Skyforge Ascension Atlas Guide

Skyforge Ascension Atlas Guide by Trickut


One of the main ways to obtain prestige in Skyforge is through the Ascension Atlas which at first glance can seem pretty intimidating but hopefully by the end of this guide you will have a better understanding of it and hopefully on your way to specific talents and classes as efficient and rewarding as possible.
NOTE: This guide is mainly for those who would like to efficiently plan out their routes in the Ascension Atlas. Because of the weekly limit some people might feel they want to spend their limited insight sparks as effectively as possible.
NOTE: When it says “TO THE POINT” the stuff after that is the helpful info. For those that dont like to read :P (located at the bottom of every tip)

Node Efficiency Chart

This chart will show the stat comparison between low and high spark cost nodes (using only stamina nodes, but its roughly the same for the other node types as well).

Costs                                                           Efficiency Ratio for Sparks (rounded numbers, ex. 155/16=9.7=9.5)

95: 8 Stamina (4 proficiency)                11:1 (11 sparks for 1 stamina)
115: 12 Stamina (5 pro)                       9:1
125: 12 Stamina (5 pro)                       10.5:1
150: 18 Stamina (6 pro)                       8.5:1
155: 16 Stamina (6 pro)                       9.5:1
185: 24 Stamina (7 pro)                       7.5:1
240: 27 Stamina (9 pro)                       9:1
325: 40 Stamina (12 pro)                     8:1
400: 53 Stamina (15 pro)                     7.5:1
490: 50 Stamina (18 pro)                    10:1
650: 75 Stamina (24 pro)                    8.5:1
775: 75 Stamina (24 pro)                   10.5:1
810: 100 Stamina (30 pro)                  8:1
965: 100 Stamina (30 pro)                  9.5:1

TIP ONE: Get out of the starting nodes!

When you first get out of the class tree and enter the Ascension Atlas it might be tempting to make your atlas look neat and begin collecting all the smaller nodes in each big node, especially if in the starter nodes everything is so cheap. But by doing this you’re losing out on efficiency and only wasting insight sparks you could have spent on making your way to the more efficient smaller nodes only a few bigger nodes away.
TO THE POINT: Skip the first 3 big nodes. SPEND as little as possible getting through them.


TIP TWO: Those “WORTH IT” nodes!

I haven’t spent too much time going over every big node individually but I have gone over all of the class nodes. And from what I’ve gathered the class nodes have some of the most efficient nodes, SO if you were to decide to just get nodes just because you want some stats, gather the smaller nodes within class nodes. I would still not recommend doing that though. As the insight sparks are limited (weekly) I would always try to spend the insight sparks effectively, well still heading for goals, like talents and other classes.
TO THE POINT: Class nodes and the nodes with no talent or class have the most efficient smaller nodes.

nodes 2

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