You need resources called Okki Tablets, Ring of the Founder, and Silver Pommel which become available through special adventures that become available once every two days. The Order of quality upgrade is Green (Okki) > Blue (Ring) > Purple (Pommel).


What are adepts?

Adepts are your most loyal followers with special skills. They are used to patron a province and go on missions to help build up your Order and even your pantheon. They have two stats which affect missions such as reducing the time it takes to complete a mission or the amount of gifts or followers you will receive as a few examples.


How do I improve the quality of my adepts?

Adepts can be improved in quality by collecting specific resources from Order missions or specific resources from adventures on the globe. When upgraded, an adept’s stats are increased slightly.

How can I get new adepts?
By visiting the Hall of Greatness you can recruit new adepts hanging around your statue. You can check what sort of adepts are available before traveling there by checking the Order summary. To make room for more adepts if your space is full, either increase the rank of your Order or turn a current adept into a missionary (warning: you cannot reverse this decision).

4. Prestige

What is prestige?
This is essentially your “level” which unlocks new content and gives access to new areas in the world. You can build it by getting new gear, working on your Order, or investing sparks into the atlas.

I have the prestige for an adventure; why do I keep dying?
Okay, this happens when you over inflate your prestige way beyond your proficiency levels. What I mean by over inflating is getting your prestige to levels way beyond content then what your proficiency can handle (do you keep getting gear that you cannot equip?). I made this mistake when I first started. This is not the content being too hard and should be nerfed it’s simply players making the mistake of prioritizing their prestige and rushing to get as much as possible.

If you have unknowingly over inflated your prestige there is way around this. Simply clear content that is good for your PROFICIENCY and NOT your prestige. Press P and look for your proficiency stat.

Found it? Okay great! Check out this chart(shoutout to Deagen for this!):

This chart has two tabs: proficiency and prestige. The first one shows the proficiency levels of gear that drop in each adventure and their difficulty; the second tab shows what prestige levels these places are accessed at.

The first tab (proficiency) is what is important. Using my character as an example I see I have 846 proficiency and have gear that is in the 600 proficiency levels. By finding my range of proficiency on the chart I see that one of the adventures I can run to try for an upgrade is Lanber Catacombs 2 Skull difficulty.

Doing this method, I have almost fully recovered from the large gap I created between my prestige and proficiency by slowing down on prestige gains (not rushing Order missions or equipping gear with crap stats for my class just for more prestige) and following this chart. Keep a good balance between these two stats and everything will be peachy!

5. Pantheons

What are they?
Pantheons are other game’s versions of guilds or clans.

But I see clans IN the pantheon; what is that?
The pantheon is separated into clans and there is one commander (an officer) that heads each clan. These clans make it easier to organize the guild and have it run smoother with one officer managing a small group of people than one GM managing 50+ people. The commander can only remove people from the pantheon that are in his clan but can move people to different clans as he pleases.

How does the vote system work?
Any commander can initiate a vote which can include building a new building in the stronghold or making someone a commander. Only commanders can vote but that vote is public for all to see. While a vote is needed to remove a commander from the guild a vote is NOT needed to remove a normal pantheon member.

What is the stronghold?
This where the construction happens for the pantheon such as increasing the members of your pantheon or building necessary structures to eventually reach stat bonuses.

How can I be a good member?
Nothing is more frustrating than members who don’t do anything to improve the pantheon and expect it to be done for them. Be a great member and donate AT LEAST once a week (25k is a good starting point) and doing pantheon missions (they are listed with all your other Order missions). Keep in mind you can do pantheon missions over and over and your pantheon will love you for it.

6. Combat

Why do some monsters have more health?
Some monsters have one health bar while some can have 20. This can usually determine how strong a monster will be.

What do these symbols above the monsters’ heads mean?


Why do I keep dying?

Most people are used to the whole take-damage-then-heal-it routine but that doesn’t pass in this game. Surviving in this game is about avoiding dangerous abilities (yes, even the tank so use that dodge button guys!), properly following mechanics, and using your personal abilities appropriately. If you spam them and hope for the best you’ll have a bad time.

If you happen to take a lot of damage use your health restore and look for healing orbs on the ground. It’s best to save these for the tank but if you are on the brink of death then my suggestion is to go ahead and grab it.

Health Restores and Resurrection
You can get these two items off the marketplace to be used in battle. Health restores have a cooldown that doesn’t start until AFTER you are out of combat and resurrection starts it cooldown while still in combat but is shared with everyone in your group.

How does execute work?
How does the execute ability work? Your execute (E by default) becomes available at 10% health and has a 20 second cooldown. Some of the have special effects like my Cryomancer execute restores some of my resource. As of right now you can’t see them in the abilities panel but you will once the patch comes out (I wish I knew when).

What is impulse damage?
What is Impulse Damage? Impulse Damage is basically increased damaged for certain abilities (will say in the tooltip) and can be improved by the SPIRIT stat. It has a short recharge time which will make the bar red but will turn white again when it’s available. It is the lightning bold symbol above your dash.

7. Mounts

How do I get one?
You can get one that lasts one hour for 210k credits or 1250 Argents in the marketplace by pressing N. But WAIT!! If you have $3 to spend (I really hope you do) then you can make a purchase of Argents in the marketplace. No matter how many Argents you buy your first purchase gives you a gift of a PERMANENT mount. I HIGHLY suggest you do this. You can get the Ostrich mount by getting the collector’s edition ONLY. For the temporary mount, the timer only ticks so long as you are mounted so even if you are not mounted or logged off then the timer does not tick. If you buy this mount a total of 10 times then it becomes permanent. That means you must spend a total of 2.1M credits or 12500 Argents. My math isn’t the best but that is around 12-14 dollars worth of Argents. At that point you’re just better off spending the $3 it costs to buy the MINIMUM amount of Argents and get what is basically a free amount as an added gift.

How do I switch between them?
By holding down J you can select which mount you want.

8. User Interface

How do I invite someone to a group?
Press Y, search for their name, and right click to invite them.


How do I change chat channels?

By pressing enter and then using the up and down arrow keys you can switch between the different chats available.

My bags are a mess; how can I make it better?
On the left there is a filters option where you can search for items or check what sort of items you want to view. You can also automatically sort your bags by quality or prestige.

9. The Aelinet

What is the Aelinet?
This is where you can access forums, pantheon communities, or checking out other players’ profiles and avatar info.

What are pantheon communities?
They are very similar to a Facebook page where people can join up and post in it to stay connection to members of their pantheon.

What are player profiles?
Again, it’s very similar to a Facebook page where you can post public messages and interact with the user.

What is avatar info?
Here you can see how many hours you’ve played in total, as specific classes, your character’s stats, and much much more! I love checking this out to see my progress.

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